Mr. Fast Foo - Food must be faster than hunger!

Fast Food Chains are the go-to place for students and office workers. Mr. Fast Foo offers good food in a very affordable and competitive price. Located in La Salle University Mall, Taft Manila. Mr. Fast Foo is the latest Chinese fast food dining experience that promises "fantastic feats served fast". And when they say fast, it's 3 minutes fast. 

The man behind this restaurant is Dr. Carlos Almeda. A licensed physician and mechanical engineer. He combines his knowledge in food science and expertise in engineering to prepare affordable and sumptuous dishes fast. 

Here are Mr. Fast Foo's Fantastic Signature Food.

Special Fresh Lumpia, all veggie and tofu with crispy seaweeds, sugared peanuts, cilantro and garlic.

Classic Hong Ba Cua Pao, slow braised pork belly with pickled emusta red greens, sugared peanuts and cilantro.

Maki Mi, my favorite Chinese dish. Made from lean, tender and succulent pork loin in thick soy broth.

Beef Mami, made from tender beef brisket and noodles in a rich beef broth. This dish is highly recommended during rainy season. 

Lechon Macau, succulent pork with crispy skin and served with a special sauce. 

Kikiam, homemade and reminds me of my mom's version of Kikiam.

Shanghai Rolls, minced pork rolled in wrapper and deep fried.

Braised Beef Brisket, tender beef brisket braised in soya and star anis.

Fried Spring Rolls, a healthy mixture of veggies wrapped in lumpia wrapper, deep fried and served with soy and vinegar sauce. 

Tongkatsu Rice, crunchy tent breaded pork chop with special sauce on steamed rice. 

Lechon Macau Rice.

Fried Wanton with dipping sauce.

Pork Siomai, a classic dimsum stuffed with flavorful ground pork served with soy sauce.

Butchi for desert. 

Their other branch are in University of Santo Thomas Campus, Lucky China Town Binondo, and University Mall La Salle Taft. Soon to open, at Sparks Place in Cubao and Mezza Santa Mesa Manila.  

So from now on, don't let you hunger wait. Enjoy affordable food only at Mr. Fast Foo.

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