Newly Renovated Hotel in Cubao: Eurotel Vivaldi

by - January 11, 2017

One of the newest hotels in Cubao is Eurotel Vivaldi which is also the 5th hotel branch here in Metro Manila. Eurotel has other branches outside Manila such as Baguio, Bicol and many other provincial sites. Eurotel Vivaldi is right beside the Vivaldi Condominiums and along Cubao EDSA. 

Getting to the hotel from Manila International Airport:

- via commute, take a Jeepney going to Baclaran and drop off to Baclaran Church, ride a jeepney with a signage (MRT) and get off to MRT TAFT station. Buy your MRT ticket on the 2nd floor and tell the cashier that your destination is CUBAO. Get off from the CUBAO train station and go down the street and walk going north along EDSA CUBAO and just about 2-minute walk from the train station, you will see Eurotel Vivaldi.
- or you may just take an UBER or Grab Taxi for a much comfortable ride and less hassle if you bring luggage with you.

Upon entering the hotel I immediately smell a fresh and new building which is PLUS for me. Reception is clean and spotless and staff is accommodating. Beside the reception area is their restaurant that offers buffet breakfast. The hotel relaunched just last year - 2016. 

Second to the 3rd floor is the main office of Vivaldi Condominium and room starts at the 4th floor to 7th floor. From all the Eurotel branch I have seen, Vivaldi Cubao branch has the spacious rooms of all. All Eurotel rooms have a bath tub except for their Studio room that only has a hot and cold shower. 

Suite 1 and Suite 2 is very spacious and I highly recommend it for 3-4 pax and free of charge children below 7 years of age. All rooms have a window view, however, my only concern is that rooms facing the EDSA are quite annoying (for me). I can hear the honks of the buses and cars and even the MRT passing thru the train station. However, you can request a room side facing the Araneta Center and you will have a good night sleep without hearing those loud honks from the buses and cars. 

If you want to explore the Metro Manila I suggest going to Smart Araneta and watch a concert (check their website for schedules) or perhaps watch a basketball. If you want to go shopping to go Farmers or Gateway. At the Gateway Mall, there's a lot of coffee shops like the famous Starbucks and some local restaurants and fast foods as well.

For bookings and reservations just visit their website

Newest Hotel in Cubao: Eurotel Vivaldi

The use of this 360° virtual tour of Eurotel Vivaldi Araneta is authorized by Traveloka.

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  1. You did not get a shot of the external view of this Eurotel. Is this the one near Farmers and Araneta Coliseum beside a Puregold? Interior looks nice though, even if the outside is not too attractive.

    1. Yes beside Farmers
      They renovated it and gave it a nicer interiors

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Can we walk from here to Smart araneta? Thank you.

  4. Looks like a fab hotel. Stunning & sophisticated! The 360 deg view is a great idea to give a vr feel to ur readers!

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Fred. I have seen a Eurotel near Smart Araneta but that was years ago. Did they renovate or is this a different one?

    1. Same hotel beside farmers mall
      Under the same management but comanaged by Vivaldi Condo

  6. Wow, the hotel looks really posh and new! Will love to stayca and review this someday!
    P.S. Do you know your tabs is stuck in the middle and hindering the read of the article? Hope you get it sort out soon!

  7. I love the vibe of this place! It's quite a nice business hotel in the Philippines. So lovely! :D

  8. Looks like a great hotel. From the photos it looks like it is well kept, no dust, no dirt. One of the things we look into a hotel.

  9. You'll find tons of hotels around Cubao area but I think I would prefer to stay at this one. Place looks fab and clean!

  10. The hotel looks luxurious. I feel like going here and relaxing right away. 360 degrees view is a good idea.

  11. This hotel looks like a little paradise, really pretty and luxurious. I like it <3

  12. This info is invaluable. When can I find out more? apple itunes login


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