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Friday, November 6, 2015

Seasons Cafe Buffet - Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel

We had an unplanned staycation at the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel few months back. After attending an exhausting Tea Party Event (which made us starve and tired for 3 hours) and because my car is on number coding as well, my kid and I finally settled in to get one hotel room that day. We got a discounted Deluxe Room with 2 breakfast buffet at Seasons Café.

Their food choices is fairly ok! Unlike those other big hotels in the metro that offers wide range of breakfast. Seasons Café has salad bar, bread corner, Asian corner with dumplings and noodle dishes. They also have continental and Filipino breakfast. My kid enjoyed their kids section breakfast where they have 2 kinds of cereals, different nuts and milk.

They have a limited variants of continental breakfast. They only have eggs and bacon. Chef/cook will prepare you fresh sunny-side or omelet where you can add some tomatoes, ham, mushroom and bacon as well.

I got loads of Bacon, a slice of milkfish and Chicken Adobo with white rice. They also have 2 choices of fruit juices. And you can make your own coffee as well.

I love the variety of breads herr. I got Choco cupcake/muffin, banana bread, ensaymada (for Chichi) and Croissant. We had 2 rounds of their bread (we are both starving from last night and we ended up eating a lot for breakfast, lol).

We enjoyed our free breakfast buffet here at the Seasons Café.

Seasons Cafe Buffet - Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel


  1. Wow, how lovely is it that you get to bond with your daughter in a nice hotel! I've only known about Waterfront Cebu, this one sounds very nice to try as a family.

  2. Where in Manila is Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel? I spend a lot of time in Manila but I don't think I have seen this hotel. Lol.

    It's good that local hotels are slowly tweaking how they do their buffets by adding the kids corner.

  3. I love staycations! They definitely help with the stress from work and from life itself. Glad you guys had a great time. Although the selection is not as big, it looks like the food is still delicious!

  4. So it is now Waterfront. That hotel in UN Avenue, right? It changes names so many times. Well, as long as it improves with change of management, all is good.

  5. wow. staycation indeed. mother-daughter bondings are always the best! i know for sure since we always bond with my mom.

  6. The foods are yummy in the picture. No wonder that the kids enjoyed it too. Is it expensive to stay in their hotel? I plan to go in Manila too in few days.

  7. Nice to know that you enjoyed your staycation! Well, it sounds great to dine-in and stay for a while. Buffet is my favorite form of eating-style wherein I could select what I like most.

  8. wow! this looks great.. and i like how those meals were served on the photo... i wish i can visit this place someday

  9. They do give you a lot of options when it comes to food. It's nice that you found a good buffet in the area.

  10. The breakfast spread is reasonable but it has the essentials choices that you need.

  11. breakfast is always my favourite. seems like youve got quite a good choice!

  12. The Food looks so mouthwatering, delicious! A good break form regular stuffs.No matter what food always helps.


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