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Friday, January 27, 2017

LANGNESE: Germany's Number 1 Honey is Now in the Philippines

Honey has a lot of good health benefits for our body. Ever since I started drinking Green Tea, honey became my sweetener for my tea. Also, my kid is taking 1 TBSP oh honey every day because my kid is prone to having colds and I read that honey is a good source of vitamins to help prevent colds for kids. I honestly don't know if I am giving a pure honey to my kid, all I know is that if a honey is thick and no sugar found at the bottom of the honey bottle - it's real honey. But now I do not have to worry because Germany's Number 1 Honey is now in the Philippines and they offer pure honey for an affordable price. 

Aside from that, they also give honey lovers and meticulous moms like me 5 different variant/flavors of Langnese Honey. Langnese is a family owned company and distributed to 45 countries around the globe and been producing high-quality and pure honey for nine decades. Langnese honey also has a seal of approval from Germany's Honey Ordinance and European Standard Basic Principle. This shows that Langnese Honey is pure, unfiltered, raw and residue-free.

Langnese Honey variant:

- Pure Bee Honey
- Acacia Honey
- Wild Lavander
- Black Forest Honey
- Golden Clear

these are real bee

You can choose from 250 grams and 500 grams PET dispenser. Honey is also best for cooking, especially for meat and seafood dishes. And I am just so excited to try it on my favorite dish - Sweet and Spicy Crab and Shrimp.

Blog Update**

Because I love to cook and I am also a frustrated Chef, I give you my version of Sweet and Chili Shrimp with Langnese Honey.

How to make my own version of Sweet Chili Prawns with Langnese Honey?

1/4 kilo shrimp
GingerGreen chili Salt and pepper to tasteLangnese Acacia Honey

Saute Ginger, onion, and garlic until it sweats and adds shrimp, 1 tablespoon of honey and salt&pepper to taste. Cook for 3minutes until shrimp turns pink. Add chopped green chili and serve while it's hot. Enjoy!

LANGNESE: Germany's Number 1 Honey is Now in the Philippines


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