My Sandstorm Experience turned into SADstorm

by - December 05, 2014

This is an anticipated event for us bloggers because Sandstorm Experience Event is a 3-day Music Festival, held last November 21-23, 2014 in Southcrest Resort, Laiya Batangas. More than 20 bloggers are invited to attend the event of Cherry Burwell by The Big Difference Communications (PR company). It was an event/experience full of drama and happiness. Why drama? I will tell everything from beginning till end what we have experienced in Sandstorm.

I and the rest of these 20+ invited bloggers are very much excited for the 3-day beach party event, however, it was changed last minute by the PR company who invited us that we will all go on November 22-23 only. It's fine with me because that was my plan to only attend Sat-Sun. But for the rest, they expected 3 days as some of my fellow bloggers already filed their leave to their respective company. It was a risk to attend the event because we were advised by the PR Company (The Big Difference) that none of them will be joining us. Came November 22 and our meeting place is at DLTB Bus Station in Taft Manila. We're told that the bus will leave at 2 in the afternoon and latecomers will not be accommodated. So, we all went there before 2 and to our surprise that will be the start of our drama-Rama experience. We were only 10 bloggers who came in the bus station and for 3 hours we've been coordinating to the DLTB Manager, Cherry of The Big Difference and Dexter of Sandstorm (who happens to be one of the supplier of the event). After all the exhausting coordination, phone calls and texts, we're able to leave Manila around 5:30 pm and we arrived in Batangas after 9 in the evening. Wait! There's more drama and unexpected incident again when we all came at the event. At the registration booth, staff of Sandstorm are surprised that we, Bloggers/Media group came that night. Thanks to my fellow blogger Christian who was able to pacify and convinced the lady in leotard swim suit to give our Sandstorm bracelet/badge, so we can get inside the premises. Again, for the 3rd time another shocker for all of us because we don't have any accommodation but they were able to give us 1 room for one of their Villa. Imagine we are more than 10 that time and we will all squeeze in a 1 small room with 1 queen bed.  We haven't had our dinner yet and we are all starving and they gave us food in a plastic. Not being 'maarte or pihikan' but please, not this kind of treatment. At dahil para na kameng asong ulul sa gutom pinatos na namin ang food na binigay sa amin.

In spite all these unforgettable experience/s we had, we still managed to enjoy our company when we were on the bus (going to Batangas, thanks to Charity for all your funny and meaningful life experience stories), we're able to interviewed 3 international DJ's and we dance while Darude was playing. That was the only part we all enjoyed when Darude was playing. It was a nostalgic night for me because I knew Darude's music since I was in college, when I still go to clubs in Malate (FYI, wala pang Libis, BGC nung time na yun).

Ville Vertanen also known as Darude is a famous DJ and techno producer of ENMASS Music from Finland. He has 2 smash hit music, Sandstorm and Feel the Beat over a decade ago. Before we have Avicii, and other well known techno/trance DJ, Finland had Darude. He is one of the most influential DJ and recognized worldwide. It was an honor to meet and interviewed Darude. Never thought that I will see Mr. Sandstorm in the flesh, lol =) 

That same night we had a conversation with Jacob So (So Familiar Productions), the main producer of the Sandstorm Experience Event. We told him what we experienced from the bus station. He and his staff, they have all the time that night to do the right and proper way of treating us blogger/media. However, came Sunday morning, again another 'rasyon food' we ate for breakfast. I could not stand this mistreatment anymore so me and my fellow blogger April, we decided to go back to Manila that morning and will not wait for the service van anymore.

I have to say that Sandstorm event has a good and ambitious concept. Imagine, 3 stages with DJ's playing music all day for 3 days. It was a huge music festival, but because of poor marketing only a few people went. As a music lover, it was a heaven, but turned into hell because I had to experience all these dramas and starvation (because the bouncer took our food from the gate before we enter the beach) and we had no choice to eat what they served us. It has been a very traumatic experience. Lesson learned, never go to an event where there will be no representative from the PR group.

*I was not able to take photos the night of the event because we were all "bwiset" from what happened to us.

Thanks to DARUDE for making our night worthwhile and for a few hours we had time to forget all the disappointment we had.
(Four weeks of brainstorming and in spite of trying to pacify us by Cherry and Jacob, the rest of my group finally decided to post everything in black & white)

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