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Knowing Yogyakarta Indonesia

Most Filipino travelers would go to nearby countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau (Visa free country) but very few would go to Indonesia. Most Filipinos would only know Bali and Jakarta but little did we know that Indonesia has so much to offer for all types of travelers.
In July 2016, I got invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia together with 50+ other South East Asian bloggers and influencers to travel around Indonesia for 12 days. I extended my trip to Jakarta for 3 days and was not able to do so much because of the traffic jam. Few from our batch went to Yogyakarta and seeing their amazing photos made me want and eager to go back to Indonesia and visit Yogyakarta.
Luckily Last January 2018, I was able to go back in Indonesia, had a 4-day trip to Jakarta with AirAsia and finally extended my trip for another 4 days just to see the wonders of Yogyakarta. I always wanted to visit temples and palaces in this region and finally, I did. Let me share you where we s…

4 Days in Cambodia

Our 4th country to visit in our South East Asia trip - Cambodia. It is located north of the border of Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. There are about 2,000 temples found all over Cambodia and some still haven't discovered yet. Phnom Penh as its capital and uses Cambodian Riel and USD as their monetary. 2 of the popular destination is Siem Reap where we spent 3 days and Phnom Penh for 1 night before heading to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

Watch my short video clip!!!

If you are a cultural and historical fan and would love to visit numerous temples then Cambodia is the best destination for your travel itinerary. Not only you will enjoy the temples but also learn how was their life back then. Also, in Cambodia Buddhism and Hinduism co-exist. Centuries ago, Hinduism is the religion in Cambodia, however, centuries passed it became Buddism - 95% of the population practices Thearavada Buddhism. 

After spending 5 days traveling in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, we have 4 days to spend in Cambodia. 3 days in Siem Reap and 1 1/2 days in Phnom Penh. We arrived in Siem Reap at around 3:30 in the afternoon from an 8-hour bus ride from Bangkok, Thailand. We booked a bus ticket at for 34 USD / 1,700 PHP with snacks and lunch on board plus Giant Ibis Bus has wifi!!!


We had a smooth ride and had no problems crossing border Thailand-Cambodia because Giant Ibis staff assisted all their bus passengers. We never experienced any scam at the border ( thank goodness). 

Drop off is at Giant Ibis Siem Reap station where tuk-tuk drivers are all waiting. We almost got scammed with one of the taxi drivers offering us free cab ride to our hostel and in return, we'll hire him to Angkor Wat tour. Instead of accepting his offer we decided to call our hostel and thankfully the hostel has their own tuk-tuk driver and they picked us up at the bus station and we paid 5 USD (as far as I remember). 

We stayed 3 days at Oasis Capsule Hostel in Siem Reap, Cambodia at their 4 Beds Mixed Dormitory Room. Rates per bed/night are 5.85 USD / 300 PHP only! I saved 900 PHP for a 3-day stay which by the way huge saving for me because I'm able to have a budget to buy 'pasalubongs' and fridge magnet also this is my budget for my food and drinks for 3 days.

We have our room all to ourselves, I am traveling by the way with my co-blogger/travel buddy and my college friend/kumare. Our room is small but its clean and we have a super cold a/c and surprisingly super comfy bed with own lampshade every bed and power socket.



So after settling in our room we had a quick shower and change clothes, we went to straight at Pub Street which is across our hostel.

Affordable to expensive food are all here plus you get to buy fresh fruit shakes for only 1 USD / 50 PHP.

We had our late lunch at Le Tigre De Papier an Italian restaurant in Pub Street and we spent around 30 USD / 1,500 PHP for our meal. We ordered Lasagna, Chicken and chips and 12-inch pizza.

On our second day in Siem Reap, we spent almost 7 hours in our Angkor Wat tour. We hired the same tuk-tuk from yesterday and spent 30 USD / 1,500 PHP for the whole day tour/entrance fee. We first visited Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world in a massive 162 hectares wide. Imagine that we spent almost 2 hours walking and taking photos here under the scorching hot and humid weather. But it was totally worth it!

Remember that you are visiting and entering a temple do please wear proper clothing that will not expose your shoulders and legs especially to women so I strongly suggest wearing a long skirt, malong, pants, and blouse with sleeves. 

This is Ta Prohm where the famous Hollywood film Tomb Raider shot their film and because of that Cambodia became more popular especially for western travelers and backpackers.

On our 3rd day, we're again on a road trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Pehn. Travel time is 6 hours. 
The best thing about Giant Ibis Bus is they will pick you up at your accommodation and drop you at their bus station for FREE. Siem Reap to Phnom Penh bus fare is 900 PHP / 18 USD with wifi onboard ( but very crappy this time) and no snacks unlike our trip from Bangkok to Cambodia. 

We arrived in Phnom Penh after lunch and we're all starving so after check-in in at Velkommen Guesthouse we went out to find a restaurant to have late lunch (again). By the way, we paid our 1-night stay at the hostel for only 1,000 PHP / 20 USD and our room is good for 4 pax with 2 double bed, large bathroom, tv, a/c and personal fridge.

We found this resto-bar along the streets of Phnom Pehn and tried their western food. I ordered pasta with chicken and 1 Anchor Draft beer for only 1 USD. I totally forgot how much I paid for the pasta and chicken. It was a huge serving and I'm able to take away my leftovers.

Staying at Phnom Penh is not in our itinerary. Because we can;t bear to travel by bus for 16 hours from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam we all decided to stay 1 night in Phnom Penh instead. Our hostel is close tot he market and other tourist destinations like the Cambodia Palace, National Museum of Cambodia and Baywalk.

The Cambodia Royal Palace

It was a right decision that we had a stop over in Phnom Phen because we're able to learn more about the Khmer culture and history. The following day before we head to Vietnam, we had 4 hours to spend so we decided to visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, open daily from 8 am till 5:30 in the afternoon. Entrance fee is 5 USD for foreigners and FREE entrance for students. 

It was nice to learn the history of Khmer but this place is really horrific knowing how these Khmer and soldiers fought for their freedom and how they died in the hands of Vietnam soldiers. I actually a heavy heart touring around this place. 


 P.S. You cannot take photos inside the rooms but only outside and the facade of this OLD SCHOOL BUILDING. After spending almost 3 hours in Cambodia Museum and Genocide Museum we head back to our hostel, pack our bags and head to Giant Ibis Bus Station.

Cambodia is an interesting country and I guarantee you that you will enjoy visiting temples and other tourist sites in this country. I plan to go back here by next year (hopefully).

Vietnam blog soon...

4 Days in Cambodia 


  1. Love the way you have taken me through your blog. You have dealt with the essence of Cambodia and how Hinduism and Buddhism have contributed in making the country that it is. Love your pic infront of the Angkor Vat temple and thanks for the brief story about Tomb Raider shooting as well. These points have made my reading experience wonderful.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, the way you described it was like a passage of Cambodia. I never had much interest to visit but you surely peaked it for me! I loved the fact that you described that you felt something deep and special. Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Hey, thank you! I wnjoyed my stay in Cambodia. You should definitely visit the country

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I plan to come back in Siem Reap prolly next year but I might skip the temple visit now

  4. Wow. Gusto ko na tlga mag Cambo. huhuuh. Ang lalaki ng photo mo sa blog ha! Gusto ko rin ng ganyan. LOL...lahat nalang gusto?

    1. Tara next year!!! Sarap pumartey sa Siem Reap!
      The bigger the better para bulagaaaa! Hah


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