Late lunch at Kat's Cafe

by - November 01, 2014

Robinson's Las Pinas is the newest shopping mall in the metro south. Went here 3 days after they opened and checked out the place and try some of their cafes and restaurants here. Found Kat's Cafe at their restaurant wing. Kat's Cafe used to be inside BF Resort Las Pinas. I love their new branch coz it's more spacious and more seating capacity.

Kat's Cafe gives a homey vibrant where you and your friends can relax, grab a bite of their yummy cupcakes and their coffee. Behind that book shelve is their loo. Cool right? Ingenious way to hide their loo. 

My daughter and I had late lunch here and because I was really starving, I first ordered cupcakes. Mine was Cookie Dough Cupcake and Chichi had Oreo Cheese Cupcake. I can't finish my cupcake coz I can taste the raw cookie dough, and because I can easily have an upset stomach, I'd rather not finish it, though the Oreo cupcake is way much better than the cookie dough cupcake. 

For our lunch, I ordered Carbonara Pancetta. I gotta say that they have generous serving of pancetta on my pasta. Maybe, that's the reason why I finished it. Anyway, I have all the reasons to be back here. One of the best cupcake I ever tasted. =)

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