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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Food Review - Meat Depot, BF Aguirre

If you have been reading my blog, you'll notice that I'm constantly dining along BF Aguirre in Paranaque. It's relatively near my place and about 15 minutes drive from my house. This is one reason I love living in the south metro, we have tons of restaurants and cafes to choose from. 

This couple from our car group (Montero Sport - Exclusive) has been dining here in Meat Depot since forever, lol! And because I love trying out new restaurant, I immediately said YES when they asked me and few others from our car group members to join them. 

When I entered this Meat Store/restaurant, I immediately noticed this freezers with different cuts of meat. From Pork, Lamb, Beef and even Fish. You'll be the one to choose your own meat, and by the way, there's already price on every package of meat you'll choose. 

We first ordered Pork Fat. You also get to choose your own package of this Bad Boy! Price range from 65 to 80 php (1.50 to 2.00 USD). Yup! It's so affordable! 

I had Pork Belly and Fries. I only paid less than 300 php (7.00 USD) for 2 pcs of pork meat, fries and 1 can of rootbeer. There's a 100 php (2.50 USD) cooking/grilling fee for every meat you'll get. I like their pork belly coz it's tender and has sweet barbeque sauce plus this gravy. My only concern is the FRIES, it's COLD and VERY GREASY! It's not even crispy fried or whatever! I feel like I'm eating a fries with loads of OIL as a dip! This is really disappointing! 

I went back in Meat Depot for the second time and I still ordered the pork belly but with a rice. I'm afraid they'll still give an OILY FRIES just like what I had before. 

I will still go back here and will try to order other meat, like beef or a lamb perhaps. 

Meat Depot
Open from Mon - Sun, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm.
283 Aguirre street, BF Homes Paranaque City


  1. Aww. Good for you. One thing's for sure tho, that place is not the place that i should try. :D (Muslim matters)

    Kai, www.lilpink.info

  2. This looks indeed like an affordable place! And if the products are tasty, then it is definitely worth it! I'd try it too, if in the area ;)

  3. Too bad Paranaque is far from me. I've been seeing a lot of must-try restaurants and cafes there recently. Meat Depot sounds like a gem. I would not want to get those very greasy fries though.

  4. OK the food there isn't expensive at all and I love when you can get bang for your buck. Food also looks delicious!

  5. Everything looks really yummy! I would love a slab of that ribs!

  6. aww, how can anyone screw up the fries?! i feel the disappointment already! and i wish you will make your photos a little bit bigger too?

  7. That chicharon is looking good!! Definitely got me craving for some ASAP!

  8. They have Lamb! Oh my goodness, I really need to visit Meat Dept then! Been looking for Lamb everywhere!

  9. I hate that this place is so far from because it is so PERFECT! GAAAH. Will definitely visit here when I get the chance :D

  10. Place looks quite affordable but seriously if your fries are sogging with oil that is one thing you wont like on your plate.

  11. They have nice food at the meat depot. The chicharon looks really tasty.

  12. Gosh that description of the fries is absolutely terrible, I can imaging how they look and taste. It may not be their specialty food item, but they should make sure everything they cook and serve is edible.

  13. I think the pork belly at Meat Depot must be really good that make you go for the 2nd time. This makes me feel like I should have pork belly with rice for lunch tomorrow.

  14. All the choices look yummy and so affordable, thank for sharing. I am glad you enjoyed your meal over at Meat Depot :)

  15. Seems affordable and yummy!!! But again, i would probably be able to try this very soon because its just too far. Hopefully they have better fries then :p

  16. Yummy foods for a good price. That's a good deal. Next time I am BF Aguirre, I'll drop by the place .

  17. Ate Lee! This is a quite concept to try! It would be nice to choose your own meat so you can actually choose which makes the most out of your money. Sad that their fries turned out that way.

  18. Trying to taste the food every corner of the earth means yummy! Like dining out with my family and enjoy every minute of it.

  19. Sad to hear about the fries. the thing i dislike most is being served cold food where they are not meant to be. regardless whether it actually taste good or not.

  20. The Pork fats look devilishly yumilicious. I am sure it is not good for me, but I'd love to have some of them with a couple of beers right now!


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