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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

BYS Nail Polish - Product Review

There are lots of Nail products to choose in the market now. From 30 php nail polish to 300 or even 400 php nail polish are available in the market now. Plain colored and even colorful with added blings are even popular now.

Cleaning and painting your nails is not my forte, lol. I can do my left hand but my right hand will be a disaster. So, I always had to go to a nail salon and let them do their magic on my nails. 

After cleaning my nails, she put the white nail enamel (2 coats) and while it's wet, she put generous amount of sprinkles/glitters on my wet nails. She used a brush to properly spread the glitters. And after that, she top it with clear polish to harden my nails.

And tada! I have a clean looking nails and I love my white glittering nails. Thanks BYS and Glamourbox.

Disclaimer: Products used are sponsored but my review are honest and not biased.


  1. I think this color combination is perfect for the Holidays! I love it! It looks easy to apply too!

  2. I can't seem to see the glitters. But this post reminds me of having a manicure soon. :)

  3. This is for women all along to paint their nails. Nail polish nowadays in the market has different quality, color and application.

  4. Haha, I don't think I will like glittery nails. I can't imagine them going into my food accidentally when I scrape my hands or something like that...

  5. i haven't done my nails in a while. this is definitely a messy application

  6. I always love doing my nails, and I can proudly say that I can do it on my own, But when it comes to doing nail art, I would really prefer the Salon's work.

  7. It's a good thing you have somebody else apply the polish. White polish is especially easy to mess up and more obvious if the edges are messy.

  8. White nails does look cleaner. It also stands out because not many wear white nail polish.

  9. I am very patient in doing my nails before. But now that I have two super kulit kids, I stopped doing my own mani-pedi. :P

  10. Maybe I'll go glittery during the holiday season. But white nails will always remain classic to me :)

  11. that looks like great polish indeed - i just love glitter - some people say its kitch - i think its pretty cool

  12. My wife does not put color on her nails unless it is a special occasion. Usually she just has her mani-pedi with clear nail polish.

  13. I remember one of my college friends... everyday she has a different nail polish. haha. BTW your nails really good.. you and my friend would get along really fine.. hehe

  14. I love glittery white! Definitely perfect for the holiday season, too bad I don't do nail polish. Haha. I keep my finger nails trimmed and clean, since I have toddlers and a baby to take care of.

  15. This seems to be a perfect manicure for the winter holiday season :) The glitter is really delicate and discrete - a nice touch!


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