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Knowing Yogyakarta Indonesia

Most Filipino travelers would go to nearby countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau (Visa free country) but very few would go to Indonesia. Most Filipinos would only know Bali and Jakarta but little did we know that Indonesia has so much to offer for all types of travelers.
In July 2016, I got invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia together with 50+ other South East Asian bloggers and influencers to travel around Indonesia for 12 days. I extended my trip to Jakarta for 3 days and was not able to do so much because of the traffic jam. Few from our batch went to Yogyakarta and seeing their amazing photos made me want and eager to go back to Indonesia and visit Yogyakarta.
Luckily Last January 2018, I was able to go back in Indonesia, had a 4-day trip to Jakarta with AirAsia and finally extended my trip for another 4 days just to see the wonders of Yogyakarta. I always wanted to visit temples and palaces in this region and finally, I did. Let me share you where we s…

Hidden Gem in Sorsogon - Bulusan Lake

Bicol is one of the best place to travel by land. The perfectly-shaped cone Mayon Volcano is found here and also one active small volcano - Mount Bulusan. Don't be wary and back off to travel and see the beauty of Bicol. The place also has a beautiful beach and lakes. One of these is Bulusan Lake, found in Sorsogon - southern part of Bicol.

Lola Cafe Quezon City: A Taste of Filipino Cuisine

It's rare for me to go and have food review somewhere north of Metro Manila, just like Quezon City. It's not that far from my place, however, it's the traffic that bothers me. Thank goodness that going to QC didn't disappoint me. Lola Café is a hidden café restaurant here in Quezon City, it's near GMA network and Tomas Morato. Just right in front of the old and 1st branch of Max's.

A New Coffee Shop in BF Paranaque - Kapeng Mainit

While waiting my daughter in school, I have to multi-task and blog as well. One time while driving around BF Paranaque, I saw this little coffee shop and it seems to be not crowded during 10 in the morning. From the name Kapeng Mainit, my thinking is that, they are offering local coffee such as Batangas Kapeng Barako - which they are by the way.

Staycation at The Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases Davao City

Are you a traveler or tourist? Either way, The Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases - Davao offers you quality service with the comfort of standard hotel. A total of 88 well appointed rooms and suites, guarantees a perfect balance between business and pleasure. You will definitely enjoy your stay here at the Ritz Hotel as they have spacious rooms, swimming pool, basketball court, kids play area/playground and convention center.

5 Things To Do in Davao

Traveling is the best experience one could ever learn. Traveling alone or with a companion is fun, especially when you are in a new place. Davao is my first place to visit this 2016 and I hope for a monthly travel assignment for the whole year. It's my first time here in Davao and I'm loving every single tourist spot we visit. Davao is located in Mindanao, the southern part of the Philippines. It's the safest city/place in Mindanao - no smoking city ordinance, no firecrackers on any occasion or event, 12midnight liquor ban in establishments like bar and restaurant and clean city.