Baby Care Plus + For Our Kids Sensitive Skin

by - August 12, 2015

There is no love as pure, strong, unselfish, devoted, and everlasting as that of a mother’s. It is the first kind of love any of us come to know. It starts when a mother carries her young even before the child is born, and which figuratively continues through life. A mother is that one person whom we can truly count on and who’s always got our back. She’s the best person who will do whatever it takes to make sure her child is loved, cared for, safe, and happy.

A mother’s nurturing is unparalleled and is a vital part of any child’s upbringing. Her love is priceless and timeless. She makes sure that her child knows he or she is loved through words and deeds. Think of the countless times a mother has gotten up in the middle of the night to soothe a crying baby and how she is able to understand a child’s different cries, helping her to respond accordingly. Think of how a mother patiently guides her child through life no matter what happens or how she’s treated in return.

It goes without saying that a mother’s love cannot be replaced. And Tupperware Brands has captured this essence in its Baby Care Plus+ Milk products. Just like a mother, the Baby Care Plus+ Milk baby bath, soap, lotion, and powder champion a child’s utmost care, safety, and happiness. Infused with milk moisturizers for smoother, nourished skin, these products are mild and dermatological tested, making them perfect for babies and young children.

The Baby Care Plus+ Milk Baby Bath gently cleanses and conditions baby’s sensitive skin and hair, while the Baby Soap has milk moisturizers and olive oil extracts to protect baby’s skin from dryness. Both the Bath and Soap have a Lame soft Skin Protector that helps form a natural barrier to prevent the loss of moisture while bathing. The Baby Lotion, on the other hand, has a light formulation, which locks in moisture for up to 24 hours, plus Vitamin E that nourishes baby’s skin, making it velvety smooth, soft, and smelling good all day long. The Baby Powder has Allantoin that works as an anti-irritant to soothe and protect baby while keeping him or her fresh and dry.

Tupperware’s Baby Care Plus+ Milk line, we invite you to feel a mother’s love through Baby Care Plus+’s nourishing products.

My kid has been using the product for a  week now and I can see the change on her skin. Whenever she'll have a bath she'll always tell me "mommy, this smells so good!".  My kid has a very sensitive skin and we can only use lotions and bath soap that is for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic. It easily lathers on my kids skin and easy to rinse and after rinsing my kids skin became soft and I like the smell. I even tried it as well, lol. And good thing, these two products suits my kids skin. We'll continue using this product and thanks to Tupperware for sending these products for my kid. 

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  1. I love that it's for sensitive skin. The twins have really sensitive skin and we make sure that we only use mild soaps and shampoo. I'd love to try this.

  2. somehow the packaging reminds me of johnsons & johnsons? maybe it's a typical baby product kind of packaging. haha! i didn't even know tupperware have such baby products, thought they only make food containers!

  3. Johnson and Johnson's stuff is really good for babies. I sometimes us he shampoo when I don't feel like putting chemicals into it.

  4. this would definitely suit my brother. he has sensitive skin but don't think i can get this in the uk

  5. If this is good for sensitive skin, then my wife may like it too. Will take note of this brand when we go to the supermarket soon. I hope it is available in the market, isn't it?

  6. I have tried the Body wash for my children and it smells really good. My older child loves to take a bath because of this :)

  7. Thanks for taking a photo of the ingredients, I think I saw paraben and that's a carcenogenic ingredient which I'm not all for. Reading the label and doing research goes a long way. Don't just believe what they advertise, Johnson & Johnson's have harmful chemicals as well. I hope Baby Care would remove the paraben.

  8. I purchase these products before for my colleague's daughter 1st birthday party. I heard that Tupperware’s Baby Care Plus+ products are good for baby and adults with sensitive skin too.

  9. At first i though it is J&J which i have stopped using for my kids. I dont use the talcum powder for my kids as heard it is not good.This one i will give a try as it is for sensitive skin.

  10. Kids really have sensitive and delicate skin. It's nice baby care plus is just right for them.

  11. This sounds really good for children. Should share this to my friend who just gave birth recently.

  12. Yes, baby's skin is thin and sensitive and requires very mild cleaning agent! I love the fragrance of such baby care products!

  13. First time for me hearing that Tupperware produces bath essentials. Thanks for sharing this review. If it's good for the kids, it's good for our skin too ;)

  14. Looks like its really great for the sensitive skin of babies! How does it smell? baby powder like?

  15. We need good chemical free products for our baby skins as we know that baby skins are very soft and smooth and therefore it requires less harmful products; otherwise baby skin problems are rapidly increases. Here also we have found some good baby skin product reviews and hope we can get best result while applying these products in our baby's skin.


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