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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Giveaway

October Giveaway

Hello everyone! As my Birthday Giveaway was a success, I'm having another giveaway. Which by the way, it will run 2 weeks in a row. I've attended major events these past 2 weeks and I'm blessed to get lots of GC's and loots. Now, I'm sharing some of it to all of you. Starting today til Sunday October 26.

There will be ONE winner every week. This week I'm giving away all these items:

1. Godiva Whitening Facial Wash
2. Flawless Stem Cell Day Cream
3. Flawless Stem Cell Night Cream
4. Benefit Makeup Remover
5. 2 Ponds Cream

All these will be yours. Items are worth more than 1,500 php.

Just follow the instructions below. Like, Share, Comment, Tweet, Follow.

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe - BF Aguirre

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe - BF Aguirre

It's been awhile since Geri and I went to Aguirre and find a new place to eat. I've been wanting to checkout Larcy's because most of my friends from BF says they offer real good cupcakes. So, before heading to Larcy's, I checked on ZOMATO what does Larcy's Cafe offers and I've seen on the menu that they also have coffee and frappe. So yesterday, we went there after lunch and we can grab a bite of their famous cupcakes and I will try their frappe.

It's so girly inside the cafe. I just don't like much the combination of these chairs with the whole furniture. Anyway, they have many varieties of cupcakes to choose from. Prices range from 70 to 90 pesos each. Frappes are 150 to 160 pesos.

They also have rice meals, sandwiches and pasta. Though I find it a bit pricey compare to other cafes. Rice meals for 175 to 240 pesos? I will dine in other restaurant or cafes nearby though.

I ordered Toblerone Cheesecake (80 pesos) and Mocha Frappe (160 pesos).

I like their Toblerone Cheesecake, it's not too sweet, just enough sweetness. However, the Mocha Frappe I didn't like it. As a coffee lover, their mocha frappe version is very ordinary taste and it's too thick. It's hard to sip. And after an hour, I had a stomach ache/stomach flu from 3 in the afternoon till I fell asleep maybe around 10 in the evening.

Because of this unusual and bad incident, I had trauma on dining at Larcy's. It's not my intention to make a bad review but having a stomach flu after having their Mocha Frappe is really disappointing, the fact that I tried to call their attention on their Facebook Page, yet nobody replied on my message.

Anyways, cupcake is still good though. :)

Oh! Kris Tv went here to feature their cafe. 

Live Well, Leave Well at Aeternum Garden

Live Well, Leave Well at Aeternum Garden

Aeternum is a Latin word which means Eternity. Located at the heart of Heritage Park Area 2 of Fort Bonifacio Taguig City, Aeternum Garden boasts its grandiose and inviting facilities such lush greenery, manmade lagoon and waterfalls, the viewing chapel where funeral services take place and the peaceful columbarium.

Jan Vincent Mercado, President of The Fort Park Estate Inc. who introduced the country's first True Garden Columbary, "Aeternum": The Park Estate Columbary discussed how they stumble upon the idea of putting up Aeternum Garden. He and his family received an offer before from the local city government to buy the property which then was just a piece of land. It was bought, developed and now became the country's first true garden columbary. "Living the life you want is very important but you need to live it well without harming other people." This is one of the inspiring lines from Vincent Mercado which people need to live by.

#LiveWellLeaveWell is the theme of the night where guests are encouraged to share something that they could not forget about their departed loved ones. Online media and VIP guests willingly participated in the "mini-sharing".Chapel. Aeternum Garden has a viewing chapel inside the 5-hectare land of The Fort Park Estate Inc. Families, friends and other relatives may reminisce the happy memories they had with their loved ones inside the chapel peacefully and scenic praying areas of the park. The serenity inside and outside the chapel and the themed buildings will make you feel at ease for your treasured ones.

Cremation. Back to the pre-historic times, people from Rome, Italy called Etruscans give honour to their loved ones by cremating them believing that fire would purify their loved ones for eternity. After the cremation service, the matriarch of the family would gather the ashes of her loved one and place them in an urn and was kept in a sacred place - the columbarium.

Columbarium. Aeternum Garden which is a unique and floral-inspired structure symbolizes the love of the family to the departed ones. The garden setting is a sanctuary of memories and a haven of comfort for those who were left behind. At night, you will an amazing view of the columbarium as the lighting is randomly changing its colors. Classy. Flexible. Grandiose. Majestic. Serene. These are the words to describe Aeternum Garden. If you are wondering if the rates are too expensive, need not to worry as Aeternum offers its clients flexible payment options.

We all deserve a place on Earth like heaven. You live well. You leave well.
For more information, please take note on the details below. 

Aeternum Garden Columbary Park C5 corner Bayani Road Heritage Park Area 2 Taguig Tel: (02) 401 1303 
Facebook : Aeternum Columbary 
Twitter: @AeternumGarden Instagram: @AeternumGarden Aeternumgarden.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Goodies from Blogapalooza 2014

Goodies from Blogapalooza 2014

I got loads of goodies from yesterday's Blogapalooza. Aside from seeing familiar faces, what we all been waiting for are the goodies that we will be getting from all the sponsors.

I didn't miss the chance to have photo op with Mr. Vince Golanco, founder of www.wheninmanila.com
So here are the items/goodies I got.

Tumbler from View Park Hotel

T-shirt, Banzai GC, mug, notebook

Sweets from Krispy Kreme

2 sets of Flawless  Stem cell creams.

Photo from ACER.

GC and photo from House of Lasagna.

Bath products from AMPR

GC, membership card from Ideal Vision.

GC and 1 whole chicken from Chooks to go.

Baseball cap from Sky Cable.

Minion stuffed toy from Globe.

Umbrella from Ideal vision.

GC and penn from maxicare.

Got all these knowing that we only visited half of the sponsors booth. We're so tired and our feet are aching for almost 5 hours of standing and walking that's why we decided to leave around 3:30 in the afternoon.
Hoping and I look forward for next year's Blogapalooza.
Again, Thank you and congrats www.wheninmanila.com and www.ourawesomeplanet.com for a successful event full of games & surprises and lots of ideas and knowledge about social media.

Super fun day in Blogapalooza 2014

Super fun day in Blogapalooza 2014

This is it! I get to attend Blogapalooza 2014 for the 1st time and I'm so thrilled and overwhelmed at the event. I went there with my cousin Gayle (www.mustlovetrips.blogspot.com). We came at SMX around 10:30 am, went straight to the registration booth to get our ID pass.

First booth we went was View Park Hotel and I got a tumbler and had picture at their booth.

Second booth, ZOMATO. I get to see Elaine of Zomato and played their spinning wheel/dare wheel. When the wheel stopped at RED you will choose a dare from their dare mug/box and you made the dare, you'll have loot bag. If its WHITE, all you have to do is download the ZOMATO app and make 5 reviews and you'll have a ZOMATO freebie.

I spin the wheel and I'm very lucky to have the RED dare. I picked the dare "Go to the stage and shout I LOVE ZOMATO". At dahil makapal mukha ko, I did the dare. Mr. Vince of www.wheninmanila.com is at the stage that time and he is making his speach and I went to the stage, and told Vince I had a dare with Zomato. LOL, walang kaabog abog sumigaw ako ng I LOVE ZOMATO. And because of that, I got loot bag full of goodies and Banzai GC. (separate post for my Blogapalooza goodies)

Gayle had her dare as well, hers was "shout 3x I love Zomato. She did it as well. Ang dali lang sa kanya. 

At Ideal Vsion there's an XBOX DANCE challenge. AT hindi namin pinalampas eto dahil gusto ko ng payong na premyo, lol.

It was almost lunch time, so we went to House of Lasagna and Yellowcab Pizza booth.

Chef's Noodle and Niu of Vikings is also here.

We also tried this beer, from what I remember it's from Thailand. It's surprisingly good!

We designed our own doughnut at Krispy Kreme. I put on my name and my age coz I just turned 31 last OCtober 7.

We also joined Chooks to go game. It's so much fun!

Flawless is here too. Ms. Maxene Magalona as one of the celebrity guests in Blogaalooza.
I got to play this game at ZION WIFI, unfortunately I wasn't lucky to open a padlock but Gayle is her day. She opened one and got a GC.
We definitely had so much fun here and looking forward for next year's Blogapalooza.

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