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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

B Hotel during typhoon #glenda

I cannot believe that I'll be back in B Hotel - Alabang for the same reason I was here last year. It's all because we have to evacuate again for this month's Cyclone Typhoon #glenda that hit Manila last Wednesday. It was such a terrifying day because I woke up from my 2 hours sleep around 2 am hearing this whooping sound of the wind that looks like our roof will be blown away. I was up till 8 in the morning of Thursday because I cannot sleep hearing the wind and heavy rain. Power blackout even made it worse. I told hubby who was in Australia that soon as the strong wind and rain stops we will go to the nearest hotel.

We left home around 11 in the morning and we were able to check in around 1130. The hotel was fully packed and lot from the south are trying their luck to get reservations. So that day, it was B hotel who offers the cheapest room rate. Luckily my Lenovo tab still has charge and I booked our hotel via www.agoda.com.

On our way to the hotel

Now, I was able to take photos of the hotel lobby and our room. B hotel has become evacuation place of the affected families in the south, mostly from Las Pinas, Bf Paranaque, Alabang and Cavite.

emotera talaga ang Chichi ko

I booked Twin room with breakfast. 

Our room was on 6th floor.

At night my daughter and I had dinner at Prime Cafe and I ordered Penne Pasta and 1 San Mig light. The pasta was ok but my kid can't eat it coz its spicy pala. But because she's very hungry what my Chichi did, every bite of pasta she'll drink water, haha talino mo nak!

 My room reservation includes free buffet breakfast and this is what I ate. 

Corned beef (taste like Argentina), Plain Tuna Flakes (taste like Century tuna), Omelet and fried rice

Croissant and Cheese bread with butter (share kame ng anak ko jan)

Dessert, Ube cake, Choco Mousse and Mango cake

Coffee and Mango Juice

I am lucky and fortunate that we can afford to stay in a hotel whenever we have typhoon or even just a power blackout in our place. It's really hard if you have a young kid with you in times like this because you will always think first the safety of your child.

 We definitely had a safe and comfortable stay here.Thanks B Hotel.


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