Gracianos Kitchen - My go to resto

by - July 15, 2014

It was my sister and cousin who discovered this small restaurant inside BF Resort Las Pinas, and ever since then I love dining here and I even recommend this to my bestfriend Geri and my highschool buddy Abie.

Naga Road Branch

I always order Grilled Pork Tenderloin with onion rings & corn. I also love Nachos with potato wedges. And just today I tried their all meat pizza.

Pork Tenderloin
Pork tenderloin with corn and oinion rings for only 80 pesos with iceatea.

Nachos and Potato wedges
Nachos and potato wedge for less than 100 pesos

All meat Pizza
All meat pizza, less than 100 pesos.

For an affordable price who would have thought that all the food here are delicious. I highly recommend this restaurant. They have 2 branch in Las Pinas, one in BF Resort and in Naga Road Las Pinas.

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