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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Head Turner: How to be a Selfie Expert #OPPOF1s #SelfieExpert

Let me first say that I am no way a Selfie Expert nor a Selfie Addict but I have few secret photos on my phone that I rarely post on my social media accounts. Now, I am showing you how I do Selfie Pose. 

I know many of you would agree that women are very concious with our body esp on a photograph. I hate my body after being pregnant twice and it became hard for me to get back my old slender shape body and weigh 100lbs. Over the years, I learned to accept and love my body now and just work on knowing my angle at the camera. 

One trick I always do is the "top view" angle. This is the best angle if you wanna look slim. Also, it shows your whole body esp if you wanna showcase your #ootd. 

If you're also having a bad day and didn't have enough sleep and that causes you to have eye bags and zits - I suggest to filter your photo or perhaps change it to Black&White

So there, these are my two tricks I do. Hope this helps you too. But most importantly love yourself and your body.

Blog Contest - Head Turner: How to be a Selfie Expert 

#OPPOF1s  #SelfieExpert


  1. You're definitely on point with the black and white option for photos resulting to weary eyes.Lol! Few of my female friends are find of that. I.m a fan of full body selfie and I love your creative pose in the second pic. Classy Rosales! Keep it up!!

    1. Thanks!!! Us women are very keen to our photos lol

  2. I also love to take selfies. But have to careful about the surroundings - especially when we hear about mishaps due to selfie addiction.

    1. Oh yeah! Lol I have seen photos on social media like that. One fallin from a pool or something

  3. Wow! You're quite skilled at taking selfies! Those are very flattering angles :)

  4. I've been seeing a lot of posts like this! I think you nailed the tips and it's going to help a lot of people look good in that selfie. I don't normally take selfies, but should I ever do it, I will use these tips!

    1. I also not a fan of selfies coz I always do far shots and back shots. Lol

  5. I've started taking selfies very recently and I've got a selfie stick too. I usually try to take selfies in a way that it doesn't look too much like a selfie.

    1. I think almkst everyone gas Selfie sticks. Lol. Its hard to take a selfie that doesnt look like one

  6. I barely ever take selfies. Although it is fun from time to time.

  7. What contest is this? It seems like a pre-requisite nowadays... for most bloggers to know how to do selfie if you wish to become an influencer...


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