For the love of food - The Swiss Deli Restaurant

by - December 06, 2014

I'm a foodie living in metro south (Las Pinas City) and I have been checking out restaurants, cafes and coffee shops around Alabang, Las Pinas and Paranque. I have blogged a few bars and restaurants here in BF Aguirre Paranaque and I was invited to a fellow blogger to review The Swiss Deli Restaurant. It was dinner time and all the meals that were served to us makes us all full and our stomach had no room for any more food that night. Why? Here are the foods that we had that night. 

Bread with Cheese Fondue, kids and grown-ups will surely love this. For 600 pesos your Cheese Fondue has Swiss Appenzeller, Emmrnthal and Gruyene Cheese. Please don't ask what are these kind of cheese, all I can say is that, this is a flavorful kind of cheese fondue. 

Sausage Platter for 390 pesos. You get to have 4 kinds of Sausage (all imported). One of my favs. 

Marinated Beef Ribs with Mashed Potato and Green Salad for 300 pesos. This tender beef with light sauce is really delicious. I love beef so this one is really a must-try dish.

Pork Knuckle or Crispy Pata for only 385 pesos. A delectable meal that is first to finish by our group. Who doesn't love Crispy Pata anyway? lol.

Chicken Zurich Style for 210 pesos only. Yes! this is really affordable and yet the serving is for 2 persons.

Salmon with White Wine Sauce for 345 pesos.

Aglio E Olio for 260 pesos. Cooked in olive oil and garlic topped with mixed seafood. One of the best Aglio Olio I've ever tasted. 

Watermelon Cooler, a non-alcoholic drink for 100 pesos.

We had 4 different kinds of heavenly dessert. First is bread pudding, second is Apple Struded, 3rd is Bread pudding with Vanilla ice cream, this dessert is a mixture of hot and cold. And the last one is Caramel Cake. Each one cost around 120 pesos.

Cheese with herbs. This one has a rich taste. Not a fan actually, however what I did is I put it on a bread.

Everyone is busy eating!

Chef Jeffry and his wife.

Different imported beers for a very affordable price.

Imported goods such as cheese, cookies, breads, and other condiments are also for sale.

They also sell cold products. Meats and sausages. 

Thank you Swiss Deli for making us full that night. Thank you Chef Jeffry for joining us. I will definitely go back here and will bring my family and friends with me, soon!

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  1. Wow, I can totally see why you were stuffed! That is a ton of food, LOL. That Cheese fondue with bread would be enough, but the desserts look even better. Bon appetite!

  2. I've seen an invite before (months back) for this restaurant but had to pass. Now, it makes me regret it. The food are affordable! I was wondering what the salmon was served with?

  3. That was quite a meal you had, and a heavy one at that. The cheese fondue, sausages and then ribs! Wow. Wonder if the sausages were house made, I don't eat a lot of processed meats for health reasons.

  4. This looks like a really nice place to indulge in deli items! :D I love cheese fondue, while the beau is a big fan of sausages. Too bad this is really far from our place. But will definitely take a mental note of this, in case we find ourselves in the area. :)

  5. Interesting place. Hopefully, I'd have my first-hand experience as well. But these food you posted here really captures my taste. Hmmm craving now...

  6. The food looks so tempting.. Can I eat now? haha~

  7. The food looks delicious. The Cheese with herbs looks interesting. I love cheese and I would like to try that one.

  8. Very nice place for taking dinner with family and friends. Fondue party is a great way to treat guests over dinner especially officemates and friends.

  9. Everything looks delicious! What I liked the most is the dessert portion. Or maybe I’m just biased because I like sweets.

  10. It's not the typical kind of food I will have in Singapore, even when I visit a Swiss Deli Restaurant....Besides the Aglio Olio, none of them really look appetizing... maybe I'm still stuffed with dinner..

  11. I was supposed to go to this event but work ( lol ) got in the way. I live just 5 minutes away from the Swiss Deli. My family and I come here often :)

  12. I would have a field day in a place like this. All the good food, this just looks absolutely amazing!

  13. The Cheese Fondue is love! I'd love to bring my family in Swiss Deli too. Do they have a branch in QC area?

  14. Nice place, just too far from me. The only Swiss resto I know is Old Swiss Inn in Paco, and even that is far from me. Hehe.

  15. The food makes me hungry >.< The place looks so nice! Hope to have a try too...

  16. The different sizes of sausage looks really tasty. This looks like a really elegant place to hang out with good food.

  17. Cheese fondue and dessert are too good to resist here. Food range is quite different from what we get here in singapore.

  18. Nice place to visit and try that Sausage Platter . You have a full stomach that evening with those sumptuous dishes in your table , guess I am right Sis?

  19. Everything looks so crazy good!! I really want to try the fondue and the sausages!! Haha! :D

  20. I am so craving for that watermelon cooler right now!! I went to a Japanese restaurant/cafe sometime last week and they ran out out watermelon cooler and their famous watermelon ice-cream. I was devastated, hahaha!!

  21. I am eyeing at that Pork Knuckle pata and the watermelon cooler both are perfect combination. Great to know that this restaurant has a mini groceries / deli corner too.

  22. The sausage platter looks good! Reminds me overall of one of my fave bistro in Singapore, a butchery Hubers


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