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Friday, January 29, 2016

A New Coffee Shop in BF Paranaque - Kapeng Mainit

While waiting my daughter in school, I have to multi-task and blog as well. One time while driving around BF Paranaque, I saw this little coffee shop and it seems to be not crowded during 10 in the morning. From the name Kapeng Mainit, my thinking is that, they are offering local coffee such as Batangas Kapeng Barako - which they are by the way.

An Indian-inspired wall art will welcome you. Tiny space, but I guess it can accommodate 30 pax.
Kapeng Barako with milk and sugar syrup. What I love about this is that, you'll be the one to make your own coffee (somehow, actually).
Beignets - it's like a bigger puff pastry with chocolate filling inside this super soft pastry.

If you're tired with the green-mermaid coffee shop and trying to squeeze in with a crowded café, Kapeng Mainit will not disappoint coffee lovers like me.
A New Coffee Shop in BF Paranaque - Kapeng Mainit


  1. Now, that's one straightforward coffee shop name! :)

  2. This is too timely, I am headed for Paranaque this week and I love exploring coffee shops.

  3. Hehe nice one! The place looks quaint, perfect for times when you want to be alone for a few minutes haha. Malayo nga lang ako - from Naga pa, hehe.

  4. This one is cute. I'll tell my friends about this. When I have a trip to Manila, I'll ask them if we can come by this place.

  5. Those beignets made me hungry at this time of the night! Haha! I just love not-so crowded coffee shops.

  6. I love the name.. I am a coffee lover and I love Kapeng Barako the most.. for me the stronger the coffee the better haha
    Oh I would love to match my coffee with those choco-filled Beignets too.. good thing this one is on South.. i can visit this Cafe soon yey!

  7. Wow! Another BF Cafe shop to explore. Thank you for sharing. Will visit this within this week!!

  8. We very seldom visit Paranaque but it's good to have this in mind. Thanks.

  9. Will try this coffee shop soon, thank you for sharing this information.

  10. A nice hot coffee, internet access, power outlet and less people. That's heaven for bloggers like us, haha!

  11. What an awesome looking restaurant. And wall sockets wow. I wish we had that near our school hahaha

  12. There's a lot of coffee shops in the south! Really jealous about that. And that puff pastry looks good~


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