Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine - Glorietta

by - October 01, 2014

After my meeting with Zomato, Tin and I went to Dekada Glorietta to have dinner. Thanks Zomato for my Dekada GC.
As we went inside the restaurant, I immediately liked the interiors and especially their fixtures ( chairs to be exact ). I love the black and white photos at the back. Very unique.
We ordered Ponce Chicken and Beef Pochero and Dominicano Adobo Rice. Beef is so tender and surprisingly the sauce is sweet, to think that they didn't put any banana but the sauce tastes that there's banana on it and the Adobo Rice, heaven! I love the crunchy toppings. Because their food serves 2-3 person, we're not able to finish everything and we ended up having take outs. Mine is the Adobo rice and Tin had the Pochero.
My overall rating 4/5. 

Thanks Dekada!

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