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Lee is a full-time modern mom who is passionate about writing and capturing thru photographs her travel, food adventures and fashion finds.

She made this blog to encourage all women especially moms to travel, get out of their comfort zone, be adventurous again while still being a protective lioness to her cub (child). An IT by profession and a fashion enthusiast by heart.


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Abi Aragon - PR and Marketing Manager "I've worked with Lee for our grand opening and product launches in SKinStation for almost three years. She's been a supportive blogger and she tries our products and services, gives objective and honest feedback and recommendations. Kudos to Momma Lee and more partnerships to come!

Joanne Cuento - Tourism Promotions Board (Philippines) "Lee is a modern blogger momma that's up for fun, adventures and honest reviews/feedbacks. She takes her craft seriously and knows how clients/readers need the most. Her travel stories can definitely turn your reading into experience!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

PICTURE THIS: an AXN Global Environmental Responsibility Campaign

PICTURE THIS: an AXN Global Environmental Responsibility Campaign

photo credits to: axn-asia.com
Press Release

Campaign Launched in 177 Countries.
SINGAPORE (September 29, 2015) - Sony Pictures Television Networks launched a worldwide
campaign across their channels in 177 countries, engaging viewers in environmental issues, it
was announced today by Andy Kaplan, president, worldwide networks for Sony Pictures
Television (SPT).  The effort, titled Picture This, will utilize the channels’ storytelling expertise to
engage viewers around environmental issues important to each market. Picture This will then
combine these local efforts into a worldwide voice to bring awareness to everyday efforts that
can help protect our natural resources.
“With the reach of our global networks and the passion of our storytelling, our networks will both
engage the community and energize people to action by picturing a better environment,” said
Kaplan.  “Collectively we can make noise heard around the world on behalf of issues that are
central to everyone’s well-being and do it in an entertaining way.”
In Asia, SPT Networks, which includes leading channels Animax, AXN, Gem, ONE and Sony
Channel will present a three minute on air spot encouraging viewers to reduce the use of plastic
bags in their daily lives. To communicate the message, SPT Networks enlisted the support of              
“El Gamma Penumbra”, the mesmerizing shadow play group who won the first season of Asia’s
Got Talent on AXN earlier this year.
“The over-use of plastic bags in territories across Asia is a growing concern given the negative
impact it has on our land, waterways, marine life and oceans. Through our Picture This
campaign, we want to remind viewers to think twice before using, and then quickly discarded,
their plastic bags. Partnering with El Gamma Penumbra, who is known for their compelling
environmental performances, was a natural choice and their inspiring storytelling for Picture
This is sure to make a big difference,” said Hui Keng Ang, Senior Vice President and General
Manager of Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia.
Picture the world without litter.  Picture an urban oasis.  Picture a beautiful forest.  Picture this.
See Picture This and El Gamma Penumbra in action here: http://www.axn-asia.com
More information about Picture This can be found at the global website:
www.sptpicturethis.com. Links to local efforts can also be found there, as well as assets that
can be used to join the conversation on social media.  #sptpicturethis

Monday, September 28, 2015

Papa's 58'th birthday at Borgo Cafe Robinsons Las Pinas

Papa's 58'th birthday at Borgo Cafe Robinsons Las Pinas

Celebrating birthdays is one of the most special thing to do with our loved ones. Remembering that special day and forgetting that we're getting old, lol.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dermax Professional - Retinol-C (Product Review)

Dermax Professional - Retinol-C (Product Review)

DERMAX PROFESSIONAL has an intensive line of beauty products from face to body. Retinol - C is a wrinkle therapy cream that targets wrinkles and fine lines. I'm in my 30's now and I'm seeing a lot of fine lines on my face since I reached the age of 27. 

On the label it says, "Visible instant and long term anti-wrinkle result". Well, after 3 days straight of using this water-based anti-wrinkle on my face I felt the difference on my skin. It became firmer, which is good! The smell is actually like an old bread that soon it'll have molds on it. I know! It's an eeiiiwww smell but I didn't mind it as long as it will give me a good result.  

Before going to bed
After I slept for about 7 hours.
I love using DERMAX Retinol-C. It may have an unexplainable smell but it really works on my skin. 

Afternoon Bonding at Black Canyon Coffee - SM Southmall

Afternoon Bonding at Black Canyon Coffee - SM Southmall

Every time I'm with my bestie and kiddo at SM Southmall, we always dine at Black Canyon Coffee. We don't go here for their coffee, but for their affordable and great tasting meals. Most especially their noodle dish. I always order, Stir-fried Pasta with Ham and Tomato Sauce for 212.00 php/5.00 USD. Pasta dish with egg, red and green bell pepper, slices of button mushroom and generous amount of ham. Good for 1-2 person, depending how much big eater you are but I can't finish this alone unless I'm starving. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cafe Alezon: A Spanish Restaurant in Las Pinas

Cafe Alezon: A Spanish Restaurant in Las Pinas

While driving going to BF Aguirre in Paranaque, I noticed that there is an old looking cafe restaurant just passed Southville International School. I'm looking for a cafe where I can write my pending blogs because my WiFi internet has been acting crazy again for almost a week and I needed to write a lot of pending blogs. Cafe Alezon has an old rustic interiors and even outside. 



Press Release

BLUSHING BEAUTY by SkinStation: 

Giving you a fun way to make you selfie-ready is a new concept store, BLUSHING BEAUTY by SkinStation. Their grand launch was graced by GMA7 talent/ actress Ms. Lindsay de Vera and recently renowned 2015 Ms. Teen Earth Philippines Ms. Julieane "Aya" Fernandez. It was held on September 12, 2015 at the also newly launched CityMall in Imus, Cavite. This is the very first Blushing Beauty branch, a fitting follow-up concept to their highly successful chain of SkinStation, now with 25 branches nationwide, and DERMAX Laser Center with 4 branches.

Blushing Beauty by SkinStation is a skin care clinic that offers top-of-the-line yet affordable services powered by state-of-the-art equipment, exclusive and innovative products, and an exciting store that is “Instagrammable” in all areas. Facials, peels, slimming, and laser treatments that are reasonably priced will be available, to be performed by well-trained aestheticians and professional Dermatologists. 

They offer revolutionary products for whitening, anti-acne, sebum control, colognes and perfumes, and color cosmetics developed for the value-conscious teenagers, young adults, and even those who are young at heart. 

Blushing Beauty by SkinStation store was professionally designed by Manila’s most sought after Interior Design Firm, Heim Interiors. The store personifies fun, trendy, independent, and young – your ‘BFF’ in skin care!

Excited much? Visit Blushing Beauty by SkinStation today! They are located at the Ground Floor, CityMall, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Anabu, Imus City, Cavite. You may also contact them at 09173396684/ 09424863430. Like, Follow, Share, and Tweet Blushing Beauty now:



SLIDEFEST PHILIPPINES - The Country’s Biggest Slip and Slide Event Just Got Bigger

SLIDEFEST PHILIPPINES - The Country’s Biggest Slip and Slide Event Just Got Bigger

Press Release

The Country’s Biggest Slip and Slide Event Just Got Bigger

Filinvest City, Alabang, September 11, 2015— Year-round sunshine is just one of the many perks of living in a tropical country such as the Philippines. It almost seems like you can re-live your best summer moments everyday!

And that’s exactly what’s going to happen on September 26- 27, 2015, in Filinvest City, Alabang.

Get pumped up as the biggest slip and slide event in the country becomes even bigger  as Slidefest Philippines partners up with the most caring sun protection, NIVEA SUN, with NIVEA Slidefest!

Now, you can expect worry-free fun under the sun as you slip through clouds of foam in the biggest slide in the country and as you enjoy the exciting new inflatables and fun booths NIVEA Slidefest has to offer. The fun doesn’t stop at sundown as NIVEA Slidefest turns into a giant party with performances from the hottest DJs in the country such as DJ Nina Saputil, DJ Kat De Jesus, DJ Migs Santillian and DJ Marlo Naval. 

You can join the fun with three types of passes.

1. Wave and Family Wave Sliders: Lets you enjoy 2 hours of unlimited slides on your selected two-hour time session. (Php600.00/head)

2. Block Sliders: Wave Sliders: Lets you enjoy 4 hours of unlimited slides on your selected four- hour time session. (Php1,200.00/head)

3. All-Day Sliders: Lets you enjoy the slide for the ENTIRE day. You will be entitled to your very own VIP line and to limited edition merchandise such as a Nivea Slidefest shirt and sunnies. (Php1,600.00/head)

To register, visit www.slidefest.com.ph for online reservation and payment.

Monday, September 14, 2015

CHICKILICIOUS - Taiwan's Famous Fast Food Is Now In The Philippines

CHICKILICIOUS - Taiwan's Famous Fast Food Is Now In The Philippines

Last Sunday, September 13, I got invited to the grand opening of Taiwan's Famous Fast Food Chain - CHICKILICIOUS. Located at Sea Residence, in front of the Mall of Asia Pasay. This fast food chain has been in Taiwan for 11 years and still counting. Has overseas branch like Singapore, China, Korea, US, Australia and now, here in the Philippines.

Now we have other options to eat great tasting chicken aside from the big bee and the red haired clown. Chickilicious offers affordable chicken and refreshing milk teas. 

One thing that is distinct on their chicken, it's marinated in lemon and their special machine where all their secret ingredients are mixed.

Golden fried Chickilicious with Black Pepper. Surprisingly, after an hour that we were eating, this chix is still crispy! They really live up to the name of this chicken. 

Choco Demon Chickilicious (140 php).  Now, this is not common in all other fast food chains that offers chicken meal. 

Takoyaki Crispy Chickilicious (140 php). This is one of my fave from their menu. I like the crispiness of the shredded takoyaki. 

BBQ Chickilicious (130 php). This flavor is only in the Philippines. Jayson Sy (owner) says that he added this on their menu because Filipinos loves barbecue and this will be a hit with us PH customers.  

Noodled fried Chickilicious with dried Seaweeds (140 php). This is an alternative way for people who doesn't eat seaweed, like me.

Crispy Chicken Pizza (150 php). Topped with pizza sauce and cheese. 

Crispy Tofu with Barbecue sauce. A must try snack here at Chickilicious for only 70 php. 

All variations of Chicken are marinated with Lemon, you have an option to add some flavors to it. 

Visit them on the lower ground floor of Sea Residence, in front of the Mall of Asia. 

CHICKILICIOUS - Taiwan's Famous Fast Food Store Is Now In The Philippines
Open from Monday to Sunday, 10:00am to 10:00pm

CHICKILICIOUS - Taiwan's Famous Fast Food Is Now In The Philippines

Food Review - Angels Pizza (Makati Ave)

Food Review - Angels Pizza (Makati Ave)

Let me just say that I am one of the many people who can eat every day a PIZZA and PASTA. Yup! That's how I love these two foods. I know that PIZZA is bad for anyone who wants to lose weight, but I still don't care! Lol. Anyhoo, I got invited to ANGELS PIZZA with my fellow blogger friends and we get to try their 2 best selling pizzas, pasta, chicken, tacos and choco brownies. 

It's a feast for us that rainy Friday. 

This CHICKEN ALOHA is one their BEST SELLER. With lots of chicken bits, pineapple, ham, green peppers, mozzarella cheese and a drizzle of barbecue sauce. (Family size for 416 php)

CREAMY GARLIC and 5 CHEESE (459 php or 10.40 USD) . Thin crust pizza with 5 different of cheese with the taste of garlic. The good thing about their pizza crust is that, it's not OILY!

Now I can eat all these chix! BUFFALO CHICKEN (199 php or 4.50 USD) it's supposed to be really spicy, however, this one is not! This is not the typical buffalo chicken that you would want to drink water after you have one bite. Angels Pizza's version of Buffalo Wings has a mild spicy flavor. 

They also have TACOS. You have 4 choices of dip. Creamy garlic, cheese, sour cream and tangy tomato dip (27 php each). 

Their SPAGHETTI  is sweet and definitely most Filipinos will like this especially kids. 

CHOCO BROWNIES for 92 php or 2.00 USD. This is a must try! Fudge brownies that kids will surely crave on this sweets. 

Thanks to Angels Pizza for all these yummy food! A full tummy Friday with friends! 

Angels Pizza
#1 Constellation street, Belair Makati Ave. Makati City
895-8888 / 899-3642
Open from MON-SUN

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Food Review - Meat Depot, BF Aguirre

Food Review - Meat Depot, BF Aguirre

If you have been reading my blog, you'll notice that I'm constantly dining along BF Aguirre in Paranaque. It's relatively near my place and about 15 minutes drive from my house. This is one reason I love living in the south metro, we have tons of restaurants and cafes to choose from. 

Fashion Haul - Forever 21 Bangles

Fashion Haul - Forever 21 Bangles

I love FASHION and buying accessories is a must for us women. It will complete an entire #ootd or totally ruin it. As a mom, I have to budget our monthly allowance thru monthly bills, groceries, car fuel and other stuffs needed in the house. So, buying a new dress or a pair of shoe is not a monthly thing to me. If I have an extra budget, then I'll buy one.

Yesterday Chi and I were in SM Southmall and we watched PIXELS THE MOVIE and after that we did some window shopping. I saw Fashion 21 is on BUY1 GET1 promo and I checked it out.

Bought these 2 silver bangles for 189 php (less than 5 USD). My birthday is nearly approaching and I might use one of this bangles on my #ootd soon.

So, what do you think? Yay or Nay?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

SM Group partners with The Walt Disney Company

SM Group partners with The Walt Disney Company

Last Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - I am fortunate to be one of the Bloggers to witness the collaboration of the two biggest company here in the Philippines and in the world. SM Group announced a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to bring the Disney brand of stories closer to Filipinos through mall, retail, entertainment and amusement opportunities. The two companies aim to bring Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars bands to life through unique Disney experiences at SM's many leisure and entertainment properties. Fan-favorite Disney brands and characters will soon be seen and available in SM Stores such as Disney branded events, promotions and other unique experiences. 

Mr. Henry Sy Sr. envisioned and purposed a second home for Filipinos across the nation where they can create memorable bonding activities with their families through amusement facilities, retail centers, and food establishments, all found in ONE Mall. 65 years later, SM has 52 malls across the Philippines. 

Both SM and Disney have given, and continue to give, customers happy lifetime memories across all generations. Both brands offer a legacy, a tradition, a way of life - a world that customers identify with and find attachment to. Through this partnership, SM will continue to create these experiences and bring the Disney magic closer to Filipinos. 

As what Rob Gibly, Managing Director, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia said - "Everyday, we make millions of Filipinos laugh and smile with our stories and characters from Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars. We have worked with the various arms of SM group over the years and today we  are delighted to announce our collaboration on a comprehensive plain to create magical moments and memories that will last a lifetime for fans across the Philippines."

Disney and SM have worked hand in hand to bring multiple experimental events to the Filipino families such as the recent Avengers Experience in SM North Edsa, wherein guests were treated to life-size characters, avenger-themed games, and a meet and greet with Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow. 

To officially jumpstart its formal bond as allies, SM and Disney will be launching a "Star Wars Galactic Christmas" to welcome the latest installment of the movies, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." The exhibit will include life-size figurines of characters from the movie, interactive games, and official merchandise from the SM Store and Toy Kingdom. 

Watch out for the "Star Wars Galactic Christmas" event in Select SM Supermalls near you.

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