Staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel

Staying in a hotel is one of the things I love to do. We stay in a hotel about 2-3x a year and one of the newest hotel in Alabang is Azumi Boutique Hotel which was opened this January 2014. We stayed here last Feb 26-27, 2014 and booked a Standard Room. Obviously it was my daughter who enjoyed most in our stay here and every time we go in a hotel, its my daughter who's excited esp. if there's a swimming pool.

Their standard room is an average size room just like their neighbor hotel B Hotel in Madrigal Alabang. The design of the room is a modern Japanese style. The hotel try to be "green" in every way. I mean "saving" toiletries, even slippers and robes. Their toiletries includes soap, body wash and shampoo which is all organic ( unfortunately I was not able to take photos of it ). Toothbrush, toothpaste and slippers are all for request. 

The bathroom is so different to other hotels I've seen. Azumi's bathroom is see-through. If you are having a shower and there's someone in the room, they will see everything (lol (,") ). I fell in love with their infinity pool and the city view of Alabang Muntinlupa. Also, the shower room in the swimming pool area is even shocking, not for people who has fear of heights.

We booked a room with free breakfast inclusion and I have to say that the breakfast we had was njust fairly ok! They have minimal variety of food choices - simple Pinoy breakfast with Chicken and Pork Adobo, Eggs (sunny-side, omelet) garlic rice, plain rice, bacon and small boxes of cereals and Kellogg products. Pineapple juice (Del Monte taste) and brewed coffee. I suggest to upgrade their breakfast menu.
Romulos Cafe
Over all, I enjoyed our overnight stay here. Will definitely recommend this hotel to my friends and relatives. Affordable and homey hotel. Been here twice now and I look forward staying here again and again.

See the beauty and home-feel boutique hotel in the south metro

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Staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel 

Ed Transient House - Alaminos Pangasinan

It's my first time to visit Alaminos Pangasinan and hubby wanted to go to 100 Islands so I have to look for a bigger house to accommodate 15-18 pax and luckily I found through a blog this transient house. It's just walking distance from the port of Alaminos and about 5mins drive from the city proper. I rented the house for 3 days and 2 nights and Kuya Ed (the owner) gave me a discount. For what I remeber I paid around 6000-6500 pesos for the 3 days, 2 nights stay. The house has 2 average size rooms and 3 bathroom. The 1st room has 2 queen beds with 2 extra mattresses and the 2nd room has 1 double bed and 1 extra mattress and a private bathroom.

Baguio Vacation Apartment

photo from
It was February when we went to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival 2014. I was looking over the internet a descent, yet affordable transient house and I saw via this Baguio Vacation Apartment for 7,000 pesos per night. It is located in Baguio Pines Garden Subdivision No. 28 Munoz Drive km 4 Asin Circumferential Road Baguio City Proper. The apartment is a bit far on Session Road about 10mins drive away (if I'm not mistaken).
Outside view

Our own parking space

View from Baguio Vacation Apt

The apartment is a 3 storey house, but because I booked with 3 bedroom and 2 bath, it's located on the 2nd floor of the apartment. It has a Masters bedroom is located in the 2nd floor and the other 2 rooms are on the 3rd floor. It has a veranda on the 2nd floor just beside the small sala. The good thing about this transient house is that all kitchen and dining utensils are provided and even cooking wares. The house is good for 8 pax. 1st room on the 3rd floor has 1 double bed and the 2nd room has 4 single beds and 2 extra mattresses.

If we will go back in Baguio, I might look for some transient house near SM so it's easy for us to roam around the city. But Baguio Vacation Apt is a fair choice.

*I wasn't able to take pictures of our unit because I was tired from a long trip. I only got the pictures from*

The sale of our unit doesn't have coffee table and chairs on the veranda. Only 2 monoblock chairs. But everything else is 'somehow' the same on the pics.