Lunch with my ADOBE mates

One of my former colleague came home from Malaysia and he asked me to setup a lunch at Festival Mall Alabang with the whole group but everyone's busy except for me and Mareng Elai. We're looking for a restaurant so we can have lunch but most are occupied and saw Sizzling Pepper Steak has few people dining. So went in and asked for their menu and I ordered Chicken Teriyaki and Cookies and Cream Frappe.

What I love about here is that when food is served, veggies are not fully cooked, so you have to evenly distribute the veggies on the plate so it will be cooked the way you want, half or fully cook. I want half cook veggies. The frappe is fairly normal taste and the chicken... Oh my, some part is half cooked. Eiw!

When I asked for our bill, I talked to one of the waitress and asked if they could give special discounts for bloggers like me. She said they don't have such thing yet, however, they gave me this bag organizer.
Thanks Sizzling for this cute pink bag organizer.


I'm not a big fan of tea coz I'll be more than happy sipping my favorite blend of coffee (cold or hot) but Infinitea has some drinks that I have tried.

One is their new flavor Frappe with Nestle Crunch. Its a bit the same as Zagu coz of the ice blended flavor of your choice. Nestle Crunch Frappe is about P100 pesos if my memory serves me right, and the taste.. well... theres some bits of chocolate crunch on it so it's a plus point.

Very affordable cold drink for this time of the year where Manila is like an oven, very hot and humid.

Probably Next time I will try their Kitkat Frappe and other best sellers drinks. Besides, Infinitea is just walking distance from my house. (naahh! exagge lang ako.. pwdng idrive, mga 5mins?! haha.. )

Cebu - Queen City of the South

We stayed in Cebu for 3 days. Our flight was early morning of Sunday, but it was delayed for 2 hours, I didn't care! Basta push ang Cebu! I came with my cousins Maffy & Gayle, Tita Belen and Ate Sol. We really didn't have an itinerary for our visit here. All we know is we'll go to Ayala because my cousin Maff is buying a condo in Ayala Cebu (sosyal!) then we'll go to the beach and city tour.  From the Mactan Airport we rented 2 taxis going to our accommodation, Allure Hotel  and Suites in Mandaue City.