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Lee is a full-time modern mom who is passionate about writing and capturing thru photographs her travel, food adventures and fashion finds.

She made this blog to encourage all women especially moms to travel, get out of their comfort zone, be adventurous again while still being a protective lioness to her cub (child). An IT by profession and a fashion enthusiast by heart.


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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Spanish Cooking with Doña Elena Olive Oil

Spanish Cooking with Doña Elena Olive Oil

I keep cooking like my grandfather taught me, like my friend’s mothers and other people taught me. Living independently I need to cook  my own food. My ultimate dream is opening my own restaurant soon. That’s why I’m very happy when a friend of mine asked me to attend a cooking class “sounds great”.

I attended the Cooking By The Bay at the New World Manila Bay Hotel , the Home of Modern Oriental Hospitality. Featuring the “Taste of Spain” with Dona Elena Olive Oil a healthy and tasty partner in cooking Spanish sumptuous food. The class started first by introducing to us by our host Ms. Bianca King the people behind this event The Executive Chef  Mr. James William and Mr. Jun Cochanco Fly Ace President. Fly Ace Corporation is one of the most leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today and they are the exclusive distributor of Dona Eleña Olive Oil in the Philippines.

The Executive Chef Mr. James Williams of New World Bay Manila Hotel gave us a briefing on how to prepare our own food. The step by step in preparing food, the do’s and don’ts. Mr. Jun Cochanco discussed the things that make Doña Elena Olive Oil the right one for us. They divided us into a group with four members. Each group has the same dish to prepare. The famous Paella mix, sangria, and ripe salad tomatoes seeded.

We learned a lot from the supportive chef of New World Manila Bay Hotel. Listening carefully while cooking our first dish “Paella Mixta”.

Paella Mixta” Paella is a Valencian rice dish with ancient roots that originated in its modern form in the mid-19th century near Albufera lagoon on the east coast of Spain adjacent to the city of Valencia. A combination of seafood and meat. 

This is my first time to cooked Paella and it was fun. With the help of my team members and our assigned chef, the outcome was awesome. Every mouthwatering bite of this rice-based dish will leave you begging for more!… It really has something for everyone! It is a fantastic meal to make for groups.

We also enjoyed the ripe salad tomatoes making. Again we are all the first timer here so no dull moment.This is so easy you just have to mix the ripe tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste . And put in a blender as easy as that. This is served with toasted baguette, spread the tomatoes on top. So healthy and delicious. “Tomatoes” is a good source of Lycopene.

And the last but not the least “Sangria” making. This is a combination of wine, brandy, and sugar in a pitcher. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add sliced fruits. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or overnight.

These Spanish cuisine creations made possible with the help of Executive Chef James Williams and his culinary team. And of course Doña Elena Olive Oil perfect for everyday cooking and one of the leading and most preferred olive oil brand in the country. Dona Elena Olive oil will not fail you and your taste buds.

“Olive oil does not only provide health benefits but also elevates the taste of any dish to a whole new level”

We’ve received the “Certificate of Participation” award for successfully completed the Taste of Spain-Spanish Cooking Class. This award is something we couldn’t be more proud of. A wonderful award.

Thank you New World Manila Bay Hotel, Doña Elena Olive Oil and Fly Ace Corporation. My very first cooking class experience was amazing. I look forward to having a cooking class with you again soon.

God bless! You’re amazing.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FLY ACE, YOU MAY VISIT HTTP://WWW.FLYACECORP.COM                                                                  
FOR MORE TIPS,RECIPES, AND PROMOS VISIT DONAELENA CUISINERA CLUB ON FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

 Spanish Cooking with Doña Elena Olive Oil

Friday, September 16, 2016

Pamper Your Nails at NAILAHOLICS

Pamper Your Nails at NAILAHOLICS

Being a morena, it's not easy for me to find a color palette of nail polish that will suit my brown skin. A few years back, I always use dark Red, Black, Navy Blue polish just so, my skin tone will get lighter. 

Aside from the color, I am being "maarte" or picky for a Nail Salon. I carefully check if the spa/salon is clean, sanitizing their kits and so on and one of my favorite nail spa/salons is Nailaholics. It may be pricey to other standard nail salons however, they use quality and imported nail polish and that gives you peace of mind that your nails will not be chopped nor discolored.


1. They use IMPORTED and QUALITY Nail Polish

2. Vibrant and Clean Salon

3. Very friendly staff

4. Pricey but you get what you pay for

5. They also sell other products such as Beach Born by: Sarah Tirona

6. They have different services and massage as well.

Make time to pamper your own nails. Remember that men love clean and pretty feet. 

Pamper Your Nails at NAILAHOLICS

FYI: What is Harassment?

FYI: What is Harassment?

What exactly is harassment?

I know, most of you will be shocked about me posting this topic. This is a very personal topic and most of my blog is about travel, food and lifestyle however lately it's been a shocking and very insulting moment when one member of my car club posted a woman eating, wearing a short skirt and her private area is exposed, meaning no undies at all.

Here is the convo on my car club group chat, I opted to put a smiley sticker on this poor woman's private area.

One night, I was browsing my phones gallery and I was shocked to see an explicit photo on my phone gallery. I didn't realize that my 2nd spare mobile phone automatically saves photos from my group chats on facebook. I immediately open my facebook app and checked each of my group chat who sent this irritating and offensive photo of this poor woman. I found out that one new member of our car club sent this to the whole group where there are many women (single and married) and some are even wives of our members(men). 

I was insulted and I felt harassed seeing this poor woman with exposed private area while eating at a public eatery/canteen. I do understand that men love to talk about girls, of course, I have tons of friends (men) back in high school and even some childhood friends but common we are all adult, professional and mind you SIR you are chatting on an all group car club when in fact you know for sure that there are women member because one female member reacted on the group chat. 

Because of this explicit and unprofessional behavior of that stupid member, I immediately left our group chat, sent a personal message on my other car club group chat and left that chat too. I was about to send a message to the officers of our car club to formally leave the club, however, our former president personally messaged me saying that they caught the members attention already and we wait for that member to apologize but 2 days has passed no apology from that ASSHOLE! 

I may sound over reacting for that group message but let me tell you what sexual harassment is.


1. Physical

a. Malicious touching

b. Overt sexual advances

c. Gestures with lewd insinuation  

2. Verbal, such as but not limited to, requests or demands for sexual favors, and lurid remarks

3. Use of objects, pictures or graphics, letters or written notes with sexual underpinnings

4. Other forms analogous to the foregoing. 


I hope everyone will be sensitive and mature enough on when to be malicious and joke over chat. Be wary about your peers especially we are all professionals. 

I encourage all women to be brave enough and stand for your right whenever you feel harassed. And hopes that this will never happen again!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016



I love going to the beach, snorkeling ( though I have a huge fear of the ocean) and yet I still dare to swim and maybe because I'm not friends with the water coz I'm an AIR sign (zodiac). Anyhoo, I still love staying at relaxing at the beach for a couple of days or even more. White sand, pristine water and calmness of the ocean are what I always look for a total vacation. 

Pearl Farm is one of the 5-star luxury beach resort in the Philippines, nestled on the beautiful island of Samal located in Davao Del Norte, Mindanao. Yes! this is in Mindanao - where most Filipinos and even foreigners are afraid to go because of the terrorist, but let me tell you this - Mindanao, and Davao to be exact is one of the great places to see a majestic beach and water. 

And it is safe to travel here!

Here are my top 9 reasons why I fell in love with Pearl Farm Beach Resort: 

9. Infinity Pool

8. 5-minute boat ride to Malipano Island

7. Picnic lunch at Malipano Island 

6. Play Billiards 

5. Dinner by the beach

4. Dinner at Malipano Pavillion with Cultural Dance/Music

We had our 1st dinner at the Malipano Pavillion and we witnessed the Philippines pride - Kalumon Dance Group. 

3. Massage 

I'm a sucker for a massage every week - Yup that's every week! That's how I pamper myself and my kid also. I like their spa room - with 2 beds and locker rooms, ensuite toilet and relaxing music while getting a massage. 

2. Samal Room

Perfect room for honeymooners and couples who wants to have a great vacation. 

1.  View

Who wouldn't love a view like this every morning? Just right outside your room is the view of the beach and Mt. Apo.

It is expensive to stay 1 night in Pearl Farm but it's all worth it! World class service and 5-star resort will give you the total relaxation you need.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Davao Life Is Here: Sightseeing, Where To Eat, What To Do

Davao Life Is Here: Sightseeing, Where To Eat, What To Do

Davao City is 2,444 sqm big. It is one of the largest city in the world and around 1.5 million in population, 85 percent are Christians, 10 percent Muslims and the remaining 5 percent are indigenous people. The diverse city is one of the livable places here in the Philippines because only 10 percent of the area is used for industrialization. Davao City is an hour away from the Mt. Apo and less than an hour you're in no time at the beach area.

January of 2016 was my first time to see the beauty of Davao. Unfortunately, I only stayed for more than 24 hrs yet I was able to manage to do city tour and this time, I am staying for 4 days and these are our itinerary:

1. Duterte Tour - we went to the 911 Davao Office and we have seen their quality emergency units and fire trucks. Luckily, Philippine president now is Mr. Rodrigo Duterte and slowly they are implementing 911 all over the Philippines.

FYI - The Philippines is the only Asian country that has 911.

2. Tour at the Banana Farm / Hijo Beach Resort - we tour around the Banana Plantation and we have seen the process of the Banana Farm. From how they plant and cultivate the tree, to the picking and separating of the good and quality bananas to the packing of their export quality Bananas.

We are welcomed by a cultural dance and PHITEX participants are all enjoying dancing with them.


7. Plantation Tour

Hijo Banana Farm is exporting their Bananas to Asian countries such as Japan and Korea.

6. Have lunch at their Halal Restaurant

My fave is their Seafood in Coconut Cream Soup. It's heavenly!!!

5. River Tour

4. Forest Tour

Alpha Male Monkey

A wild boar

3. Bow and Arrow Shooting

2. Axle Throwing

1. Fire Range / Gun Shooting

3. Day tour at the Philippine Eagle Conservation Park - The Philippine Eagle or also known as The Monkey-Eating Eagle is endemic to the Philippine forest that is why the conservation park in Davao is adopting these eagles and populating them and once they are good to go they will free them into the wilds of Mt. Apo forest.

4. Have snacks at Habi at Kape - located at the 3rd floor of Abreeza Ayala mall,  beside the Seda Hotel.

5. Nightlife / Cocktails at Marco Polo Hotel

Rhum + Coke

Vodka + Sprite

6. Buy local products at Abreeza Mall - around the Habi at Kape cafe, you will find different concessionaires of local products such as types of furniture, fixtures, jewelry and other cosmetic products - all Philippine Made.

The local government of Davao is supporting our local businesses to help their city boost their income and tourism as well. There're so many things to do in Davao and I thought 4 days will be enough to see the whole city yet I still have to go back and go places like Eden Garden and Mt. Apo. I will definitely be back soon! See you soon Davao - the Durian Capital of the Philippines.

Davao Life Is Here: Sightseeing, Where To Eat, What To Do


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