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Knowing Yogyakarta Indonesia

Most Filipino travelers would go to nearby countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau (Visa free country) but very few would go to Indonesia. Most Filipinos would only know Bali and Jakarta but little did we know that Indonesia has so much to offer for all types of travelers.
In July 2016, I got invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia together with 50+ other South East Asian bloggers and influencers to travel around Indonesia for 12 days. I extended my trip to Jakarta for 3 days and was not able to do so much because of the traffic jam. Few from our batch went to Yogyakarta and seeing their amazing photos made me want and eager to go back to Indonesia and visit Yogyakarta.
Luckily Last January 2018, I was able to go back in Indonesia, had a 4-day trip to Jakarta with AirAsia and finally extended my trip for another 4 days just to see the wonders of Yogyakarta. I always wanted to visit temples and palaces in this region and finally, I did. Let me share you where we s…

Affordable Hotel in Malate: Gran Prix Hotel Manila

Malate Manila is famous for bars, clubs, in short nightlife in Manila. Back in college, we used to go to Malate after school to have a late snack or early dinner in one of our favorite "tambayan" restaurant - Country Style. I remember sharing food with my college friends just so we can save money that time, it was such a fun memory college days. We used to play billiards in Marlons along Adriatico street right after we had a late snack or early dinner. Such a fun memories! But Malate has changed a lot, there are still lots of hotels, establishments, bars, and clubs but not the kind of Malate vibe that we used to have 10-12 years ago. 
3 years ago, Grand Prix Hotel expanded and opened a new branch here in Mabini street Ermita Manila. Just beside the old Citystate Tower Hotel and just a few minutes walk from Robinsons Mall Malate. The hotel offers affordable hotel rooms for 2 persons to a family of 4. 
Getting there via commute: - From Manila airport, just take a cab, UBER or…

December Staycation in Armada Hotel Manila

The good thing about living and staying in Manila hotels is that you have an easy access and very neat to most Manila tourists spots. You also have various options to the most affordable hostel to lavish hotels in the metro. Another good and affordable hotel in Manila is Armada Hotel, located along Mabini and just before Quirino Ave, Manila. 
About 3mins away from Malate Church and Rajah Sulayman in Roxas Macapagal. 
Getting to the hotel from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila Airport):
- Again I suggest riding an UBER if you have luggage with you but if you are a backpacker no fret you can commute via jeepney and UV Express. - If you want to save a little money, you may ride a jeep from Manila airport going to Baclaran then ride a VAN going to Lawton and drop off to Aristocrat Macapagal Blvd. walk towards Malate Church and ride a jeepney going to Quirino/Mabini, from the church about 3 mins ride (without traffic) you will be at the hotel. 

Room price starts from 2,500 PHP to…

Hotel Review: White Knight Hotel in Intramuros Manila

If you are a traveler and on a quick layover to Manila or perhaps spending a few days in the busy city of Manila you might wanna check on White Knight Hotel. Located in Intramuros Manila beside San Agustin Church and just right after the famous Barbaras Restaurant and Casa Manila Patio. 
Intramuros is one of the oldest parts of Manila where it stands and witnessed the chaotic event during World War II. It is also one of the few places here in the Philippines that preserved the Spanish Colonial look of the structures and buildings. You don't have to go all the way to Vigan and Bataan just to see and have a photo of these old buildings and houses. 
Getting to the hotel from Manila Airport:
- I strongly suggest taking UBER from the airport going to the hotel, it's cheaper and efficient.  - Cab/Uber fare will depend on the traffic situation in Manila.  - From Ninoy Aquino International Aiport Terminal fare will cost around 200 PHP to 250 PHP / 4.00 USD to 5.10 USD. However, it ca…

Manila Staycation X Cabin Zero

Recently, I had the worst days of my life. Being a mom and raising your kid by your own is not that easy and knowing that I have to raise my kid on my own from now on is really terrifying and it breaks my heart. Life is never easy, I know that but I could not imagine that I have to experience the worst from my kids dad. It was such an emotional draining weeks of my life but life goes on and I should be brave and be strong for my kid. 
I had to get out of my house and be somewhere else just so I can clear my mind and the best way to do it with my kid is to have a staycation. One of the newest and nearest hotels in Manila airport is Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila, located in Pasay City - The Entertainment City of the Philippines because all of the BIG Casino and Hotels in Manila are all here. 

Golden Phoenix Hotel offers affordable hotel rooms from 3,000 PHP / 61 USD to 5,000 PHP / 102 USD. My kid and I stayed in their Deluxe Twin Room with 2 double bed, bedside lamp, coffee table, LED TV,…

Hotel Condo Review - Hotel 101

This Condo Hotel in Pasay City is one of the newest hotel near Mall of Asia and Manila Airport - Hotel 101 just opened February 2016 and has 400+ rooms. One of the best choice when you are on a lay over in Mania or perhaps having a short stay in Manila then this hotel is for you. Hotel rooms cost 3,500 PHP to 5,000 PHP depending on the season. All room are the same in size and design. 

Room has 1 queen size bed and 1 single bed with 48 inch LED TV, en-suite bathroom, kitchen sink, and microwave oven. I like the pop of color in this room which makes it more inviting to stay inside your hotel room. The hotel also has a pool area, an adult pool and a kiddie pool so for any family who wants to have a quick staycation with your kids, this hotel will provide what every kid wants - swimming! 
There are lots of restaurant located outside the hotel that you can choose from. Beside the hotel is Burger King, 711 24/7 Convenient Store and 5-minute walk to the Mall of Asia. 

At the lobby area, th…

Affordable Stay in Pasay Manila

Aside from lavish hotels around Pasay there is also a much more affordable hotel that you can stay which is still near the airport and close to the shopping malls and casino. One of the best and most affordable choices is Icon Hotel Macapagal. Located in Pasay - near Coastal Road Hiway, about 3mins away from City of Dreams and 5 to 7 mins away from Mall of Asia. 
Suite 1 can accommodate 2 persons with a free buffet breakfast for only 3,250 PHP / 66 USD for an overnight stay or 24 hours stay. This room type has a view with en-suite bathroom and cabinet for your belongings. 
What I like about the room: - Clean - With window view - Cold ac

Suite 2 has 1 queen bed and 1 single bed that can accommodate 3 persons max with free buffet breakfast for 3,500 PHP / 71 USD for 24 hours stay. This room type has an en-suite bathroom with bathtub and cabinet and tv as well. The only downside is this room has no view, a motel feels actually. 
What I like about the room: - Clean - Spacious - Can accom…