Garden Style Wedding: Church and Venue Ocular Visit

by - July 02, 2015

My cousin and her fiance came back from Dubai to prepare for their upcoming March 2016 wedding. I am so thrilled and excited that my cousin is getting married. I'm very close to my dear cousin and so, I volunteered to help her find the perfect place for her church and venue of her wedding. Their first choice is around Quezon City. R (the groom) is eyeing on Fernwoods as it has a beautiful chapel and garden style venue with a small lagoon inside (how cool is that?). 

Fernwoods has 3 garden style venue that can accommodate from 200-300 guests. All three has its own staircase, but only 1 venue has a lagoon. All three venues are non-air-conditioned, however, it has ventilation like electric fans and exhaust fans. It's really a beautiful and picture perfect venue, however it's really hot inside. I strongly suggest to have at least a cooler or invest for an air conditioner as we are in the Philippines and during summer time we're all going to sweat all our lungs out. Not being exaggerated, but in all honesty the place is not yet packed with guests, but I feel like I'm inside an oven, it's really freaking hot!

At the lagoon there's Koi fish and swan. 

Staircase in one of the venue hall in Fernwoods. 

Two of the most popular photography suppliers in Manila. Nice Print and Wally Gonzales are present here at the Fernwoods food tasting. 

I tried posing while at the event.  Can I be a fashion blogger now? Haha. 

They have a nice chapel inside Fernwoods and it can accommodate around 150 persons. Chapel rental is 35,000 PHP. Good thing that the chapel is fully air conditioned. 

There's a spot in Fernwood, where the facade and interiors are like an American home. By the looks of it, it's like you were really in an old American home. 


We went to a different venue, Gazebo Royale in Visayas Avenue Quezon City. A garden venue that has 2 halls. 1 is fully air conditioned that can accommodate 150 to 200 guests and the open venue hall that can accommodate up to 250 guests, it has a staircase and a room upstairs for the bride and groom to freshen up. This is more relaxing and cooler than the ones in Fernwoods because it's open and has high ceiling. 

60,000 rental fee for the air conditioned hall for 5 hours and 90,000 for the open area hall. R (the groom), my cousin and I liked more this place. It's not congested unlike in Fernwoods. Gazebo Royale open hall has better view and has proper ventilation. 

We still have much to do for my cousins wedding but at least were able to narrow down their choices. Will update you more when they had their final church and venue for their wedding,

More Info:
Fernwoods and Gazabo Royale is both located in Tandang Sora Quezon City.

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  1. Oh my gosh, what absolutely stunning venues!! So exciting that your cousin is getting married! :) Sim x

  2. This venue is gorgeous! Hopefully its the one they choose :)

  3. Are you also scouting for your dream wedding place as well? Hahaha... I think it's nice to follow and tagalong so that you can have an easier time next time~

  4. Preparing for a wedding is an exciting, but stressful experience. Both venues look amazing, but with a weather like this, I would prefer the airconditioned one.

  5. For me as Catholic, only a Church wedding would be the most meaningful. But of course, garden or beach weddings are also popular, but I guess that is to each his own dream wedding.

  6. What a gorgeous venue and interiors this place has got ! I feel if weather is humid then sticking to close place is a better idea and garden will make it worse.

  7. both venues are lovely ! would choose the first though, an outdoor wedding is such a beautiful experience

  8. Wedding preps are always fun to do do't you think but they are way too hectic. I love the lace top you are wearing.

  9. Fernwoods would be a great wedding place for those who has the budget. I mean, let's be real. That venue is quite pricey for just an hours event. I believe there are other affordable alternatives out there like your second option. We've been to Fernwoods for a shoot before it and it costs sooo muchh!


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