How Far Can Your 690 Pesos Go?

by - April 28, 2016

Our country is also blessed with beautiful falls and scenery and we don’t have to go for a long travel just to see a falls near Metro Manila.

We used to live in Angono Rizal and the province of Rizal has lots of history from the Petroglyphs in Binangonan, clean rivers and falls in Tanay Rizal. It's very timely that there was an opportunity for me to travel again, so if you only have a limited budget for just 690pesos/20USD to travel in 1 day where can you go?



1st stop - Calinawan Cave. One of the many historic and secret places where the Katipuneros hid during 1700's and 1800's.

2nd stop - Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls

Batlag Falls is smaller in size and height but rather more enjoyable to swim as to compare to Daranak which that time it's too crowded.

Daranak Falls is just few minutes walk away to Batlag Falls.

3rd and final destination  - Pililla Wind Farm

 No more going to Ilocos just to be amazed with these wind mill.

Budget: 690 PHP

  • Van Transfer
  • Entrance Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • Guide Fee
  • Cottage
0500 – Assembly in Mcdo LRT Gil Puyat, Buendia-Taft beside Jac Liner
0515 – ETD to Rizal
0530 – Pick up at Jollibee Farmers Cubao under MRT Cubao
0730 – ETA in Tanay,Rizal
0800 – Calinawan Cave 1000 – Daranak Falls 1200 – Lunch
1300 – Batlag Falls
1500 – Pililla Wind Farm
1700 – ETD to Buendia 1900 – Drop off Cubao 2000 – ETA at Buendia-Taft

  •  2-3L Water 
  • Clothes
  • Sunblock
  • Cap / Scarf
  • Shades
  • Lunch
  • Foods (peanut, jelly ace, chocolates, mallows etc) 
This has been an educational and fun-filled whole day adventure with fellow travelers. And I encourage all travelers esp the Filipinos to visit and enjoy first our own country before going abroad and see other country's scenery. Our country - Philippine sis blessed with beautiful falls, river, beach and mountains. 

Go ahead, travel and enjoy! 

How Far Can Your 690 Pesos Go?

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  1. Wow! To get a lowest and best price for a travel is great! Plus to have fun and memorable adventure is the most awesome!

  2. It's really nice to explore attractions near where you live. I haven't been living in Bacolod for two decades and since I have moved back here recently, I've been trying to explore Negros Island and its surrounding islands, which are accessible only by bus and ferries, unlike when I used to live in Manila and I had to fly to these places just to enjoy their attractions. I haven't even been to the places you've featured here. I should have explored more of Rizal, Laguna, Bulacan, Cavite while I was still in Manila.

  3. This seems like an awesome trip especially with friends! I'm not really into hiking but my friends would go crazy for this! :)

    1. Im also not into hiking so after this trip my whole body sore and I had to have a home service massage for 2 hours. Still, sulit ang pagod

  4. Wow, that was a super sulit trip! All in one day! Too bad the falls were crowded though, i guess that's a downside to going to nearby spots.

    1. It'll be better to go early summrr and on weekdays

  5. Who knew you could do that much for 20 bucks! That's super awesome. And what's great is that aside from seeing a lot of beautiful scenery, you also get to swim at two beautiful waterfalls. If I find myself in the area, I will totally go for a trip like this.

  6. I didn't know that 690 can get you much now a days. It barely gets me anything at the grocery anymore, even in the wet market. Great job stretching your peso and having fun while at it.

  7. This is a great itinerary. I have been thinking of where to go in Rizal. Thanks for this and I think we might try it out ourselves.

  8. not very sure how much 690 PHP converts into sgd.... but i'm guessing that's some really budget travel plan that sounds so fun too!

  9. Wow. Now this is a fantastic post. I love the concept of a budget and itinerary combo. All the places look so spectacular.

  10. How fortunate art thou to explore different waterfalls at a less fee. BTW, do they have rear livestock Pililla Wind Farm?

  11. Love this! This such a cheap adventure but there are a lot of things you can experience. Will try this itin soon!

  12. $20US can't really get you much here in the US but I'm amazed to see all that you can do with it there. I wish I could do all the amazing stuff you did with just $20.

    1. Thanks. You really have to check all possible cheap tours online

  13. Lovely and very useful post for everyone. Me too do a budget travel plan.

  14. It is o cheap and so much to do!! Very nice place and wallet is happy too.

  15. I love the photography for the post. Did you do it yourself? A good budget trip post, I must say.

  16. Visiting the nature sites and doing such activities are nice if I'm not carrying loads of stuff... will look forward to visiting these places one day because it's so cheap!

    1. You should visit Philippines and I guarantee you you will enjoy here

  17. This is a good deal. I also explore the area but mostly on trails. I really like the Tanay area because it's so naturally beautiful and it's also so clean.

  18. Hi, may I know who to contact (Facebook or tour group/agency) for the tour? Thanks.


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