Getting to Australia with the help of Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation

Many Filipinos are planning to study and live in Australia. Last quarter of 2016, Australian government changed their 457 VISA  (family visa) meaning, foreign workers/skilled professionals cannot bring their family with them and live with them regardless if the worker/employee has already a permanent residency. One exception to the rule is the Nurses, nursing student who plans to live in Australia after finishing school. 

Traveling Cebu x Philippine Airlines Bombardier Q400

Cebu is next to the Metro Manila's busiest and urban city in the Philippines. A place where Sinulog is celebrated every January where millions of tourist from the Philippines and other countries flew to Cebu just to witness the festival. Here in the Philippines, every city, every province has their own festival to celebrate. Cebu is also known for having pristine beaches, canyoneering, whale sharks and LECHON!!! 

The Power of Social Media

Millions of people around the globe have mobile phones and have access to the WORLD WIDE WEB. Our world has become easier to communicate with our friends and relatives from other countries, and we can video chat them almost every day as long as we have access to the INTERNET. Unlike many years ago, here in the Philippines if we want to talk to our parents who work abroad we have to ask our neighbor who has a landline that our parents/relatives will call us on this day and time etc. This time many have their own mobile phones and have social media accounts such as FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. For me, it's one of the BEST software ever created, it keeps us connected at updated to our loved ones but somehow it's one of the platforms to STALK other people.

Because of these social media platforms, some people became ENVIOUS of someone's life.  HE/she compares their life to someone else. Most of us who has a Facebook and Instagram account post their photos of their family, travel, new bag, new shoes, new gadget and whatever you want to share either to BRAG or you are just happy to share it on social media. 

I, myself post photos of my travel, gadget or any product as some of it are SPONSORED by an Airline, Hotel/Hostel, and Brand/company that I collaborate because I am a BLOGGER and our number 1 duty is to promote it on our SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS not to brag but that is how we exchange business with the company/brand that we collaborate with. 

Not everyone understands the nature of my work or maybe they just simply do not know that I am a BLOGGER in the first place or they just don't know what a BLOGGER do. 


Yes! Of course! It's just how we defend ourselves from these human beings who don't know HOW TO GET A LIFE of their own! These people are simply INSECURE and not happy with their lives so they find flaws about you just to be miserable like them. 

We all have problem and issues in life so why compare yours? Do you want to be in my shoe instead? Go ahead, be my guest! I just can not stand these humans who feel like they are superior to everybody. Just because you have a career from a different country you need to belittle others especially the HOUSEWIVES. We all have our own lives now and we should be focusing on our spouse/partner, children, work and not other people's lives!

Have you experience bullying or perhaps gossip from a someone you may know or not know? How did you handle it? Let's use our social media account to empower and inspire other people and not to drag them down and find flaws of their life. 

The Power of Social Media


As a Blogger who is always online (like every day) on her social media accounts and actively uploading photos on Instagram is not an easy job. Yes! Blogging used to be a HOBBY for me when I was a bored stay-at-home mom a few years back and now I am proud to say that little by little I am earning now from blogging. 

Aside from FREE travels around the Philippines and other countries, I also get sponsorship from different brands, company, and even tourism boards. In return, I have to blog and post a photo on my social media accounts. I do not just take photos and post it online without using these free and paid apps

These apps are my TOP 4 PHOTO EDITOR faves:

1. VSCO 

This is my most fave app of all. It's FREE to download and some of its themes are for FREE but if you wanna get those perfect INSTAGRAM feed themes then I suggest you buy some of its theme ranging from 50 PHP / 1 USD to 1,500 PHP / 30 USD (complete theme). 


If you are not contented on your photo before you post it on your social media accounts then SNAPSEED will help you have that HIGH BRIGHTNESS background. Recently I changed my INSTAGRAM theme wherein all my photos have frames. This app can crop, framed your photos and even beautify faces. 


I accidentally downloaded this app when it was advertised on my Instagram. I paid 2 USD / 100 PHP for this app. The good thing about this app is that you can play around your photos especially if you have a lot of landscape photos because you can tweak and do a doble-exposure pictures. I fint it hard to use since I barely tweak my photos. A simple highlight and brightness for me is fine. 


One of the best computer photo editors is ADOBE LIGHTROOM, so if you forget to bring your laptop and you needed a quick fix and edit on your photos then this app is your new best friend. Not only its easy to use but the basic HSL (hue, saturation, luminance)  quick fix has it. 

So, there you have it. Do you also use these apps? Did you find it easy or hard to use? Or if you have any other mobile photo editor app that you use let me know so I can check it. 


It's Time To Have An Online Registration For Vehicles In The Philippines

Are you a car owner in the Philippines? How many vehicles do you have at home or perhaps for your business? Some people say owning a car is a luxury but honestly, it's not even considered an asset (for me) because every year the value of it decreases unlike owning a house and lot or a farm/lot annually it increases its value. However, owning a car especially for a mom like me who doesn't have a nanny anymore and who brings her child to school every day and run errands every week it also adds up to our list is the registration/renewal of our car in LTO. 

4 Days in Cambodia

Our 4th country to visit in our South East Asia trip - Cambodia. It is located north of the border of Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. There are about 2,000 temples found all over Cambodia and some still haven't discovered yet. Phnom Penh as its capital and uses Cambodian Riel and USD as their monetary. 2 of the popular destination is Siem Reap where we spent 3 days and Phnom Penh for 1 night before heading to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

HUNGRY? Food Panda Delivery is the answer!

HUNGRY? Food Panda Delivery is the answer!

As a mom who is tied-up with house chores, taking care of my child, and attending events sometimes I didn't have time to cook especially if I got lots of things to do in one whole day. Instead of driving to the nearest fast food chain in my house and of course it will take up much time to drive and will not be able to finish whatever I'm doing that day at home, I will order PIZZA online. 

Much To See in Chiang Rai Thailand

Chiang Rai is a province located in the northern part of Thailand, and the closer to the border of Myanmar and Laos. White Temple, Blue Temple and Elephant Camps and Sanctuary are also located here in Chiang Rai, Thailand. About 3-hour drive away from Chiang Mai where we spent 3 days after our Bangkok trip. 


Places To See In Singapore For FREE

My first visit to Singapore was back in 2002 when I was in college, it was during my sem break and I stayed in Singapore for 2 weeks. My aunt who was back then working as a nurse in Singapore gave me a post-birthday gift/tour. It was my first out of the country trip and I was so excited that I will ride an airplane as an adult (lol). I didn't know what to expect in Singapore because all I know is that the country is very strict, got so many laws - no chewing gum, no spitting, no smoking and a lot more. Though it wasn't my concern back I was anticipating what country looked like, is it like Manila? or Makati with tall buildings? 

Exclusive Accommodation: El Masfino Hotel and Resort

Folks living in Metro Manila who wants a quick getaway and get off of the busy city, they will pack their bags and head straight to either Batangas, Laguna or Tagaytay to get a dose of Vitamin Sea or perhaps an overnight stay in a hot spring resort, but little did I know that aside from these provinces there is also a place just an hour away from Manila that you can enjoy fresh air and relax for a weekend. 

Guide To Thailand: Where To Stay in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

A few weeks ago, I traveled to 5 South East Asian countries together with 4 other Travel Bloggers. It's been my long plan to cross the border to this 5 countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Places To See in Singapore for free READ HERE

BAG DILEMMA? Backpack or Luggage

Are you a LIGHT or Heavy packer? Either way, it will always be where you will go and how long will be your trip. I love to travel, like every month I wanna go some place new and take tons of photos using my camera and my drone. Ever since I had my own drone about a year ago, I had this urge to always find a great place to fly. But having a drone is not easy to carry especially if you are traveling abroad and some countries will need a drone permit before you can fly your expensive toy/gadget. I have a hard case backpack for my DJI Phantom and it's quite heavy and super bulky, good thing I got a CABINZERO 44-Liter Backpack - my drone, DSLR and few clothes can all fit in whenever I'm on a short trip. 

Manila holds World Street Food Congress 2017

World Street Food Congress is organized and founded by K.F. Seetoh of Makansutra together with the Tourism Board of the Philippines they give us the largest and offers a wide range of street food from Asian countries and even European tastes. Culinary experts, hawkers, and foodies across the world. From May 31st to June 4th at the Mall of Asia Concert Ground, you can get to taste famous cuisines like Martabak of Indonesia, Piaya and Chicken Inasal of the Philippines, Puto Mayam of Malaysia, Pinakbet Pizza of Ilocos Philippines, and even Goat Sinigang of Pampanga Philippines. These are just a few of the food that can be bought at the World Street Food Congress, price range is from 150 Pesos / 3 USD to 300 Pesos / 6 USD.  

Hotel Review: Atrium Hotel Manila


Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and one of the most populated city in the country. Been living in Metro Manila for the past 3 decades and have tried various hotels around the metro. I am a budget traveler and my choice of accommodation has always been hostels but back then I always stay in a nice hotel. However, now that I am more budget contious and still picky I still and will always consider the location and cleanliness of my accommodation.

How To Score A Cheap Airfare

Do you have a DREAM DESTINATION for your SOLO travel or perhaps with your partner? Have you been planning on traveling around the Philippines and abroad? 

As a Travel Blogger, I always search for a Seat Sale promo almost every month and I even cross-checked it with other booking websites just to be sure that I am getting the BEST airfare. But this is not enough to get your dream travel!

Funtastic Toys and Bag: Affordable and Quality Products

Funtastic International INC started at 1999 and they wanted to give great quality and great design of products that ordinary Filipino family can afford to buy school bags for their kids, teens and even young adult.

Hotel Review: Icon Hotel Timog

Finding a hard time looking for an affordable yet clean hotel around Quezon City? Hostel and Cheap Hotels are your best choice if you are a traveler on a budget. Hostels are your best choice but if you want hotel facilities like en-suite bathroom and in-house restaurant then I suggest book a room in an affordable hotel like Icon Hotel in Timog. 

Simple and Oriental feel at Jinjiang Inn Ortigas

Jinjiang Inn Ortigas is another branch of this hotel in Makati. Opened the year 2014 that gives a simple, comfortable ambiance. Wooden floors, simple white painted room, and lobby will welcome you. 

Practical Travelers Choice: Sequoia Hotel

Quezon City is the most populated city in Metro Manila and it one of the most urbanized in National Capital Region. Housing two of the leading Television Company in the Philippines - ABS-CBN and GMA Network. House of Representatives can also be found here. 

Skyscraper View in Malayan Plaza Ortigas

Aside from Makati where you can find tall buildings and condominiums, Ortigas Center is home to many skyscraper building where big Philippines companies houses and even International companies. Shopping Malls, office, and condominiums are all found here. It is the second important business district in the Metro Manila, Philippines. San Miguel Corporation, Banco De Oro, Asian Development Bank, Jollibee Corporation are only a few big company offices residing here. 

Hotel Review: Jinjiang Inn Makati

Makati is the best place to stay when you have a layover in Manila, so many hotels to choose from, shopping malls are just a few minutes walk, public transportation is easy to access like bus and MRT. Jinjiang Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Arnaiz Makati and just a few minutes walk from Greenbelt and Landmark Shopping Mall. Offering room prices from 3,000 PHP to 6,000 PHP per night with free buffet breakfast for two persons. They have Business King/Twin room and 1 Bedroom to choose from. 

Makati Condo Living: Somerset Olympia Makati

Somerset Serviced Apartment is under the same management of Ascott Hotel. They are both offering luxury, utmost comfortable condo living in the metro. Somerset has 5 branches here in Manila and 1 in Cebu. Not just here in the Philippines they have but all around the world.

Hotel Review: Eurotel Makati

Another brain of the chain hotel Eurotel is here in Makati. Located near Don Bosco and Makati Cinema that offers affordable hotel rooms for travelers ranging from 1,250 to 3,500 PHP per night with free buffet breakfast. I noticed that this branch (aside from North EDSA) has the largest and spacious restaurant/dining area in their lobby. 

Hotel Review: Crown Regency Hotel Makati

When I was in Boracay back in 2012 (I think), we were offered to be a member of Crown Regency Hotel, after listening to a one-on-one talk to their sales personnel we were convinced to be a member and we paid a reservation fee of 10,000 PHP/ 200 USD and will pay the remaining 400,000 PHP /  8,000 USD via cheque and payable for 3 years I think or 2, I honestly couldn't remember now. 

Celebrating Birthdays in Crimson Hotel Alabang

I live in the south of Metro Manila where we only have a few good hotels to choose from and one of the hotels I've been wanting to try is Crimson Hotel in Alabang. Situated in front of Festival Supermall Alabang, a 3-minute walk from the Muntinlupa Fire Department, Alabang Market, and South Bus Station. Last weekend, my family and I celebrated my mom's and sister's birthday by having a relaxing weekend staycation at this hotel. A bad weather will not ruin our staycation and mood for celebrating their birthdays. My mom turned 63 and my youngest sister turned 27 by the way.

Posh Living in BGC: Ascott Hotel

Bonifacio Global City or The Fort (also known as) is one of the busiest and urban cities in Metro Manila. Housing Big Companies offices, posh restaurants, clubs, and luxury residences and hotels. Before the tall buildings stand here, before those luxury brands built here, Bonifacio Global is the home of Fort Bonifacio, where Philippine army also situated, their base camp and some underground tunnels. I remember coming here back in high school where we attended our CAT (military training) on their huge field and this is where I had the first hand with a real gun and rifle - where I learned to dismantle a rifle. Fast forward, now all the streets of The Fort are filled with buildings and posh establishments. 

3 Reasons Why Gardenia is a Pocket Full of Fun Sandwich

Being a mom is never easy, dealing with my pre-schooler is tough. Getting up at early in the morning,  making her breakfast, bathing her and even making her school 'on'/snacks is what I deal every single day. My kid loves cookies, chocolates and sometimes chips and her favorite school snack is something sweet. Recently, I discovered a new product of Gardenia that my kid will surely enjoy - a packed sandwich that 2 of my kids fave are the flavors. Aside from that, it is made from a trusted bread company in the Philippines.

Herald Suites Solana Makati

Herald Suites Solana is their second branch in Makati. A hotel with 40 well-appointed guest rooms and suites. Located at 2914 Finlandia corner Einstein Street Makati City, Philippines. Room types are Superior for 5,000 PHP, Deluxe for 6,000 PHP, Junior Suite for 7,000 PHP, Executive Suite for 8,000 PHP and Presidential Suite for 10,000 PHP/night with free buffet breakfast in their in-house restaurant. 

Affordable Stay Around Rockwell Makati: Palm Rock Residences

Palm Rock Residences is situated in the residential neighborhood of Poblacion Makati City. Right in front of this hotel is St. Paul Makati so if you went outside the hotel you will hear those girls screaming (maybe when the teacher is out of the classroom, lol). The place is really quiet but you might have a hard time finding a place to eat in a decent restaurant. You have to walk to the other street like near A. Venue Mall or Rockwell Powerplant Mall which is about 10-12 minute walk from Palm Rock Residences. There are some Korean and Japanese Restaurant on the other street near Makati Junction Hotel. But if you are looking for a cheap food there's one house selling home cooked meals for a very affordable price. 

Am I Inside a Cruise Ship at Green Sun Hotel Makati

Green Sun Hotel is located at Chini Roces Extention Makati City. One of the newest hotel near Pasay and Manila Airport. Another alternative hotel for travelers staying here in Manila who wants to stay around the metro and near the airport. The standard room costs 3,500 PHP / 71 USD for published rate rooms. This is per night and good for 2 persons with buffet continental breakfast. For non-hotel guests, they can avail the buffet breakfast for 299 PHP only. They have bread, fruits and salad section and a few Italian pasta, Filipino food like Cebu sausages and porridge, and fish meals.

Standard Queen has a window view (small window), a seating chair at the mirror and beside the bed. 

Standard twin does not have a window view and even their Executive room. Which I find it claustrophobic at times. But all rooms has enough space (not too spacious, just enough). All rooms have clean and crisp bed linens and ensuite bathroom that looks like you are on an airplane or cruise ship. According to their staff, all rooms are designed to have an airplane/ship bathroom or toilet style. 

Getting to Green Sun Hotel from Manila International Airport:

- Take a cab, UBER or Grab a taxi for more convenient especially if you are traveling with luggage and kids with you.
- For solo traveler or backpacker, I suggest in taking the jeepney from the airport going to MRT Taft. Buy train ticket going to Magallanes Station and drop off at that train station. Go down the station and walk towards Alpha Land Building, beside the building find any jeepney going to Chino Roces Extention or with a signage Ecoplaza and let the driver know to drop you off outside Green Sun Hotel. 

Am I Inside a Cruise Ship at Green Sun Hotel Makati

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Vintage Hotel in the heart of Pasay City: The Henry Hotel Manila

Henry Hotel Manila opened 2014 and this was an old house by the owner (which the staff did not disclose). When the owner decided to have a hotel, they build another structure and now they have 29 Classic or Standard room, 4 Suite rooms, and 1 owners suite. Henry Hotel Manila is just 6 kilometers away from Manila Airport and the owner's friend designed the interior of the hotel. The renowned interior designer - Eric Paras is the man behind the lovely vintage yet hip hotel. The hotel has a mid-century furnishings with the modern hotel facilities and amenities. 

All rooms are non-smoking so you have to get out of your room is you want to light up a cigarette. The hotel has a huge garden area, just beside the pool where you can have your morning coffee or cigarette time. 

The pool is open and free of use for hotel guests. 

Ample parking space for hotel guests who are bringing their card with them. Also, the hotel is open for a wedding reception and you can book the whole hotel for your special day with your future spouse for 350,000 PHP / 7,142 USD. 

This includes:
- Overnight stay with breakfast for 68 persons which are a total of 34 rooms. 
- Reception at The Lawn for 4 hours
- Buffet dining for 80 persons at Apartment 1B
- Basic tables and chairs set up
- Basic sound system and projector for 4 hours

For other wedding, promos visit their website at

The hotel also has their own gift shop, when I was here a few days ago, I see a lot of foreign travelers and family staying here so having an in-house shop is easier for them to buy gifts back at their home country. 

Standard / Classic room is a bit small as to compare with another hotel with the same price as the Henry Hotel. The room costs around 6,000 PHP / 12 USD per night for two persons with free breakfast. 

I love the home feel at The Henry Hotel. Right outside your room, you will see the garden and pool area which gives more relaxing stay. 

They have a branch outside Manila, in Cebu that has a rustic European style with a touch of industrial design. Both are a unique hotel that every travelers and family on vacation with truly love. 

Vintage Hotel in the heart of Pasay City: The Henry Hotel Manila

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Stay with Elegance at Hotel Celeste

Hotel Celeste has been in the hotel business for more than 15 years now and the hotel is situated and accessible both in Arnaiz and Makati Avenue.It has 25 Deluxe rooms and 2 Suites will distinct room designs and all has a European interior. 

Hotel Celeste is also near embassy like Australian and New Zealand embassy. Walking distance from EDSA Ayala MRT Station and even to big shopping malls in Makati like SM, Greenbelt and luxury restaurants and boutiques in Makati City.

Citadines Hotel Makati: Condo Living in the Business District in Manila

Citadines Salcedo Makati is one of a premier collection of The Ascott Limited's serviced residences in over 100 cities across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Gulf region. This is the first Citadines in the Philippines, a service residence with 215 units - studio unit queen, studio twin, studio premier, one bedroom deluxe, one bedroom premier, two bedrooms deluxe, two bedroom premier. The hotel also accepts 1-month stay or longer. For pricing please contact reservations at +632-5503200.

This gives us travelers and staycation lovers that whenever we stay in Citadines or any of the Ascott Hotel will give us luxury and top notch hotel assistance by their hotel staff. 

Studio room cost PHP5,000 / 102 USD per night with buffet breakfast for two, free use of pool and gym. The room is equipped with alarm clock radio, ensuite bathroom with complete toiletries, fully-equipped kitchen with refrigerator, cooker hob and hood, glassware, cutlery, and utensils. Hair dryer, home entertainment system with TV with digital cable channels and DVD player. Iron and ironing board, telephone with IDD, washing machine with dryer (in selected residences) and wireless internet connection. 

I'm a sucker for hotel staycation yet I have never tried the hotel's gym even if I will stay for 2 nights in any hotel that has a gym equipment. Now you all know why I'm still fat, lol!

The only amenities I always enjoy especially my kid is the hotel's swimming pool!

For travelers, a solo backpacker who wants the comfort of a home with hotel amenities and services, book a room here in Citadines Salcedo Makati.

Citadines Hotel Makati: Condo Living in the Business District in Manila

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