Dermclinic's 44th Anniversary

Dermclinic is one of the pioneer beauty clinics in beautifying women and men in the Philippines.

Last November 14, Dermclinic celebrated their 44 years in the beauty industry. For 4 decades in the beauty industry, that guarantees all their clients that they are in good hands. Modern machines to help us beautify and have a better skin. What I like about Dermclinic is that - Nurses will do your facial and Dermatologist will be the one to extract those nasty blackheads, zits and whiteheads. Now, that is a top notch service.

ZENZ Bar and Restaurant: Home Cooked Goodness in Baguio City

ZENZ Bar and Restaurant is located at The Mines View Park Hotel. They serve home cooked dishes with a twist. A very cozy small restaurant suitable for small gathering and a perfect place to have a romantic dinner date with your partner.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit and Stay in Mines View Park Hotel

Baguio is the Summer Capital of the Philippines, so,  people living in Manila would love to have a quick vacation in Baguio, not just to experience the cold weather but to appreciate the amazing view and scenery here. 

There are so many affordable hotels and transient house here in Baguio and one hotel is situated and just a few steps away from Baguio's one popular tourist spot - Mines View Park.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit and Stay in Mines View Park Hotel

The Beauty of Bohol

We went to Tagbilaran Bohol back in 2013, before it was hit by an earthquake where it damages most structures and even century old church. Bohol is located in Visayas Region, Philippines. About 1.5 hours travel by plane from Manila Airport and the most popular tourist attractions here are: Chocolate Hills, Tarsier and River Cruise.

Fashion Finds - Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

Accessories can make or break someone's #ootd. I don't have much Sunnies as much as my watch collection. I easily get dizzy wearing one, maybe because I'm wearing not-so good eye protection.