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by - July 28, 2015

Whenever I'll be invited in a food review for a Chinese Restaurant, I get excited with anticipation that I will be having a full meal and I'll be going home tummy-full.

Wai Ying Dimsum is a fast food branch of Wai Ying Restaurant that caters mostly students from nearby universities such as De Lasalle Taft, St. Benilde and St. Scholastica. Their prices are affordable and they are open from 7 in the morning till late night. Located at EGI Tower Taft, Manila. 

As I said, I am expecting to be full tummy this afternoon and look what we all had that afternoon.

Molo soup for starters. 

Yangchow fried rice (single serving), but for me, it's good for 2 person to share.

Chicken in Taosi. I have low sodium taste buds so for me, it's a little salty however, for my bloggers friends, they said it was just enough saltiness. This is very common for Chinese Restaurant here in Manila.

My fave, Lemon Chicken. It's crispy on the outside and very flavorful on the inside. Me and my fellow bloggers all loved their version of Lemon Chicken.

Sweet and Sour Pork. Pork is tender yet my only issue is, the sauce. It's really sour! No sweet at all, however, I already told it to the owner and hopefully when I come back, the sauce wouldn't be that sour and I will be able to taste sweetness.

My second favorite, Creamy Chicken. Fried Chicken fillet poured with creamy sauce. The creamy sauce is thick and creamy, has enough balance of saltiness on it.

Chinese Food Feast will not be complete without DIMSUM. My fave of all DIMSUM is Sharksfin.

Pork & Shrimp Siomai. Generous amount of pork and shrimp and no extender. One bite, you can really taste they mixed good amount of shrimp.

Egg Roll, there's meat and a little mayonnaise inside. And by the way, it's sweet because they mixed it with pineapple.

Japanese Dimsum, I wasn't able to taste it but the group said, it's fairly ok!

For the last dish I tasted, Beef Curry. Beef is so tender and I love that you can really smell and taste the strong curry.

Congee with Century Egg. Congee is very popular here in Asia. Us Filipinos, we eat this at breakfast and afternoon snack, oh! even midnight snack after you had 2 bucket of beers with your friends.

We all enjoyed our meal and I'm definitely be coming here very soon! Thanks Wai Ying!

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  1. The Wai Ying I know is the one in Binondo. My friends and I love to go there because of the authentic Chinese cuisine. I didn't know they have a branch in Taft Avenue. It's good to know that students can also enjoy their food because of their affordability and proximity to schools.

  2. I'm not really into Chinese cuisine but that Creamy Chicken looks really delicious. How much would that cost and is it enough for 3 persons?

  3. Its less than 300 pesos and its good for 3 persons

  4. I love dimsums! Esp century egg congee. but what are those flakes toppings in your pic?

    1. Those are fried molo wrappers (thats what I remem)

  5. I'm a fan of dimsums! We always either go with dimsums + congree or dimsums + noodles. Their sweet and sour pork looked flavorful so I was disappointed to know that it didn't have much taste (except for being sour) like how it appears on the photo. Glad you've given them a feedback and hopefully, they can improve that dish.

  6. I like dimsum too. But yes, a problem with some of these dimsum places is the salt content. I like to try their siomai though based on your description about the shrimp content.

  7. I didn't know they opened up in Taft! The food looks great!! I miss it a lot and this totally got me craving!! Haha! :)

  8. Love the range of dimsum and the soup they have got. Lemon chicken is looking nice and must be quite refreshing.

  9. How I wish I've been invited to that food review too! Looking at the pics, I'm suddenly craving for some yummy chinese food. This is the one in Binondo too right?

  10. By looks alone, the food has me salivating already! i miss having dimsum .

  11. I'm not a big fan of Chinese cuisine but these photographs got me craving. I hope you enjoyed the meal :)

  12. I'm a great fan of Chinese food. Everything that you features here looks so delicious. The lemon chicken and the Japanese Dimsum are my favorites.

  13. I am a dim sum lover. Wish I could have a chance to try all these.

  14. Sweet and Sour pork is among my favorite dishes. The other items on their menu looks tasty too.

  15. I am a big fan of Chinese dishes and those foodies look tempting. Next time, I'll be near La Salle then I'll drop by the place.

  16. Oh my the lemon chicken looks so mouth watering. I wish I could photograph food so well like you.

  17. What a curry doing on a dim sum restaurant / Chinese restaurant menu 😂😂 that said I am excited they open at 7am - their breakfast menu, if it has more of that siew mai, would be interesting to me!

  18. You've got your tummy full with these foods! I like Dimsum, that really have the Chinese origin; pork & shrimp siomai, molo pancit soup and chicken tenders.

  19. Can't go wrong with Dim Sum on sunday brunch with family. I like to eat dim sum and my favourite are siew mai and har kao.

  20. The photos are really dark. Couldn't exactly see the food clearly, Sharks' fin isn't exactly a dim sum either. It's just a chinese dish.


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