Another Tea Shop rising in BF Aguirre - Tealife Coffee & Tea Company

by - December 28, 2014

I love tea but not as much as I love coffee. I like Black Tea without milk. I find it off when it's mixed with milk but surprisingly with Tea Life milk teas it's really good! It was such a fun and educational day when I join to review this tea shop in BF Aguirre. Aside from bringing my kid with me, both of us we're able to taste different variety of milk teas and coffee based drinks. Ms. Kim (partner owner of Tea Life) educates us about tea. What are the benefits of drinking tea. 

What are the benefits of tea?

1. Hydrates our body
2. Help reduce to develop certain types of cancer.
3. Has lots of antioxidants
4. Help reduce stress.
5. Good for our bones.
6. Help to reduce weight.
7. Tea can strengthen our immune system. 

There are 4 variety of TEA. Green Tea, Black Tea, Thai Tea, Oolong Tea. Green tea has the lighter/mild taste. Black tea has distinct taste of taste and has more source of antioxidant. Oolong tea helps to control diabetes. Thai tea has a neutral taste, it contains Vitamin A and calcium booster. The general rule is brewing tea is 7 minutes. However, 3 to 4 minutes is enough to make a good tea.  

Tealife also offers food. They have rice meals and sandwiches.

Chicken Curry and Kim chi Rice is a must-try rice meal here.

Peanut butter sandwich is one of my kids favorite. I love how they present their food.

US Corned Beef with Rice and Chocolate Cookie. Corned Beef is sauteed in onion and mixed with potato. A very Filipino way of cooking Corned Beef.

Potted Plant with Pepper Mint. My favorite and my kids favorite as well.

Authentic Thai Milk Tea has a fruity flavor while the Hokkaido Milk Tea has a caramel taste.

Nutella Choco has a distinct dark chocolate while you can still taste the tea on it. Whey Muscle Milk, is for gym buffs who wants to be more healthy on drinking teas.

Photo op with the owner of The Tealife.

We get to learn how to make their signature milk teas.

With our kiddos. These two little food critics know what they want, and what is good for their pallet lol :)

Aside from serving teas, the shop also offer computer rentals.

Thank You The Tealife for having a great day full of healthy foods and teas.

For more info visit their Facebook Page: Tealife Coffee & Tea Company

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  1. The food looks really yummy. I don't like coffee and I probably only drink tea 3/4 times a year. I honestly didn't know the benefits of drinking tea though so maybe I will start now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love tea more than coffee. I do not like milk tea too much though. I also do not like the way they serve the corned beef that way.

  3. I love tea! I used to love only coffee, but as I grow older, I've come to love tea as well. The food looks delicious, too.

  4. For some reason, I am guessing that this is located beside Get Polished. But I do know that there's a tea place there but I don't know if they just closed and a new management took over.

    I am a huge fan of milk tea. I found the combination of milk + tea a little off too but that was before I even got to try one. I hope to visit Tealife one of these days.

  5. Mouth-watering food. I am not really into every type of tea. But i love green tea much.

  6. Food and tea both looks wonderful .. kimchi rice is yummy and the tea served in those mason jars is actually looking very inviting.

  7. I love how there's something for everyone in this cafe! Also a big lover of tea! Haha! :D

  8. Nice idea of a tea shop cum computer shop. Also the plating of foods using yellow bells plus their signature tea is really inviting.

  9. I have seen this post somewhere (I wonder if it was from you also). Anyway, is the computer shop really close to tea shop? Because usually these computer players are too noisy.

  10. I should have more tea because it's a great anti-oxidant. It's nice that there's another one in BF Aguirre. I'll this one when I visit friends in the area.

  11. Tea is every-where! I don't know much about tea varieties but I love green tea the most!

  12. Haha... That's smart. Providing gaming service for the guys while the girls chit chat and gossip with their tea...

  13. The Chicken Curry and Kim chi Rice looks yummy. Gonna try this one. I frequented BF area.

  14. I was just thinking of Millie when you mentioned BF when I saw her in the pic with you! I'm not a milk tea fan but that potted peppermint looks interesting.

  15. I love this place, so I say, my daughter will surely love this place. Aside from the food and the tea, she is going to enjoy the place because of the internet cafe. Hahahahaha....addict na kasi sa COC.


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