CHICKILICIOUS - Taiwan's Famous Fast Food Is Now In The Philippines

by - September 14, 2015

Last Sunday, September 13, I got invited to the grand opening of Taiwan's Famous Fast Food Chain - CHICKILICIOUS. Located at Sea Residence, in front of the Mall of Asia Pasay. This fast food chain has been in Taiwan for 11 years and still counting. Has overseas branch like Singapore, China, Korea, US, Australia and now, here in the Philippines.

Now we have other options to eat great tasting chicken aside from the big bee and the red haired clown. Chickilicious offers affordable chicken and refreshing milk teas. 

One thing that is distinct on their chicken, it's marinated in lemon and their special machine where all their secret ingredients are mixed.

Golden fried Chickilicious with Black Pepper. Surprisingly, after an hour that we were eating, this chix is still crispy! They really live up to the name of this chicken. 

Choco Demon Chickilicious (140 php).  Now, this is not common in all other fast food chains that offers chicken meal. 

Takoyaki Crispy Chickilicious (140 php). This is one of my fave from their menu. I like the crispiness of the shredded takoyaki. 

BBQ Chickilicious (130 php). This flavor is only in the Philippines. Jayson Sy (owner) says that he added this on their menu because Filipinos loves barbecue and this will be a hit with us PH customers.  

Noodled fried Chickilicious with dried Seaweeds (140 php). This is an alternative way for people who doesn't eat seaweed, like me.

Crispy Chicken Pizza (150 php). Topped with pizza sauce and cheese. 

Crispy Tofu with Barbecue sauce. A must try snack here at Chickilicious for only 70 php. 

All variations of Chicken are marinated with Lemon, you have an option to add some flavors to it. 

Visit them on the lower ground floor of Sea Residence, in front of the Mall of Asia. 

CHICKILICIOUS - Taiwan's Famous Fast Food Store Is Now In The Philippines
Open from Monday to Sunday, 10:00am to 10:00pm

CHICKILICIOUS - Taiwan's Famous Fast Food Is Now In The Philippines

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