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Lee is a full-time modern mom who is passionate about writing and capturing thru photographs her travel, food adventures and fashion finds.

She made this blog to encourage all women especially moms to travel, get out of their comfort zone, be adventurous again while still being a protective lioness to her cub (child). An IT by profession and a fashion enthusiast by heart.


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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Change The Way You See Travel - Mobile Photography

Change The Way You See Travel - Mobile Photography

When I was younger, I thought traveling is only for rich and fortunate ones. Who has big accounts, but nahhh you have to be creative, you have to research and plan your travel - inshort DIY so you can save money.

I always enjoy traveling to our province in Bicol and Pangasinan. These are the two provinces in the Philippines I frequently go and Tagaytay which is a 1.5hr drive from my house here in Manila. A few years back, when I still don't own a good SLR and I only rely on my mobile phone so I can capture my memorable memories to places where I travel. And now that I own an SLR, I still use my mobile phone for an unexpected capturing of a subject. 

I enjoy traveling via airplane and enjoying the view on the window seat. Capturing clouds, the tail of the plane, wing of the plane and landscape is priceless for me.

Locals at the top of a cliff in La Union

Because of traveling, I became an active person again! I now enjoy hiking, searching for falls, volcanoes and great scenery on top of a mountain.

Mt. Ijen in Banyuwangi Indonesia

One of the many things I enjoy while traveling is experiencing local food and especially coffee if the place or country offers it. 

I also enjoy walking around the street at night and day with friends. You will see unexpected subject to capture. These mobile phones are my go-to camera/bestfriend on the road esp if it has a very good camera that can produce quality photos just like the Huawei P9 that has a camera and co-engineered by Leica. It has dual back camera that can produce high quality photos like monochrome, colored, light painting photos and even slo-mo. How great is that? 

Dusun Bambu in Bandung Indonesia

Traveling makes me more appreciate LIFENATURE, and PEOPLE around especially on how to mingle with them and when I travel abroad with a different culture and belief of a country. 

Bamboo Church Las Pinas

Bloggers from Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia

Regardless of different personality, culture and belief, I always gain new friends alongside with the photos I captured, experiences I endure, great memories that will always be remembered and friends (old & new) are the precious gifts to anyone who loves traveling. 

(all photos are captured by mobile phones)

Change The Way You See Travel - Mobile Photography

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Head Turner: How to be a Selfie Expert #OPPOF1s #SelfieExpert

Head Turner: How to be a Selfie Expert #OPPOF1s #SelfieExpert

Let me first say that I am no way a Selfie Expert nor a Selfie Addict but I have few secret photos on my phone that I rarely post on my social media accounts. Now, I am showing you how I do Selfie Pose. 

I know many of you would agree that women are very concious with our body esp on a photograph. I hate my body after being pregnant twice and it became hard for me to get back my old slender shape body and weigh 100lbs. Over the years, I learned to accept and love my body now and just work on knowing my angle at the camera. 

One trick I always do is the "top view" angle. This is the best angle if you wanna look slim. Also, it shows your whole body esp if you wanna showcase your #ootd. 

If you're also having a bad day and didn't have enough sleep and that causes you to have eye bags and zits - I suggest to filter your photo or perhaps change it to Black&White

So there, these are my two tricks I do. Hope this helps you too. But most importantly love yourself and your body.

Blog Contest - Head Turner: How to be a Selfie Expert 

#OPPOF1s  #SelfieExpert

Friday, August 26, 2016

Benefits of Having Foot Reflex at FOOTZEEZ

Benefits of Having Foot Reflex at FOOTZEEZ


Traveling is my way to relax and refocus my mind, and after a tiring day of swimming or perhaps hiking, there's only one thing that I am craving and wanting to have - FOOT MASSAGE or BODY MASSAGE. I'm a sucker for massage and at home, I am having a weekly body massage with my lovely daughter. Massage is actually one of our mommy-baby bonding aside from shopping and eating, lol.

But do you know that there's a huge difference between a Foot Reflex and Body Massage?

Yup! Body Massage is giving you whole body relaxation from head to toe. A 2-hour massage for me makes me want to sleep right after and I need to really sleep because I feel so weak and totally relaxed and just wanting to lie on the bed and savor the massage. 

However, Foot Reflex is the applying (gentle) pressure on your feet on a specific pressure point and it is believed that every pressure points is connected to our body organs. And pressing those points is beneficial for our body and general health. It generally lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, because I'm a sucker for massage I had 1 hour of Foot Reflex at FOOTZEEZ BORACAY

Benefits from having a foot reflex are: 

1. Total Relaxation/ Increase Energy - after a long day of biking, hiking or long hours of standing up, a 30minute to 1 hr foot reflex will regain lose energy from a tiring day of long activities. 

2. Relieve anxiety, pain and stress. 

3. Improve blood Circulation

4. Stimulate the proper functions of internal organs

Footzeez Boracay is located at D' Mall Boracay Island and open Monday to Sunday 10:30 am till 11 pm however they can extend until 1 in the morning if the demand is high or there are still customers having massage at the spa. Also, they can close the whole spa if you have a whole group / VIP who wants to have privacy or exclusive to them (such as Hollywood actors etc).

The best thing about Footzeez is their therapist are all DOH_licensed and some of them have an international license. 

Thanks Mommy Ann and Rocky for accommodating us and letting us experience your top-notch service.

Foot Reflex starts at 600 PHP / 12.7 USD. Footzeez also offers body massage, foot spa, and nail care. For more info visit Footzeez Facebook Page click here >>>> or call (036) 288 4264

Benefits of Having Foot Reflex at FOOTZEEZ

Monday, August 22, 2016

BGC Hostel that Gives Great Comfort to all Travelers

BGC Hostel that Gives Great Comfort to all Travelers

BGC Hostel and Dorm Makati is one of the 3 three-branch of BGC Hostel. BGC (Be at your Greatest Comfort) offers daily and monthly accommodation for all local and foreign travelers. They opened October 2015 and they are 0n their 10-month operation.  Situated in Makati and just a few steps away from EDSA. Located at 2855 Danlig street, Pinagkaisahan Makati City, Philippines. 

Hostels are becoming popular now in the Philippines and one of the few hostels here in Makati is BGC that has cutesy wall art, unique and rustic clock, colorful themed wall and doors will welcome you here.

This common lounge are is located at the second level of the building. 

A touch Filipino public utility figurines to add vibrant art on their 2nd floor. 

For only 499PHP / 10.61 USD, you can book a bed from an 8 or 12 mixed dorm bedroom. Check in time is 2pm and check out is 12 lunch. They have 8 mixed dorms, 12 mixed dorms, a dorm for Ladies and 1 private room. All bedrooms are fully air conditioned, has an ensuite shower (2) and 1 toilet. And each room provides a locker, wall lamp on each bed and 1 electric socket for each bed as well. 

Going there via commute:

- Coming from south bound, ride a bus going to Makati and drop off to Petron Gasoline Station right after AYALA MRT Station. Just 1-2 minutes walk and you will see BGC Hostel building. 

- Coming from north bound, ride a bus going to AYALA and drop off to Kalayaan/Buendia, walk across the street and go to Petron Station. 

Food Stall and Restaurant around/near BGC Hostel:

On a budget? Here's Ateng Lugawan and Tapsihan that serves all kinds of TAPSI for less than 100 PHP / 2 USD, Congee for 50 PHP / 1.2 USD and opens 24/7. 

Perhaps you want to explore the nearby area - Bonifacio Global City and have a romantic lunch/dinner at Le Jardin at W Building. They offer fine dining French cuisine and right now they offer a set lunch from 11 am to 3pm for 499 pesos.  

I tried one of their best sellers- A freshly made pasta with shrimp and homemade toasted chorizo.  

Thanks Nics for this photo 
There are many another restaurant around BGC and High Street as well. Enjoy shopping with your friends, or perhaps a photo walks and takes tons of great pictures around the area and grab a cup of coffee from a nearby coffee shop.

The use of this 360° virtual tour of BGC Boutique Hostel and Dorm Makati is authorized by Traveloka.

To know more about BGC Hostel and Dorm Makati visit their website http://bgchostel.ph/
Call/Email: 02-8227514 / bgcboutiquehostel@yahoo.com

BGC Hostel that Gives Great Comfort to all Travelers 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What to Expect in Kawah Putih?

What to Expect in Kawah Putih?

Bandung Indonesia is the last leg of my 12-day Indonesia tour c/o the Tourism Ministry of Indonesia. Bandung is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia, about 180 km south-east of Jakarta. Before we head back to Jakarta, Kawah Putih is one of our last destination in Bandung. It is our second volcano to see during our 2 weeks stay in Indonesia. Kawah Putih (White Crater) is 50 km south of Bandung and is one of the most popular tourist attraction by the locals and especially for us foreigners. Since it opened to the public on 1987 - many tourists have been visiting this bluish crater. 

What can we expect in Kawah Putih?

1. Weather

Bandung's weather is like Tagaytay or Baguio in the Philippines so expect a bit colder temperature and sweater or jackets are advised to wear. 

2. Vendors

When you get to the main car park, you will see lots of food vendors, gift shops and some are selling blueberries and strawberries for an affordable price of less than 100PHP per small tray.

3. Multi-cab ride

Also, you have to take a multi-cab and will travel for 5 kilometers to get to the entrance of the crater and I enjoyed the 5-kilometer ride because of the cold breeze. 

4. Hassle-free drone flying area

I'm so excited to get to the crater so I can fly my DJI drone and flying drones here in Indonesia is hassle-free compared to the Philippines that I have to get a permit so I can fly my drone (well, not all parts of the PH actually). Congrats Gael (www.thepinaysolobackpacker.com) for flying your drone and not crashing it, lol. 

5. Strong Smell of Sulfur 

As a safety precaution - wear a mask whenever at the crater. 

6. Magnificent View

Tourist will really enjoy and appreciate the blue crater, huge rock formations around the crater and the greenery of the surroundings.

Enjoy watching my drone shot at Kawah Putih.

More info: Visitors need to pay 2.2USD / 103PHP for the entrance fee and multi-cab fare. 

What to Expect in Kawah Putih?


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Trip to Sasak Sade Traditional Village

A Trip to Sasak Sade Traditional Village

Sasak Sade Traditional Village is located in Lombok Indonesia, the village's primary source of living is weaving and farming, they make one of the best cloth in Indonesia (as far as I know), from the regular sarong to the highest and softest cloth you can purchase it here. Upon entering the village, we were welcomed by loud traditional music using gongs, drums, and other Indonesian musical instrument. 

Every family helps build their house using the traditional bamboo, clay and cow feces. The tribe is one of the inhabitants here in Lombok where farming and weaving is their main livelihood. 

We witnessed their traditional dance. These dance rituals are done before circumcision, a comedy act and a fighting act where two men fought. 

TEAM PHILIPPINES - Vins, Kenneth and Hannah

I was able to watch how these women weave these threads (silk) and after 1 week or 1 month they were able to make a beautiful and colorful sarongs, table runners, and bed covers. 

Price range is from 100,000 IDR up to 500,000 IDR, so that's about 300.00 to 1,500 PHP. 

All villagers sell sarongs, cloth and other collectibles and their share everyone's profit to provide their families needs. 

The traditional house here in Sasak Sade Village with small pathways and houses are made of bamboo.

One of my favorite part of my 12-day Indonesia tours c/o The Tourism Ministry of Indonesia. I was able to buy few sarongs and cloth for my Kimono business - a heaven for a textile lover like me. 

A Trip to Sasak Sade Traditional Village


For more of my Indonesia tour visit: http://travelandmunch.com/trip-wonders-kawah-ijen/

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