Food Review - Angels Pizza (Makati Ave)

by - September 14, 2015

Let me just say that I am one of the many people who can eat every day a PIZZA and PASTA. Yup! That's how I love these two foods. I know that PIZZA is bad for anyone who wants to lose weight, but I still don't care! Lol. Anyhoo, I got invited to ANGELS PIZZA with my fellow blogger friends and we get to try their 2 best selling pizzas, pasta, chicken, tacos and choco brownies. 

It's a feast for us that rainy Friday. 

This CHICKEN ALOHA is one their BEST SELLER. With lots of chicken bits, pineapple, ham, green peppers, mozzarella cheese and a drizzle of barbecue sauce. (Family size for 416 php)

CREAMY GARLIC and 5 CHEESE (459 php or 10.40 USD) . Thin crust pizza with 5 different of cheese with the taste of garlic. The good thing about their pizza crust is that, it's not OILY!

Now I can eat all these chix! BUFFALO CHICKEN (199 php or 4.50 USD) it's supposed to be really spicy, however, this one is not! This is not the typical buffalo chicken that you would want to drink water after you have one bite. Angels Pizza's version of Buffalo Wings has a mild spicy flavor. 

They also have TACOS. You have 4 choices of dip. Creamy garlic, cheese, sour cream and tangy tomato dip (27 php each). 

Their SPAGHETTI  is sweet and definitely most Filipinos will like this especially kids. 

CHOCO BROWNIES for 92 php or 2.00 USD. This is a must try! Fudge brownies that kids will surely crave on this sweets. 

Thanks to Angels Pizza for all these yummy food! A full tummy Friday with friends! 

Angels Pizza
#1 Constellation street, Belair Makati Ave. Makati City
895-8888 / 899-3642
Open from MON-SUN

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  1. The food looks so scrumptious! Makes me wanna go there right now and try some!

  2. The pizza looks so heavenly delicious with generous toppings! I will definitely try this place.

  3. I thought it was angel's burger! hahahahaha. Oh my, i am actually looking for places to visit that gives those pizza a full pleasure, since those mainstream brands are sick (for me). This is something to try for us to have a break from those common pizza houses we usually go to. :)

  4. I'm surprised when you mentioned that the pizza wasn't oily as it looked like it in the photo. That's actually good; I hate oily pizzas. Hehe. Do bring me to your blogger food trips Ate! :p


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