Fix n Berries muffins

We were at Southmall yesterday, and while my Chichi is at playplace and hubby is in his derma, me and sis in law left nothing to do, Lol. While sitting at this cafe near the playplace, I saw some muffins and cakes here.
Their muffin prices are from 65 to 80 pesos. I bought Chocochip, Banana Wallnut, Red velvet and Blueberry muffin.
Tried chocochip and banana wallnut muffin, not that good. Choco is not that sweet enough and muffin is tough, banana wallnut is too vanilla taste. You can't taste any banana or wallnut. Will try later their red velvet and blueberry muffin, I think it's not yummy as well. Lol.

My first time to make a cafe latte

Because of my migraine, I had to substitute my favorite Sanmig coffee 3 in 1 to brewed coffee. It's my first time to make a descent coffee coz I lived making coffee using 3 in 1 sachet.
This is my version of cafe latte.
How to:
Boil 24oz of water
Heat 3/4 cup of low fat milk (I used my microwave to heat milk for 2 mins)
Put 2 1/2 tbsp of Starbucks house blend coffee and 2-3 tbsp granulated sugar into the coffee press, pour the hot water and brew coffee for 5 minutes. Pour 1/2 - 3/4 cup of coffee on your mug or coffee cup, add 1/4 - 1/2 milk (depending on what you want, if you like more coffee taste or if you want a little creamier).
That's it! My coffee is fairly ok for a first timer like me, Lol. Try it!

Baked Chicken Fillet with Marinara Sauce

1/2 kilo breast chicken (debonned)
paprika (optional)
Quickmelt cheese
dried basil
Ingredients for the marinara sauce:
2 -3 tomatoes
tomato paste
sal and pepper
garlic (2 cloves)
1 small onion
cooking oil
Heat pan, put cooking oil and saute onion and add garlic until light brown. Add chopped tomatoes and put 2 tbsp of tomato paste, 1 tsp sugar and 1 cup of water. Simmer until sauce is reduced for 5-10 minutes.
Pre heat oven to 200 °C. Put enough salt, pepper, paprika (optional) on the chicken. Beat 1 egg in a bowl, Put breadcrumbs on a plate about 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup. Dredge chicken in the egg and breadcrumbs, set aside. Place the chicken on the baking tray and bake/cook it for 30mins. 10minutes before it finished baking lower the temperature to 160°C. When done baking, remove the cooked chicken and place it in serving plate, while hot, put 1 tbsp of the marinara sauce and a slice of quickmelt cheese and a pinch of dried basil leaves. Serve while hot. Enjoy. ;)
Try it! Very simple dish and kid's will surely love it.

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Love for skirts

As I was looking for clothes that I'm going to wear for my childhood friend's wedding this Aug 12, I paased by Teranova in Sm Southmall and found this plum pencil skirt. I loved it!

It fits all my black long sleeves and blouses. And also found this black mini skirt.

These two skirts costs less than 300 pesos each. What a steal! But still I looked for a floral pencil skirt and found one at SM department store.

It fits me and it has side pockets. I can wear this even on casual days. Oh! this cost only 300 pesos but it's original price is almost 600 pesos. Sale! Love shopping clothes when mall is on sale! Danyos! Lol.

Now, I don't know what I'm gonna wear on my friend's wedding. I got 3 skirts and I liked it all. Help!

Having a tattoo, it's a choice! It's an art!

I've always wanted to have one tattoo on my body after finishing college. But didn't have a courage to do it early because a lot has been discouraging me, my parents doesn't approve by it, and a lot more factors. I have been fascinated with arts, history and tattoo.

I first had my tattoo on March 2013. It took me months of thinking and deciding what design should I get. I decided to have a poker card character. A heart, spade, clover and a diamond. Of course, that includes researching of tattoo artist and their tattoo shop. We have to be extra careful on these, be sure that the shop is clean, check the facilities etc.

Thanks to Joseph Sinio for my first tattoo ever. Reason why I chose card character is because my life has always been like spinning wheel or like a bouncing ball. I can never tell when am I gonna be happy or am I gonna be crying for several months and I realized, life is a gamble. Either you choose to be happy or not. It's like playing a card game, it's your choice if you want to draw or bet all.

Never thought that I would have another tattoo. I have three reasons why I had it again. First, my very first tattoo is not painful, I was looking for more challenge and pain. Second, my tattoo artist is a guest artist in a new tattoo shop in Paranaque and they are having discounts on tattoo. Third, I was mad and sad! Yes! my way of doing anger management is to get a tattoo. So, I had it! It's a tribal Libra zodiac sign. Do I have to explain why this design? Lol. No further explanation.

Now I'm on my third tattoo. I had this when I was in deep sorrow. I don't know who I can turn to. And the only way I know how to lessen the burden I was having is to PRAY. I'm still thinking if I'm gonna have another tattoo or not.

After almost 2 years, I finally decided to have my 4th tattoo. And then again, I was in the mood of getting a new ink and so, I had it on my right arm. Actually, all my tattoos are visible. 

There's a lot of issues having a tattoo. Yes! it's an art however, applying a job for some companies may be a disadvantage on having a tattoo. I recently went to a Job Fair and as I was looking for companies, I saw a booth of one of the big and high class Hotel and Casino here in Manila. I went to the booth and asked the recruiter 'Do you accept applicants with tattoo?' She answered 'Yes! as long as you are willing to have it removed'. So, I told her 'is it an assurance that I will be hired?' she replied 'No!' so I told her 'So why would I remove my tattoos then?' She said 'if its visible you need to have it remove.' I said 'Thanks! but no thanks' so, I left and looked for other companies which I know won't discriminate people like me. I am aware that there are companies who are strict with their employees or applicants who has a tattoo but I guess if you are not in a customer relations position or receptionist I don't find anything wrong with having a tattoo.

I know many of you can relate to my story / dilemma. I don't regret having a tattoo. And I will never have it removed. My tattoos are not free. I paid for it and it's not cheap. I love it and I'm proud of it.

Bloggers Breakfast Club at Mcdo

This is the second attempt for us South Bloggers to create a Breakfast Club. It was proposed by Dave thru Facebook's page - Blogger's Support Each Other. This said Breakfast Club is to create an organized group of South Bloggers primarily to create comradery and optimize our potential as bloggers, and a lot more.
We are hoping that on August 9, Saturday there will be more bloggers joining us for breakfast, same venue Mcdo infront of Sm Southmall at 9 in the morning. Everyone is welcome however, because of the venue bloggers from Las Pinas, Alabang, Cavite, and Paranaque are expected to come. Dave will update everyone on Facebook's page - Blogger's Support Each Other.