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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cafe Alezon: A Spanish Restaurant in Las Pinas

While driving going to BF Aguirre in Paranaque, I noticed that there is an old looking cafe restaurant just passed Southville International School. I'm looking for a cafe where I can write my pending blogs because my WiFi internet has been acting crazy again for almost a week and I needed to write a lot of pending blogs. Cafe Alezon has an old rustic interiors and even outside. 

While checking on their menu, I find their price list a bit pricey compare to other restaurants in BF Aguirre. However, I still ordered their Meaty Pasta in Red Sauce (less than 300 pesos / 6.00 USD). The serving is good for 1 however, if I was with my kid, this will be enough for both of us. Besides, she will like this pasta for sure! I love the tangy red sauce and they serve a generous amount of meat on it. 

Pasta is served with slices of buttered bread with fresh herbs. Honestly, this is not enough for me! It's just so good and perfect combi for their pasta. 

Nachos and Salsa for less than 200 php.

They have a limited coffee on their menu so I asked the owner what coffee do they offer and what their best seller. He offered me a Turkish Coffee. He said, it's a bit spicy and I might not able to sleep, so I got hesitant about buying this. So instead, he gave it to me as a complimentary drink. So even if I don't want to risk not to sleep, I still give it a shot. 

I got excited on this coffee because it's served in a fancy coffee cup. I feel like a royalty while drinking this Turkish coffee, lol. First sip, I didn't taste any spiciness, but when I almost finished the whole cup, that's when I tasted the little spicy. And by the way, I was able to sleep that night. Haha.

I would love to go back here and try other pasta meals and their cookie cups.


  1. Aww, i love that cafe, you should have posted some pictures of the shop, a marriage of the old and the new! Ala lang, am just crazy for vintage arts and craft

    1. ayan! nahanap kon apics ng cafe alezon sa lappy ko, thanks!

  2. looks like a nice place! the price still sounds reasonable to me too. but those cheese powder on the pasta, is it originally served like that or did you add more?

  3. If I were in that place, I would go for Meaty Pasta in Red Sauce, not a cup of coffee for I never drink it.

  4. Our internet connection at home is acting up crazy too. It's really hard when you have a lot of pending things to do. I feel you!
    Very much Spanish-y. and the pasta looks delicious too! The coffee cup caught my attention too, feels like vintage.

  5. I love the splash of colors and the ambiance. It looks like a really good place to eat in. The food looks really good too.

  6. Oooooh, I've never been to Cafe Alezon before and it looks like the food is promising to be good. Do they have other branches in the metro?

  7. I haven't been to aguirre but there seems to be a lot there. I like the design of the place and the food too.

  8. It's great to discover new places :) Love the Mona Lisa painting - I saw the original one in the Louvre Museum :) And yes, the coffee cup is special and beautiful!

  9. That tea cup is to die for! I'm loving the vibe of this spot!

  10. Nice concept and design for cafe with much food to offer. Really, more Filipinos are digging with this kind of place.

  11. I have heard of this cafe before and I have been wanting to visit however it's too far. The coffee cup looks really good!

  12. The place looks comfy and the food seems to be good. Might be able to visit the place sooner than later.

  13. Thanks for featuring my 'dear friend' Cafe on your blog. Mr Venjoy Alegre is a classmate of mine in Union high. The foods are good and the owner's hospitality is great.

  14. That pasta looks absolutely delicious! :) Another must try cafe in las pinas that I think i won't be able to visit because it's just too far from my place T_T

  15. Wow, the coffee cup is indeed fancy. A very high-tea looking glass. Is Turkish coffee any different from normal coffee (besides the spices)?

  16. I wish one day we could go to BF Paranaque to see all these restaurants you review. Very enticing, but that area is too far, and the traffic is so bad from our place.

  17. The cafe has a very artisan concept. Glad you appreciated the unique taste of the coffee and you were able to sleep after that shot of caffeine.

  18. Quite luckily for me, I am looking at these pictures after a huge lunch. Otherwise, that pasta would have me totally drooling.

  19. The pasta looks so delish. I have never heard of any spanish restaurant here in cebu. Spicy coffee is new to me. Though I'm not a coffee drinker I still would love to try it.

  20. The cafe looks like in medival age. Omg I love the fancy coffee cup too. Apart from that the food is quite pleasant. I like cafe hopping over the weekend.

  21. The place looks good :) and the prices seem to be reasonable.


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