FYI: What is Harassment?

by - September 16, 2016

What exactly is harassment?

I know, most of you will be shocked about me posting this topic. This is a very personal topic and most of my blog is about travel, food and lifestyle however lately it's been a shocking and very insulting moment when one member of my car club posted a woman eating, wearing a short skirt and her private area is exposed, meaning no undies at all.

Here is the convo on my car club group chat, I opted to put a smiley sticker on this poor woman's private area.

One night, I was browsing my phones gallery and I was shocked to see an explicit photo on my phone gallery. I didn't realize that my 2nd spare mobile phone automatically saves photos from my group chats on facebook. I immediately open my facebook app and checked each of my group chat who sent this irritating and offensive photo of this poor woman. I found out that one new member of our car club sent this to the whole group where there are many women (single and married) and some are even wives of our members(men). 

I was insulted and I felt harassed seeing this poor woman with exposed private area while eating at a public eatery/canteen. I do understand that men love to talk about girls, of course, I have tons of friends (men) back in high school and even some childhood friends but common we are all adult, professional and mind you SIR you are chatting on an all group car club when in fact you know for sure that there are women member because one female member reacted on the group chat. 

Because of this explicit and unprofessional behavior of that stupid member, I immediately left our group chat, sent a personal message on my other car club group chat and left that chat too. I was about to send a message to the officers of our car club to formally leave the club, however, our former president personally messaged me saying that they caught the members attention already and we wait for that member to apologize but 2 days has passed no apology from that ASSHOLE! 

I may sound over reacting for that group message but let me tell you what sexual harassment is.


1. Physical

a. Malicious touching

b. Overt sexual advances

c. Gestures with lewd insinuation  

2. Verbal, such as but not limited to, requests or demands for sexual favors, and lurid remarks

3. Use of objects, pictures or graphics, letters or written notes with sexual underpinnings

4. Other forms analogous to the foregoing. 


I hope everyone will be sensitive and mature enough on when to be malicious and joke over chat. Be wary about your peers especially we are all professionals. 

I encourage all women to be brave enough and stand for your right whenever you feel harassed. And hopes that this will never happen again!

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  1. I salute you for being brave to save that poor woman without her recognizing that her photo was spread online. That one truly falls to harassment since the victim was not even aware about it. I hope the responsible person who has sent the photo will realize that what he had done was actually wrong.

  2. I admire you for standing up to that member. We should never tolerate harassment, that's how it all starts anyway. It's good that you fought for what you think is right. It's not over reaction for me.

  3. I completely agree with you! Harassment comes in many forms and we have to stand up against each form of it strongly. Kudos to you for bringing this up!

  4. It's really insensitive for people to post or send something like this. It's really good that you stood up and I hope that member gets banned.

  5. for writing about this. THUMBS UP...Harassment in any form should be condemned for its scar doesn't fade away rather it stays with us for life whether we accept it or not.

  6. Fully agree with you.. It's a nice article covering harrassment..

  7. And then there are politicians who plan to watch a certain lady senator's alleged sex video in the halls of the congress! These are really very disturbing times when all sense of propriety gets set aside. No need to touch. Thoughts alone can already harass.

  8. Kudos to you for standing up to such stuff. But the lady should definitely be sitting or more appropriately dressed if she's to sit like that! Someone should definitely remind her!

  9. I really admire you for standing up. It`s often very difficult to contradict or correct people because we don`t know how they`ll react.

  10. I really admire you for standing up and intervening. It`s very difficult to contradict or correct people because we don`t know how they`ll react.

    ❁ Grace ❁


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