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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lola Cafe Quezon City: A Taste of Filipino Cuisine

It's rare for me to go and have food review somewhere north of Metro Manila, just like Quezon City. It's not that far from my place, however, it's the traffic that bothers me. Thank goodness that going to QC didn't disappoint me. Lola Café is a hidden café restaurant here in Quezon City, it's near GMA network and Tomas Morato. Just right in front of the old and 1st branch of Max's.

I'm loving all their deco art and the bar area.

The place is an old house and turned into a café restaurant. Here are my top 6 must try at Lola Café:

1. Sisig Bone Marrow with Pita Bread - I'm a Sisig lover, so this dish is my fave.

2. Chili Prawns with Bagoong

3. Lengua with Truffle Oil - Heavenly dish!

4. Chicken Tinola Rice Toppings

5. Beef Salpicao

6. Merengue with Raspberry Sauce -Good for 1 person as it's so good for a sweet tooth like me.

Visit Lola Café from Monday to Sunday and try these hearty dishes that Filipinos will truly love.

Lola Cafe Quezon City: A Taste of Filipino Cuisine


  1. I'd love to try the food here. I'll probably visit this place when I'm in Manila.

  2. The place really seems cozy and the food looks tasty. How was the price? Was it an affordable find?

    1. Most meals will range from 200 to 500 and all good for 2 to 3 person per serving.

  3. What a nice place to have lunch or dinner with loved ones. The food looks great, I especially want to try that Meringue!

  4. Sisig Bone Marrow is my favorite there. The Beef Salpicao is also super tasty! It would be almost a crime not to eat it with rice. The ambiance at Lola Cafe is nice and quiet, which makes it an ideal place for family gatherings or dinner with a special someone.

  5. Yup, this is near to my workplace. I love their Merengue with Raspberry Sauce, actually I can finish it without sharing. hehehe

  6. That place sure looks amazing. The food I'd love to try. Great pictures! Will definitely drop by next time I'm in the area. Thanks for sharing.

  7. i love the cafe decors too! especially those campbell soup! the merengue looks so pretty! but i'm not a fan because they're usually too sweet for me to handle.

  8. One of my Philipina friends is from this city. I ll ask her if she knows about this place. Looks amazing with nice food options.

  9. Thank you for the recommendation, Lee. I think I'm familiar with the area. Seeing these dishes, I see why they're worth the travel. I'd go to Lola's Cafe for the Beef Salpicao ( a perpetual favorite of mine ), Chili Prawns Bagoong, and the Bone Marrow Sisig.

  10. The food looks yummy, I think I like the chili Prawns with Bagoong the most. The cafe has a quite a nice and cozy ambient.

  11. Food here looks delicious and like you i tend to avoid the city areas at all costs due to the traffic congestion.
    That alone makes me want to hide in the comforts of my own home.

  12. I always love it when historic buildings are converted into hotels or restaurants. Its a very good way to preserve them and make them profitable instead of demolishing.

  13. The Chili Prawn with bagoong looks really tasty. The rest is also a unique treat for customer.

  14. Food are amazingly great! And the place is a bit modernize though as you have said it is an ancestral house(old house) turn into a restaurant.


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