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She made this blog to encourage all women especially moms to travel, get out of their comfort zone, be adventurous again while still being a protective lioness to her cub (child). An IT by profession and a fashion enthusiast by heart.


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Friday, October 30, 2015

OUTRE - Liquid Nitrogen Gelato: A whole new version of gelato

OUTRE - Liquid Nitrogen Gelato: A whole new version of gelato

It's been months since my best friend and I have been drooling to try this unusual gelato. So one Friday aftee I called my best friend and we head out to OUTRE in BF Aguirre Paranaque. We were having  difficulty on finding this café. We tried google maps and even used some restaurant finder apps and no go. I was driving about 3o minutes along Aguirre, going back and forth at the stretch of Aguirre and I almost gave up until I called the café and after calling them I was able to distinguish where OUTRE is located. Haha...
They have limited menu here but we tried their Potato Wedge with sweet and sour cream.
Generous servings and BIG chunks of Potato Wedge.
So, apparently this is the Nitrogen - refrigerated liquid comes from. They will open this tank and they'll get the refrigerated liquid to be mixed with the ice cream flavor of your choice.
Now, the mixing is happening here with my cookie monster liquid gelato ice cream.
Tada!!!! My Cookie Monster! Blue colored Gelato with sprinkles on top.. It was my kid who first had a taste of this 150 php / 3.50USD Nitrogen Gelato. She loves anything with sprinkles, I mean you name it, from Doughnuts to cakes and ice cream, Lol.

 My best friend has Milo Nitrogen Gelato. Very unique and fun way to serve their nitrogen gelato - with syringe.
A well spent afternoon with my best friend and my baby Chi. If you want to try a whole new version of gelato, head over to OUTRE BF Aguirre in Paranaque.
OUTRE - Liquid Nitrogen Gelato

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happiness is in the AIR - SHARP launches 2 new products

Happiness is in the AIR - SHARP launches 2 new products

Do you ever felt it's hard to breath? Do you have stuffy nose due to allergic rhinitis? Are you allergic to pollens, dust, animal hair and smoke? Having an asthma is not easy to live with. My daughter had skin asthma when she was less than 6 months old and her worst attack was last year. After surpassing SKIN ASTHMA it became an ASTHMA wherein she has wheezing sound when breathing, cough and stuffy nose. I had to buy a NEBULIZER and used it every time she will have Asthma attacks plus, she has to take some oral meds. It's heart breaking to see my child having difficulties and had to do this every time she will overplay and if our country is having erratic weather.
Some of my safety precautions is by maintaining our house dust-free, clean and disinfecting all over the house by mopping the floor with bleach or any disinfectant liquid. Use disinfectant spray for sofa, beds, curtains and carpets. This is very costly and added to my grocery list monthly however, a friend of mine suggested me to use an air purifier. She has been using it for a couple of years now and she finds it effective. I also consulted my child's pediatrician about using an air purifier and she said Asian Hospital and St. Lukes Medical is also using an air purifier all over their hospital. So that impresses me and made me eager to buy one for our home.
I bought a SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier in SM Appliance, roughly about 10,000 php/ 230 USD. It's pricey but it's definitely worth buying. I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for about a year now and my kid has asthma for almost 5 years now. And buying this reliable brand of air purifier gives me peace of mind that we are smelling clean air.
SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier eliminates 99% of odor, smoke, pollens, bacteria, molds and other viruses.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Be PARTY-READY with Colour Collection’s - Colour Intense Face Palette

Be PARTY-READY with Colour Collection’s - Colour Intense Face Palette

Make-up is a must-have for us women who wants to be more beautiful and party-ready. Good thing that Colour Collection has new color palette that me and ladies out there would go crazy with this make-up.

Press Release

The party season is here! Are you ready with the quickest make-up tricks to get ready in minutes?
Have you mastered the day-to-night transformation that completes your look?All that you need to give you that vibrant, fresh, million-dollar look can be found in Colour Collection’s Colour Intense Face Palette! With three eye shadow shades, two blushers, and a brow powder, this handy, all-in-one face palette is the perfect makeup tool to help you achieve your desired look. With two palettes to choose from, you can look naturally sweet with Everyday Elegance, or stylishly beautiful with Festive Glamour.
Looking party-ready is easy! Colour Collection’s Colour Intense Face Palette is ideal for creating a variety of looks, no matter what time of day it is! Unleash your inner artist as you step into a world of colour and leave no look unimagined. Use two shades for a simple look, and three shades for a more dramatic aura. Add depth and definition, complement your eye color, and look red-carpet-ready with the Festive Glamour Colour Intense Face Palette or photo-shoot-ready with the Everyday Elegance Colour Intense Face Palette. Don’t forget to frame your eyes with the brown brow powder, guaranteed to make your brows look clean.
When it comes to doing our make-up, we all have the same goal: to make our eyes look brighter and our faces look young and fresh. Now, looking fabulous is fun and easy! Together with your favourite lippie, turn into a model on-the-go—at work or at a party!
Enjoy a new beauty ritual to get you in the festive mood with Colour Collection’s Colour Intense Face Palette.
About Tupperware® Brands
Tupperware Brands Philippines distributes well-loved brands including Tupperware, Baby Care Plus+, Kids Plus+,
Colour Collection, Ivana and White Result. For your questions and inquiries on how to be a dealer, log on to
www.tupperwarebrands.ph, email us at questions@Tupperware.ph, or call the hotline number 867-2222. Like us on

Be Healthy with HERBALIFE

Be Healthy with HERBALIFE

Nowadays, everything is fast paced. Fast food and microwavable food are not healthy for us but, because of our busy schedule and we want to serve our family fast cooking food we tend to stick with this bad habit. Technology also makes us unhealthy and obese, Yes! Because of all these gadgets, cellphones, tablets and other game gadgets we forget that we can do a little exercise such as walking and even a quick jog in our village is such BIG health on having a healthy body.

Herbalife Health Poll: 9 in 10 Filipinos ”highly concerned” about the potential diseases that an unhealthy lifestyle can cause
Pres Release

MANILA, Philippines - Nine in 10 Filipino consumers surveyed by global nutrition company Herbalife are “highly concerned” about the potential diseases that an unhealthy lifestyle can cause them, with the same number believing that simple lifestyle changes can help improve their overall well-being.
A good number of the respondents expressed willingness to adopt a healthy lifestyle; 79 percent said that they would cut down on unhealthy foods, 78 percent expressed their willingness to exercise more regularly, and 72 percent said they would make better nutrition choices.
“We welcome the results of the survey. It gives an understanding of Filipinos becoming even more health concious and self-aware that they need to make some lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being. It also gives Herbalife an idea where we are needed, because as the survey revealed only four out of 10 would spend 10 to 30 minutes a day to make simple lifestyle changes,” said Rosalio Valenzuela, Herbalife Philippines General Manager.
The respondents, however, cited the following as the top obstacles to achieving a healthy lifestyle: lack of time for exercise (75 percent), lack of time to make proper nutrition choices (64 percent), and high cost of healthy food (62 percent).
The same health poll likewise showed that the top three aging-related concerns in the country were heart, brain, and eye health.

Wine Tasting Event on October 24th at the Lancris Residences

Wine Tasting Event on October 24th at the Lancris Residences

Lancris Residences Holds Wine Tasting Event tomorrow, October 24
Press Release
BETTER LIVING, PARANAQUE- Lancris Residences, the forefront in stylish condo living, will hold a wine tasting event on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at seven in the evening.
Mr. Massimo Cavallon of Il Biancorosso will host the event in front of the Garnet Tower Showroom. He will present Italian brands including the famous Montecrocetta’s Passitaia.
Cocktails will also be served with classical music performances in the background.
Attendees may tour the 1.3-hectare property before the wine tasting event to have a first-hand experience of the lifestyle Lancris Residences has to offer.
As a treat for attendees, Land Cris Somerset Dev’t Corp, the owner and developer of Lancris Residences, will unveil the scale model of the project to give a bird’s eye view of how the master-planned community will look and feel when its four towers, clubhouse complex and commercial building are ready to be enjoyed by its residents.
To reserve a seat at the wine tasting event, call 0917.801.2677 or send an email to pr@landcris.com.
 About Lancris
Lancris Residences is the legacy project of Land Cris Somerset Development Corporation, sister company of the Duraville Realty and Dev’t. Corp and Durawood Construction and Lumber Supply, Inc. Located inside Better Living Subdivision in Paranaque City, Lancris Residences boasts of its suburban location, spacious units, and amenities designed for the family. It is marketed by Duraville Marketing Inc.,

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My 4 year old has been asking me "Mommy where do babies come from?"

My 4 year old has been asking me "Mommy where do babies come from?"

Chichi at 5 months old.
Chichi asked me "Mommy where do babies come from?" Oh My GOD!!!!! My soon to-be 5 year old daughter asked me where did she come from? I know, all of us parents have experienced this dilemma with our growing up child and it's not easy to answer them. I can't tell to my 4 year old daughter how she came out of this world precisely and accurately! Lol. Instead, I told her "Daddy and Mommy prayed to God to give us a very beautiful daughter and then GOD hear our prayers and so you came out of this world."
When Chichi was still 2 years old, I've been telling her stories that she came from mommy's tummy. And when she was still inside my womb I'm telling her that she's kicking me inside whenever I talked to her and when mommy sings to her. And when she was born we became so happy and our lives became more joyful than ever. But now, she's starting to ask too many questions, I still tell her the same story, over and over again. I want her to feel and always remember that we love her so much and we are very happy that she came into our lives.
Those simple stories are very memorable to my child and even tell exact story to her playmates and her grandpas and grandmas. Lol. And I don't know what will be her questions when she's at her young adulthood.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Overflowing BOOZE at the 15th Grand Wine Experience on November 13th at the Marriott Hotel Manila

Overflowing BOOZE at the 15th Grand Wine Experience on November 13th at the Marriott Hotel Manila

I am very adventurous with food and even alcoholic drinks - cocktails, beer and wine. I have been trying different cocktail drinks since 2008 and I love anything with vodka and whisky. First time I had a beer when I was in Junior High and first to try a red wine when I was in college, however, I find the wine to be intimidating. Because of the rules of what not to do with wines and pretty much the basic Wine 101. I tried cooking with white wine with soups, but very rare to pair it while dining. But during the press launch of the 15th Wine Grand Experience at the Marriott Hotel Manila, I was able to dine and appreciate my meal while pairing it with red and white wines. It's my second time to experience a wine pairing event and that didn't disappoint me.

Press Release
A wine’s vintage speaks of more than just the year of harvest. It is, in essence, the headline of an article, the name of a painting, the title of a novel; one that alludes to a period of romance between the sun, rain, wind, earth and man; and tells the story of how a confluence of such disparate elements can, under just the right conditions, yield poetry in a bottle.

Since its inception at the turn of the century, the Grand Wine Experience has seen itself transform from a humble gathering of wine enthusiasts into a monumental Mecca to which bon vivants, celebrities, dignitaries, top executives and members of high society make their annual pilgrimage.
Founded by the four Joseph brothers of Philippine Wine Merchants, the Grand Wine Experience is widely regarded as the most spectacular, most lavish and most anticipated wine event of any kind in Southeast Asia.

As this year’s theme, the word ‘vintage’ carries more gravitas not just because we are hitting the 15th milestone year of the event, but also because we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the company behind it. This year also marks the move to a significantly more spacious venue, one that can cater to double the capacity of the previous Marriott grand ballroom, no easy feat, but a challenge worth taking on nonetheless.
This year’s edition of The Grand Wine Experience promises not only to up all the antes, but shatter and surpass all expectations. On November 13, 2015 at the new Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel, it simply comes down to this --- you are going to have the best time of your life.

Presented by Philippine Wine Merchants and Ralphs Wines and Spirits.  Co-presented by:  Rustans Supermarket, Starbucks Coffee, Store Specialist Inc., Marriott Hotel Manila, Resorts World Manila, Future Trade International, Diageo Philippines, Moet-Hennessy Philippines, Premier Wine and Spirits, Barcino Corporation, Fly Ace Corporation, Bel Mondo Italia, Corp., Emperador Distillers, Aviver International, Best World Beverage Brands, Golden Wines, Grand Cru and Booze On Line.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

3 Glam Years of BYS Philippines

3 Glam Years of BYS Philippines

Last September 19th, BYS Philippines celebrated their 3 Glam years in the beauty industry here in the Philippines. BYS is an Australian cosmetics, imported and available at any Watsons and SM Department Store. IFace is the Exclusive Distributor of BYS in the Philippines. BYS also celebrates how it's become the top-selling distributor in the world.

Tosot is now in the Philippines - The pioneer in solar powered air conditioning unit

Tosot is now in the Philippines - The pioneer in solar powered air conditioning unit

Tosot is now in the Philippines - The pioneer in solar powered air conditioning unit.
Press Release

Tosot Philippines is the exclusive importer and distributor of TOSOT products in the country. Founded in January 2015, the company  aims to improve the quality of life through innovative air-conditioning system. Our work focuses on the primary goal of making lives more comfortable at no expense to nature. For every product we create, we think about how it will impact the environment.
One of its partners is Don Bosco Technical Institute where Tosot PH gets student-trainee for a 5-month training program.

Tosot a premium brand of GREE, the biggest manufacturer of air conditioners in the world. With eight (8) production bases strategically located worldwide at Zhuhai China, Chongqing China, Hefei China, Zhengzhou China, Wuhan China, Brazil, Pakistan and Vietnam with an annual production capacity of thirty-four (34) million units of residential air-conditioners and four million (4,000,000) units of commercial air-conditioners, TOSOT is distributed globally in Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine and now in the Philippines.
Tosot partners with Lazada Philippines.

They are proud to have an air-conditioning unit that doesn't pollute our environment. How great to know that there is an air-conditioning unit that is environment-friendly and doesn't emit any pollutants. Here in the Philippines, most of the household would have at least 1 cooling unit such as a window type ac or split type. It's a must now in our country to have an air-conditioning because it's really hot and humid here especially in Manila.

Their products are available at Harrison Plaza Manila, the only showroom of Tosot Philippines. Visit them to see what Tosot products suits your household or business needs.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mary Pauline Salon opened their newest branch at Starmall Las Pinas

Mary Pauline Salon opened their newest branch at Starmall Las Pinas

Last October 3rd, the newest branch of Mary Pauline had their grand opening at the Starmall Las Pinas. Located at the 2nd Floor, beside the Cinema. This is great news for us south peeps because we now have more options to where we will have our hair cut and other hair treatment at an affordable price.

Ribbon cutting  and grand opening graced by (left to right) Yolly Festejo, Bianca Festejo and Pastor Jojo Baldo.

A very cozy vibe and posh looking salon.

I availed their Keratin Brazilian Blowout. It's different from the Hair Rebond and Hair Straight that we all knew. Keratin Brazilian is a hair treatment for dry and damaged hair like mine. My hair is damaged due to hair coloring without proper maintenance.

Kerabond Technology is used to treat my damaged hair. Surprisingly, this hair treatment doesn't smell any foul chemical scent. First, they washed my hair with their own shampoo and then blow dry. They lather generous amount of this shampoo-type hair treatment and washed again after 30 minutes. Blow dried and they iron my hair. And viola! I got a healthier and vibrant colored hair for less than 2 hours.

Keratin Brazilian Blowout gives softness and body on my crowning glory.

Avail their ongoing promo and discounts. Visit Mary Pauline Salon at the 2nd floor of Starmall Las Pinas City. Open from Monday to Sunday 10:00 am to 9:30 pm.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Afternoon cravings at Street Shack BF Aguirre

Afternoon cravings at Street Shack BF Aguirre

I recently went to BF Aguirre with my kid and bestie. After buying my baking tools and ingredients in Love to Bake in BF Paranaque, we went straight to Tea Life to buy our usual tea favorites. After that, we went straight to BF Aguirre to look for a place to have late lunch/snack.

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