Having a tattoo, it's a choice! It's an art!

by - August 05, 2014

I've always wanted to have one tattoo on my body after finishing college. But didn't have a courage to do it early because a lot has been discouraging me, my parents doesn't approve by it, and a lot more factors. I have been fascinated with arts, history and tattoo.

I first had my tattoo on March 2013. It took me months of thinking and deciding what design should I get. I decided to have a poker card character. A heart, spade, clover and a diamond. Of course, that includes researching of tattoo artist and their tattoo shop. We have to be extra careful on these, be sure that the shop is clean, check the facilities etc.

Thanks to Joseph Sinio for my first tattoo ever. Reason why I chose card character is because my life has always been like spinning wheel or like a bouncing ball. I can never tell when am I gonna be happy or am I gonna be crying for several months and I realized, life is a gamble. Either you choose to be happy or not. It's like playing a card game, it's your choice if you want to draw or bet all.

Never thought that I would have another tattoo. I have three reasons why I had it again. First, my very first tattoo is not painful, I was looking for more challenge and pain. Second, my tattoo artist is a guest artist in a new tattoo shop in Paranaque and they are having discounts on tattoo. Third, I was mad and sad! Yes! my way of doing anger management is to get a tattoo. So, I had it! It's a tribal Libra zodiac sign. Do I have to explain why this design? Lol. No further explanation.

Now I'm on my third tattoo. I had this when I was in deep sorrow. I don't know who I can turn to. And the only way I know how to lessen the burden I was having is to PRAY. I'm still thinking if I'm gonna have another tattoo or not.

After almost 2 years, I finally decided to have my 4th tattoo. And then again, I was in the mood of getting a new ink and so, I had it on my right arm. Actually, all my tattoos are visible. 

There's a lot of issues having a tattoo. Yes! it's an art however, applying a job for some companies may be a disadvantage on having a tattoo. I recently went to a Job Fair and as I was looking for companies, I saw a booth of one of the big and high class Hotel and Casino here in Manila. I went to the booth and asked the recruiter 'Do you accept applicants with tattoo?' She answered 'Yes! as long as you are willing to have it removed'. So, I told her 'is it an assurance that I will be hired?' she replied 'No!' so I told her 'So why would I remove my tattoos then?' She said 'if its visible you need to have it remove.' I said 'Thanks! but no thanks' so, I left and looked for other companies which I know won't discriminate people like me. I am aware that there are companies who are strict with their employees or applicants who has a tattoo but I guess if you are not in a customer relations position or receptionist I don't find anything wrong with having a tattoo.

I know many of you can relate to my story / dilemma. I don't regret having a tattoo. And I will never have it removed. My tattoos are not free. I paid for it and it's not cheap. I love it and I'm proud of it.

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  1. my friends who got themselves tattoos told me the pain is really just bearable, but i don't really believe them. i can't imagine getting pricked by needles over and over again all over our skin to inject the ink inside. i agree some tattoos are really artistic and beautiful, but i'll rather have my skin unmarked.

  2. I regret having a tattoo. So even lovely designs will not change my mind. Also, I hate those which have so many big tattoos scattered all over their arms and legs.

  3. I like the Pray and Faith tats. I don't think I'm brave enough to have any part of my body inked.

  4. I only dare to think but not really get my body inked. Especially because my dad is a traditional Chinese man, he don't like people having tattoo. However, I love looking different tattoo art, especially the korean style.

  5. Oh well, like what you said, it's a choice. Its their choice not to hire staff and to them, especially service and education line, image is important. I guess people still have negative connotation about tattoos

  6. Having a tattoo is a personal choice. It can be artistic but it's always based on the personal preferences.

  7. ive been wanting a tattoo for ages but the pain is what I'm worried about. i know what i want and where i want it

  8. I love tattoos and have 2 of them and thinking of getting another. Love the ones you have.

  9. Tattoo is an art and yes, it's a choice. I like my tattoo not too visible and 50% in private part of my body. The colored is the best.

  10. I've never understood why people condemned tattoos. It's truly a choice but I personally wouldn't be able to muster up the courage! Haha! :)

  11. It really saddens me that companies still prioritizes image rather than the ability of the person. Though I do understand their points, it still sad that after so many years, there's still a bad connotation with tattoos. I have a lot of friends who has a tattoo and they are very intelligent, respectful, sweet and humble individuals. Their abilities (talents or skills) are very admiring yet they're not that successful with the career just because companies prefer image. Well, I always tell my friends, it is the companies lost.

    I want to have a tattoo too! But my mom is really against it. I'm still convincing her. Haha!


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