Dermax Professional - Retinol-C (Product Review)

by - September 17, 2015

DERMAX PROFESSIONAL has an intensive line of beauty products from face to body. Retinol - C is a wrinkle therapy cream that targets wrinkles and fine lines. I'm in my 30's now and I'm seeing a lot of fine lines on my face since I reached the age of 27. 

On the label it says, "Visible instant and long term anti-wrinkle result". Well, after 3 days straight of using this water-based anti-wrinkle on my face I felt the difference on my skin. It became firmer, which is good! The smell is actually like an old bread that soon it'll have molds on it. I know! It's an eeiiiwww smell but I didn't mind it as long as it will give me a good result.  

Before going to bed
After I slept for about 7 hours.
I love using DERMAX Retinol-C. It may have an unexplainable smell but it really works on my skin. 

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  1. I am imagining that odor you are describing with disgust and smiled. Smell is ok if it is not on the face. Haha! But if it works, hey, great!

  2. I don't really use beauty products that much. Because I mostly have trouble maintaining a routine that includes applying them. Lol. But this looks interesting!

  3. ive been trying to not put so much on my skin. instead, im going on a healthful diet. but, this seems like a good product. i hope it works its magic on you! :)


  4. Oh wow thank you for your review! Sounds like a really good product that would be great for me - I'll have to check it out!

  5. Looks like I need one of this too. Is this available in local supermarkets? I hope I can find one to try.

  6. I think market is flooded with beauty products these days but finding one which is suitable for our skin is difficult. Glad that it is good on your skin.

  7. It's never too early to start using anti-aging cream. I learned that recently. Especially in a country so close to the equator, it'll be a wise investment.

  8. Visible effects after such a short period means the product could indeed be a great alternative for many people. Nice to hear about it - I was not familiar with it!

  9. I'm in my early 30's too and contemplating on how to prevent wrinkles from forming. This looks like a good product, are the ingredients natural and organic? I have sensitive skin so that's a huge concern for me. :)

  10. I heard of retinol C ingredients that could be quite sensitive to skin, I have not try using this type of products before.

  11. Can you post a before and after photo of your face after using this product? I'd like to see the difference and how fast you got your results.

  12. I didn't know there is a retinol c. always thought there's only retinol a. I'm skeptical of anti aging products as they're always too rich for my oily, easily clogged skin.

  13. I guess this would sell well to people in their middle ages. It looks effective though.

  14. I got loads of the anti-aging, lifting, whitening products which I can't use at all... sadly because I have sensitive skin~

  15. I'll take yoru word for it (results). But I'm just really worried with the smell. I'm weak when it comes to that sense so it might be hard for me to apply it. Hope then can at least make another one with no scent or a better scent.


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