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Thursday, October 15, 2015

3 Glam Years of BYS Philippines

Last September 19th, BYS Philippines celebrated their 3 Glam years in the beauty industry here in the Philippines. BYS is an Australian cosmetics, imported and available at any Watsons and SM Department Store. IFace is the Exclusive Distributor of BYS in the Philippines. BYS also celebrates how it's become the top-selling distributor in the world.
Graced by the top executives of Watsons Philippines, BYS Philippines and BYS Australia  are all here at One Esplanade Manila to celebrate their 3rd year anniversary.
Tony Chua - President of IFace
Angie Goyena - BYS Philippines General Manager
Ed Aitken - Founder of BYS Cosmetics
Robert Sun - Watsons General Manager
Congrats BYS Philippines for your 3 Glam years of giving great cosmetics for us Filipina.
Visit SM Watsons to see what BYS suits your Kikay needs.
BYS is also available at Glamourbox online store.


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