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Knowing Yogyakarta Indonesia

Most Filipino travelers would go to nearby countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau (Visa free country) but very few would go to Indonesia. Most Filipinos would only know Bali and Jakarta but little did we know that Indonesia has so much to offer for all types of travelers.
In July 2016, I got invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia together with 50+ other South East Asian bloggers and influencers to travel around Indonesia for 12 days. I extended my trip to Jakarta for 3 days and was not able to do so much because of the traffic jam. Few from our batch went to Yogyakarta and seeing their amazing photos made me want and eager to go back to Indonesia and visit Yogyakarta.
Luckily Last January 2018, I was able to go back in Indonesia, had a 4-day trip to Jakarta with AirAsia and finally extended my trip for another 4 days just to see the wonders of Yogyakarta. I always wanted to visit temples and palaces in this region and finally, I did. Let me share you where we s…

Hassle-free stay in Gran Prix Econotel Cubao

Cubao Quezon City is one of the many parts of Metro Manila that has a lot of hostels, cheap hotels, and expensive hotels in the Philippines. Provincial buses are located here in Cubao Quezon City and this happens to be one of the busiest and polluted part of Metro Manila. It is strategically located along MRT stations and EDSA. Shopping Malls, affordable restaurants, fast food chains, and even clubs can be found here.

If you are planning to head up north in Luzon and you find yourself getting stuck at the bus station and had problems with your bus reservation, don't worry because besides Victory Bus Station in Cubao there is an affordable hotel that you can sleep in and take a shower. Gran Prix Econotel is one of the cheapest and most affordable accommodations here in Cubao along EDSA.

Getting to the hotel from Manila International Airport:

- via commute, take a Jeepney going to Baclaran and drop off to Baclaran Church, ride a jeepney with a signage (MRT) and get off to MRT TAFT station. Buy your MRT ticket on the 2nd floor and tell the cashier that your destination is CUBAO. Get off from the CUBAO train station and go down and across the street using the overpass (walkway) and you shall see Jollibee Cubao. Walkabout 5-minutes going to Victory Liner Bus Station and just beside the ticketing booth of the Victory Liner you will see te Gran Prix Econotel Cubao.
- or you may just take an UBER or Grab Taxi for a much comfortable ride and less hassle if you bring luggage with you.

They have 4 room types - Superior, Deluxe, Suite and Family Room. Room rates start from 1,000 to 2,000 PHP / 20.40 USD to 40.81 USD only with free simple plated breakfast at their in-house cafeteria. Breakfast offers are Tapsilog, Tocilog, Sandwiches. 

Family Room can accommodate 3-4 pax and children below 7 are free of charge. All rooms do not have a window so it does have that sense of MOTEL here, however, if your reason is staying is just taking a nap and having a a decent shower then Gran Prix Econotel Cubao is a fair choice. 

This is a very simple hotel and does not expect too much. Even their room TV is an old type but it has a cable you can still watch some movies from HBO or STAR MOVIES. All rooms have ensuite bathroom with toiletries as well. Family room has a cabinet for your belongings. 

To know more about the hotel room rates and promos just visit

Hassle-free stay in Gran Prix Econotel Cubao

The use of this 360° virtual tour of Gran Prix Hotel & Suites Cubao is authorized by Traveloka.


  1. Looks like a typical backpackers hotel. Reminds me much of the hostels I stayed in, in Europe. Hooe the prices are competitive!

  2. I think this is a practical choice for those who would want a place only to take a nap or a restful sleep. Not having a window is fine but for those who are claustrophobic, staying here won't be a nice idea.

  3. This seems like a very reliable budget hotel for people looking for a cheap stay in Cubao. I wouldn't stay here but at least there are options for everyone :)

  4. I'm quite picky when it comes to hotels. My most basic requirement is that it has to be CLEAN. I don't mind staying at a hostel as long as I can see that the sheets and bathroom are clean. :D That being said, I think the hotel above is all right for a one night stay :)

  5. I'd like a window in my hotel. However, I'll take note of this option if I am stuck somewhere in Cubao and I need place to stay.

  6. This would be a good place to stay on a budget. Cubao is the center of everything so you'll have easy access to public transportation.

  7. I will be going to Quezon City next month. This is a good choice, but I found a transient home that's cheaper. I think I'll weigh my options first before deciding. Thanks for this review.

  8. Is this like those backpackers kind of places. They are a good option when travelling alone or without kids.

  9. I guess this is a hotel you would need if the bus you took arrives at an unholy hour and you need someplace to spend the night. Nothing fancy, but it should suit that purpose very well.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. It seems a rather cozy hotel, although the room has only the essentials, I think it is better to stay in places like this since when you are traveling you spent more time on the street than in the hotel itself, or at least that's what I do when I travel... I'm a backpacker traveller hahaha

  12. There is one in Cebu, and it is in the heart of the city, perfect for your Sinulog stay. Maybe if I visit Manila, I would consider this place.

  13. Neat, Clean and has essentials for stay...Not a bad idea to stay in this hotel. Fuss-free and convenient for a traveller.

  14. Nice headsup on those on budget and wishes for somewhere trustworthy! Thanks for recommending this location... Will keep this in view if I'm ever visiting :)


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