Papa's 58'th birthday at Borgo Cafe Robinsons Las Pinas

by - September 28, 2015

Celebrating birthdays is one of the most special things to do with our loved ones. Remembering that special day and forgetting that we're getting old, lol.

Last September 21, we celebrated my Papa's 58'th birthday and we had dinner at Borgo in Robinsons Las Pinas. There's not much good restaurant in Rob Las Pinas but we had no choice but take chances because going to BF Aguirre is way too traffic and we might be starving while being stuck in traffic.

When we get inside the restaurant, I noticed that every table has wines on top. They have dry white wine, Chardonnay and I think they also have red wines.

Complimentary salad bar here at Borgo. That night, they also have mushroom soup and we all loved it especially my kid who loves eating a mushroom.

We ordered 2 set of family meal. First on the list is Angus Salpicao with Mashed Potato. Just looking at the picture will make you full now. A generous amount of Angus beef, big chunks of button mushroom, perfectly cooked and seasoned mashed potato and loads of veggies.

Another beef menu on our family set meal is Butcher's Steak with Mashed Potato. What I love about this dish, the beef is perfectly cooked in medium-rare. Which you can really taste the sweetness of the beef and it's really tender.

Marina Bay Pasta. With mussels, button mushroom, fresh tomatoes and topped with parmesan cheese and bread on the side. I like Italian cooked pasta which is a bit tangy with loads of cheese.

Quattro Pasta. A strange looking pasta that's somehow looked like an Asian noodle dish. The taste is different and you couldn't compare it to carbonara. Not my favorite from Borgo menu.

Paella, last to be served and we're all already full. Actually, we all just taste this and we ended up having this to be packed and my parents take this at home. I had 3 shrimps and 1 slice of egg and about 3 tablespoons of rice.

We paid about 2,500 PHP/ 58 USD for these 2 families set meals.  My faves are Angus Salpicao and Marinara Pasta. These two are a must-try here at Borgo Cafe.

Borgo Cafe
Ground Floor, Robinsons Place Las Piñas, Alabang-Zapote Road, Talon Uno, Las Piñas City

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  1. I didn't know that there was a Robinson's mall in Las Pinas! Have only been to Southmall and that's it haha. Happy 58th to your dad! You chose a wonderful place to celebrate the event at, the food looks scrumptious!

  2. Happy birthday to your dad! He looks so happy. And all the food looks so tasty!

  3. The food looks yummy to me and really satisfying serving! Well, at least your Dad got the moment of his life staying with you.

  4. Happy 58th to your dad :) the food looks great

  5. i love paella and that paella looks yummy! too bad it only got served when everyone was full. happy birthday to your dad too!

  6. The Angus salpicao looks really yum! No wonder it's your favorite among everything! Also, I think you guys got good value for money because that was a lot of food and everybody was super full and had take home pa!

  7. The Butcher's Steak is my favorite!! Borgo is such a posh restaurant!! :D

  8. They have a generous serving size at Borgo. It's perfect for family gathering. The food also looks tasty there.

  9. My eyes were glued on the pasta! I would love to try 'em. :D

  10. That beef steak with mashed potatoes jumped out at me! Happy 58th to your daddy - that's a very young grandpa!

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Happy birthday to your dad. The Angus salpicao looks very appetizing, although I am wary about ordering beef because they may be tough to chew.

  13. The place looks fancy. I love how you photographed the wine with the table decor. I am good with the salad and salpicao. They look yummy. Happy birthday to your dad!

  14. Hi ms. Lee! Ikaw pala c Ilovepaars. :) That Angus Beef with Mashed Potato looks so delicious plus it was cooked medium rare? Perfect! I agree with you on that Quattro Pasta looking a bit weird. Is that sauce or soup?

  15. Happy birthday to your Dad. He looks happy and young at heart. A happy birthday and good food are always a good combo.

  16. The marina bay pasta looks good. Too bad the paella was served last, it would have been nice while hot/warm. Happy birthday to ur dad btw! :)

  17. Happy Birthday to your dad! Your daddy is so adorable and happy! The Angus Salpicao with Mashed Potato looks abit like rojak from Singapore.


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