Thermomix, The first of its kind Cooking-Aid

by - February 25, 2015

Modern Innovations Enterprise through partnership with Vorwerk Group of Germany is the licensed distributor of Thermomix in the Philippines. Our mission is to introduce innovative and functional products to Philippine consumers through direct sales. By directly talking to the end users, we provide a much better personal service by understanding your needs – consultation, training and feedback.
The first Thermomix was introduced by Vorwerk Group in 1961 and has since gone through continues innovations. It’s German engineering at its best. Today, Thermomix is distributed across Europe, USA, Canada, parts of Asia and now in the Philippines. The Thermomix is an exceptional product. It’s the ‘World’s Smallest and Smartest Kitchen!’
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Thermomix is great kitchen appliance which can do alot of your cooking and baking needs. Mixing, chopping and making healthy drinks and foods.

Soya drink and Tikoy filled with peanut butter.

Steamed buns and peanut butter, all made and cooked in Thermomix.

Another good and yummy meal cooked in Thermomix, braised pork.

For making soya drink, grind the soya beans and add a little water after grinding then use a kitchen clothe to drain the liquid and to separate liquid to soya.

Theres alot of meals you can do in this ingenious kitchen appliance. It has a cookbook when you buy the product. Thermomix in the Philippines can be bought for 80,000 php. 

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