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Knowing Yogyakarta Indonesia

Most Filipino travelers would go to nearby countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau (Visa free country) but very few would go to Indonesia. Most Filipinos would only know Bali and Jakarta but little did we know that Indonesia has so much to offer for all types of travelers.
In July 2016, I got invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia together with 50+ other South East Asian bloggers and influencers to travel around Indonesia for 12 days. I extended my trip to Jakarta for 3 days and was not able to do so much because of the traffic jam. Few from our batch went to Yogyakarta and seeing their amazing photos made me want and eager to go back to Indonesia and visit Yogyakarta.
Luckily Last January 2018, I was able to go back in Indonesia, had a 4-day trip to Jakarta with AirAsia and finally extended my trip for another 4 days just to see the wonders of Yogyakarta. I always wanted to visit temples and palaces in this region and finally, I did. Let me share you where we s…

Myra - E: Vitamin E Enriched Facial Wash

I'm 32 now and finding the right facial wash for my sensitive skin is one of my dilemma. As we age, our skin loses vitamins and our skin needs proper protection, and enough nutrients such as Vitamin E. Good thing that MYRA-E has  TWO kinds of facial wash, both enriched with Vitamin-E. Myra White and Myra Smooth are two of my options now for my daily facial wash.

FRIDAY'S lunch on a Saturday

American Restaurant is popular here in the PH and even embraced by Filipinos. We enjoy grilled meat, burgers, fries and beers. T.G.I. Friday's offers American-Filino dishes which Filipino families enjoy much. What I love about Friday's is that you can enjoy American-food with a taste of Filipino.

Little Chinatown - BF Resort Las Pinas

Chinese food is not new for us Filipinos, it's been with us for centuries now (if I'm not mistaken). Filipinos favorite are noodle dish and dumplings. I have dine in so many authentic Chinese restaurants when I had a vacation in Singapore and Hong Kong few years ago and dining here in the Philippines is somehow (a little) different, in cooking method, spices and ingredients used. Oyster sauce, soy sauce are the few common ingredients used in cooking Chinese dishes and even Filipino dishes. 

Seasons Cafe Buffet - Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel

We had an unplanned staycation at the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel few months back. After attending an exhausting Tea Party Event (which made us starve and tired for 3 hours) and because my car is on number coding as well, my kid and I finally settled in to get one hotel room that day. We got a discounted Deluxe Room with 2 breakfast buffet at Seasons Café.

Lunch at Sarsa Kitchen - Mall of Asia

My college-buddy and I together with our kids had a day out at SM Mall of Asia. we treat our kids for a whole day at the Kid's Playplace and while they are draining all their energy - playing, and running, me and Tin had our time to shop at the mall. SM Mall of Asia is a huge shopping mall and just imagine to walk around at the mall and shop, that will be tiring and you will definitely starve, Lol.

Scrumptious dinner at Itallianis

Filipinos have embraced the love for foreign dishes like Italian, Japanese, Chinese and many other cultural dishes. Many restaurant have their own version and try to incorporate some local spices and taste. We, Filipinos love pasta and other red sauce dishes. Perhaps its because we are colonized by many other countries and we adapt their dishes and as the time passes, were able to make our own version.

Crisostomo - Filipino Dining Restaurant

Mama and Papa are looking for their new car around Alabang and we ended up starving and we decided to have dinner at Alabang Town Center. It has tons of good restaurants and cafes and because we all haven't tried dining at Crisostomo, we finally settled here.

BLOGAPALOOZA 2015 - My 2nd year to attend an annual bloggers event

BLOGAPALOOZA is an annual event hosted and organized by WhenInManila for us Bloggers to meet fellow bloggers and media influencer and at the same time, to know more about the brands here in the Philippines. Many new brands and businesses joined this year event. This years theme is Seasons 2015. Winter Wonderland will welcome you at the entrance of One Esplanade, Pasay City.

BYS Nail Polish - Product Review

There are lots of Nail products to choose in the market now. From 30 php nail polish to 300 or even 400 php nail polish are available in the market now. Plain colored and even colorful with added blings are even popular now.

Cleaning and painting your nails is not my forte, lol. I can do my left hand but my right hand will be a disaster. So, I always had to go to a nail salon and let them do their magic on my nails. 
After cleaning my nails, she put the white nail enamel (2 coats) and while it's wet, she put generous amount of sprinkles/glitters on my wet nails. She used a brush to properly spread the glitters. And after that, she top it with clear polish to harden my nails.

And tada! I have a clean looking nails and I love my white glittering nails. Thanks BYS and Glamourbox.
Disclaimer: Products used are sponsored but my review are honest and not biased.

#VictoriaCourt X #BreakOutPH Escape Room

Are you brave enough to survive the night with Real-Life escape room??? On November 7 at Victoria Court Malate, Manila you will experience all this and choose the escape room you want! 

#VPartySeriesMidnightMysteries  #VictoriaCourt  #Halloween  #BreakOutPH  #Fox

​For more details, you may visit or  follow Victoria Court on facebook
forr IG and Twitter@VictoriaCourtVC

Indonesia's #1 Fruit Tea is now in the Philippines - SOSRO Fruit Tea

SOSRO FRUIT TEA INFO: Sosro is created in 1997 by P.T. Sinar Sosro - pioneers of the worlds first bottled ready-to-drink tea, Sosro Fruit Tea is the number 1 fruit tea drink in Indonesia finally reaches the Philippines shores via Reddimark Multi resources exclusive partnership with the brands principals. Last October 25th, Blogapalooza held their annual bloggers event to meet new and existing brands in the metro. I've seen familiar faces, known brands and many are new in the market now. One distinct brand that caught my eye is SOSRO FRUIT TEA. That day was really exhausting, from hours of standing and walking at the event, participating different games from each brands booth that really drains my energy and good thing I had SOSRO Fruit Tea with me. My personal fave is Strawberry flavor. First sip, WOW!it's really refreshing! And honestly, this has a distinct flavor and you can never compare it with other brands here in PH. You can really taste the strawberry and the TEA. Now I…

Kats Cafe - Robinsons Las Pinas

Before heading to Parque Espana Alabang, we had a scrumptious lunch at Kats Café. Located at the food strip of Robinsons Las Pinas. It used to be inside BF Resort Las Pinas and just last year they transferred to Robinsons.

Pasta Overload at Pasta Central

There are so many good restaurants now in  Las Pinas and it's just a 15-minute drive from my place. My kid and I love PASTA and one restaurant that offers great tasting and very affordable pasta is PASTA CENTRAL. Located near Las Pinas Doctors Hospital along CAA Rd Las Pinas.

The Secret of SNAILS - FARMSTAY Snail Repair Cream

What to know about SNAILS: Farmers in CHILE back in 1980 were exporting snails to restaurants in EUROPE noticed that the skin on their hands became extremely soft. And while harvesting snails if they happen to have injuries and burns it also quickly healed without becoming infected. Studies show that the snail slime contains a perfect balance of proteins, hyaluronic acid and antioxidant which: Stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. Protect the skin from premature skin aging. Snail slime is ideal for preventing and repairing wrinkles. Tightens pores Hydrates skin and makes it smoother. Heals inflamed and irritated or damaged skin
Product Review:

I have been interested using KOREAN beauty products, I've noticed that their skin are very smooth and pore less. I have a bad skin on my face, it's dry, dull and has zits every now and then especially when my PMS is striking my hormones. I wasn't hesitant to try a new product because I wanted to look for a product which m…