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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Great Products from CDR-King

CDR King goes camping with you. Summer is almost here and countless fun activities are in the plan.

One summer activities for boys is camping, gears for this activity tend to be expensive. CDR King solves this problem by providing affordable gears not will not break your budget.

Here are some camping items which you will find in their stores:

Visit the nearest CD-rking branch in your area. Happy shopping!


  1. that is true, cdr king always provide one of lowest prices in the market. kaya kahit ang haba lagi ng pila, binabalikan pa rin sya ng mga customers

  2. Unfortunately I dont stay in your region. So camping with those gears not for me.

  3. So CD-rking is a shop that sells camping stuff? Sorry, not really familiar with the brand... but it looks cool!

    1. yes and basically it is an all in one shop

  4. I usually visit a CDR King outlet near our place. There kasi I buy my computer needs.

  5. CD R King have been viral in terms of technological stuff. Ranges from home technology to work related techy items and machines! They've introduced most items cheaper or even cheapest in the market! :D

  6. I love camping and this post has been really helpful. Thanks for this post Lee. =)

  7. These look like really great items for camping. I'm not much if a camper but I've hearing camping stories.

  8. i wouldnt mind owning a telescope. it'll be great fun

  9. I don't like camping but that telescope is interesting. CDR King is really a fascinating shop! Funny though that they hardly have CDRs anymore now.

  10. After my bad experience with CD-R King I rarely visited this place. Case is not yet close, and they should improve their services.

  11. CD-R king have really added a lot of affordable products. It can even be at par with its more expensive counterparts.

  12. It's pretty crazy how much stuff CD-King sells! Haha! You never know what you'll find! :D

  13. I finally went camping last year - was absolutely fantastic, being away from normal life and technology! I realised I didn't need half the things I had packed with me but wouldn't have minded some solar panels!

  14. That is very use full stuff for camping aficionados!CDR King is definitely a good brand!

  15. Have never heard of CDR King before. Good to know there's a shop that sells everything u need for a camp.

  16. Very great products to have especially for those who love to watch star.

  17. I also patronize CD-R king products, they have lots of budget-wise items.


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