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Where To Next


I love going to the beach, snorkeling ( though I have a huge fear of the ocean) and yet I still dare to swim and maybe because I'm not friends with the water coz I'm an AIR sign (zodiac). Anyhoo, I still love staying at relaxing at the beach for a couple of days or even more. White sand, pristine water and calmness of the ocean are what I always look for a total vacation. 

Pearl Farm is one of the 5-star luxury beach resort in the Philippines, nestled on the beautiful island of Samal located in Davao Del Norte, Mindanao. Yes! this is in Mindanao - where most Filipinos and even foreigners are afraid to go because of the terrorist, but let me tell you this - Mindanao, and Davao to be exact is one of the great places to see a majestic beach and water. 

And it is safe to travel here!

Here are my top 9 reasons why I fell in love with Pearl Farm Beach Resort: 

9. Infinity Pool

8. 5-minute boat ride to Malipano Island

7. Picnic lunch at Malipano Island 

6. Play Billiards 

5. Dinner by the beach

4. Dinner at Malipano Pavillion with Cultural Dance/Music

We had our 1st dinner at the Malipano Pavillion and we witnessed the Philippines pride - Kalumon Dance Group. 

3. Massage 

I'm a sucker for a massage every week - Yup that's every week! That's how I pamper myself and my kid also. I like their spa room - with 2 beds and locker rooms, ensuite toilet and relaxing music while getting a massage. 

2. Samal Room

Perfect room for honeymooners and couples who wants to have a great vacation. 

1.  View

Who wouldn't love a view like this every morning? Just right outside your room is the view of the beach and Mt. Apo.

It is expensive to stay 1 night in Pearl Farm but it's all worth it! World class service and 5-star resort will give you the total relaxation you need.


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