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ISRAEL IS NOT CHEAP: Things to Know About Jerusalem

Kabayans! It's Visa Free in Israel - yep! we are Visa free for 90 days. This is great news for all Filipino Catholics who would ...

Where To Next

Where To Next

BLOGAPALOOZA 2015 - My 2nd year to attend an annual bloggers event

BLOGAPALOOZA is an annual event hosted and organized by WhenInManila for us Bloggers to meet fellow bloggers and media influencer and at the same time, to know more about the brands here in the Philippines. Many new brands and businesses joined this year event. This years theme is Seasons 2015. Winter Wonderland will welcome you at the entrance of One Esplanade, Pasay City.

Chips Delight and Victoria Court are the few known-brands/establishment/business here in the PH are present today.

They have their own gimmicks and games for us Bloggers/Media Influencers.

Small/Medium Business like Amada's Leche Flan is present here. Their business is originally from Bicol and their Leche Flan are home-made and surprisingly - it's one of the best I have ever tasted. 

I am Cardboard is a Virtual-Reality mobile device (same as Google cardboard, will make separate review on this).

SOSRO Fruit Tea is a new import brand here in the PH. SOSRO is the #1 Fruit Tea bottled drink in Indonesia. More info here about SOSRO

Few of my blogger buddies are here at the event.

We even had the guts to sing at the karaoke/videoke, Lol. Way to go Cyrene (cyrenedipity.com)


With two of my blogger buddies, isn't obvious we are enjoying our time here?! Lol.

Looking forward for a BIGGER and more brands at the Blogapalooza next year.

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