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by - July 13, 2015

Being a mom makes me smarter in terms of spending money. I still splurge on some pieces I love to collect, which are bags. I may not have those extravagant price tagged bags but I make sure I will buy those fashionable yet the quality is not compromised. 

One of the many places I love to shop is Paseo de Sta. Rosa, there are tons of boutiques that are always on sale and one of those is Charles and Keith. 

Most bags from Charles and Keith would range around 2,000 to 4,000 php. This bag's original price is around 2,300 php yet I bought it for only 1,000  php. 

This Cream and Orange bag is an inspired bag from a lavish bag line (forgot the bag line though). I bought this for only 900 php at The Penthouse in BF Aguirre. The Satchel Diva bag line can be found on Instagram and I'm so glad they now have a physical store in Paranaque.

Bracelets from Imono Jewelry. Both on sale for 50% off. Bought these two silver bracelets for less than 2,000 php.

Of course I'd like to have those expensive bags however, I would rather spend my allowance and savings on my child's education/savings. It's not everyday you'll find great stuffs on sale. Till my next shopping adventure! :)

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  1. The bags are so beautiful!And the bracelets too.Nice picks!

  2. Those are lovely bags.. and I must say you got quite a good bargain for these products! Getting a good product at a good discount doubles the happiness of owning it!

  3. Bags looks quite trendy to carry with all the outfits and bracelets are really good. What else to ask for when getting at such a discounted price.

  4. Th silver bracelets are classic pieces. Great find at a great price indeed!

  5. I love the second bag! I've heard about the satchel diva from my daughter, I'm going to check them out soon.

  6. Beautiful bracelet and loving basgs. I wish i as a women would have been rocking tat.

  7. Those are great finds. I especially love the Charles and Keith bag! If you like the brand's design and get more discount, you can go to its warehouse in Singapore in Q4 because prices are crazy low. :)

    1. Omg!! Now, I have more reasons to travel and go back to Singapore

  8. I like the orange bag as the design is simple yet eye-catching! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love Charles & Keith a lot! Wondering how much will it be after converting back to MYR.

  10. Whoa! I haven't heard of Paseo de Sta. Rosa yet! Are they original merchandise or overruns? I love the Charle's and Keith bag you got!

  11. ahh, charles and keith do have really pretty bags, but i find them pretty overpriced. some of them have pretty uncomfortable straps too.

  12. wow! sayeth my wife, the bag is just so lovely.

  13. I used to own those branded bags you've mentioned and I agree with you. After selling those off, I just stuck to inexpensive ones because as my husband says, "They all carry the same function anyway." and after a while, I've gotten used to this kind of lifestyle where I don't need to carry branded bags to feel good about myself. Having the extra money for my children's education is more important for me too, at this season of my life :) PS: I love the Charles & Keith bag you've bought!

  14. Charles & Keith has got a beautiful collection and this orange bag is very trendy and simple to carry anytime and anywhere.

  15. The two bags is spacious and has a lot of compartment. The bracelet is a catchy accessory.

  16. You got good bargains for your bags, and they have a trusted brand name! Always so fun to talk about a great deal.

  17. Those sites that you recommended really something that I am looking for. I like the Cream and Orange bag is so stylish and you got for only 900php.


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