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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Scrumptious dinner at Itallianis

Filipinos have embraced the love for foreign dishes like Italian, Japanese, Chinese and many other cultural dishes. Many restaurant have their own version and try to incorporate some local spices and taste. We, Filipinos love pasta and other red sauce dishes. Perhaps its because we are colonized by many other countries and we adapt their dishes and as the time passes, were able to make our own version.

Pinoy pasta is on the sweet side, which kids and many Filipinos like. But I want my pasta to be on the authentic side which is tangy and less sauce.

Itallianis brings out the best pasta dishes and other grilled meats. Hungry-tummy??? Here's a BIG cut of Pork Chop - its tender and I love the greasy gravy sauce, Lol.

Breaded Chicken with melted cheese on top - Yum!

Love Pizza? Here's our Bacon and Pineapple Pizza.

We orderd 2 set of meal which is good for 4-6 persons. Cousin Maff paid around 2,000 php - total bill.

Scrumptious dinner at Itallianis


  1. I'm not a big pizza fan, but I love Italianni's! You cannot go wrong with the grilled pork chops. I almost always order that together with the sicilian salad. I'll take your reco next time and try the breaded chicken for a change.

  2. The all looks so good, it's definitely worth the price. That's a huge chunk of meat, definitely!

  3. I love the food at Italianis. Their prices are reasonable and their serving size is just right.

  4. I may be underestimating Italianni's because I've only eaten there once. Next time I'm craving a decent Italian meal, I might give it another chance.

  5. Itallianis is one of the restaurant that I liked when it comes to pasta and pizza. They make it taste the food there like the authentic one. Very good and affordable prices too.

  6. I have tried Italianni's once but I can't remember what I ordered. My pasta preference would be the Pinoy style. My palate is used to it.

  7. Italiannis is good but sometimes I do not like to eat there because the food may not be worth the price tag. The food amount and quality are pretty hit and miss for me when we eat there.

  8. Ah, this makes me hungry! :) One of my clients previously, back in my corporate days! Hello Ital! :D

  9. Wanted to try Itallianis for a very long time already but hubby doesn't want to eat there. He always say that the pasta sauce is just too sour. But those photos made the food look really yummy!

  10. hey i've been seeing this on the mall. now that you posted these pictures, i kinda want to try it.. maybe on my birthday. :)

  11. I wish to try the BIG cut of Pork Chop but in my country the Itallianis does not serve pork. You have a more variety of food than us.


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