Cravings - Molito Alabang

by - July 15, 2014

My cousin Maffy came home from Dubai last Holy Week and because we are staying in Azumi Hotel we decided to have  dinner at Cravings in Molito Alabang.

 Once you entered the restaurant, you will see immediately this rack full of cups and bowls.

 They also have pastries. Didn't try it because it was late evening so.. No more sweets! (Diet Kuno?!)

Blue and Red hues.. Love it!

At first I am hesitant to dine here because nobody is eating, but then we give it a try.

They offer Filipino menus and they have a salad bar. If you order any of their signature menu the salad bar is free. We ordered a variety of beef, pork, chicken and fish dish.

The taste of their food is fairly average. A homey dish, but the price is a bit expensive. Will try to check other restaurant around Molito Alabang

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